My Vampire System Chapter 870

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 871 - A Breakthrough

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Heading back to the castle, Quinn was sluggish with his movements. He hardly had enough energy to escape from the first area without being seen and knew something needed to be done to get his Mc points back up to where they were. When he was out of sight in a quiet area still in the castle. He cast a small shadow dome, and allowed for His Mc points to restore quicker, then using the shadow cloak, he could walk out the front gates of the first castle area without a problem.

However, he soon realised when he left the gates and was no longer using the shadow cloak, his whole arms and legs were shaking with each movement. His body was drained, and it was getting worse.

There was only one other time he had felt like this so far, and that was after fighting the demon tier beast, but the evolution at the time and the green blood had changed that.

At this moment, he found himself slightly craving the green Dalki blood, which had tasted even sweeter than that of a human.

'Is this because I've been using the two types of Qi at the same time?' Quinn thought.


[Stamina 2]

His stamina now was incredibly low, and it wasn't recovering at a fast rate like it used to. His health, and Mc points could always come back through certain methods, but other than taking others Qi to help him recover, there wasn't much that could be done, but rest.

'If I get my blood control up, and use the blood skills and Qi to fight only when necessary, it will allow me to fight for longer.'

This would of course, only help in one on one battles that tended to take a little longer then Quinn's normal fights. As for if Quinn was fighting a group, he could rely on his soul weapon, but the soul weapon was unusable against vampires, since it needed human blood to activate like that of a blood weapon.

After reaching the tenth's castle area, Quinn attempted to contact Nate, he had answered and it looked like they were finally heading in the right direction and getting close to the destination.

Quinn was a little bit pleased by this, because he too wanted to be there when they found Fex, in case they ran into trouble. With Bryce no longer being a suspect, it meant someone else was behind this, someone who wasn't even afraid of angering someone like Bryce, who was considered one of the strongest.

'Is Peter right? Is there something really up with Cindy?' Quinn thought.

So far Quinn had a list of suspects in his head. Jill the eighth leader, who Peter had seen meet up with Cindy, Cindy herself the second leader, and lastly, he also suspected Muka. The last one was more recent as Muka had been very pushy when it came to suspecting Bryce, and it turned out Bryce wasn't involved at all, which pushed him up the suspect list as well.

Of course, there were all the other leaders that Quinn didn't have a clue about, maybe someone Vincent had angered as the tenth in the past, that he couldn't remember.

'Trying to get the king's seat makes sense, and if they wanted to achieve their goal of weakening the king with the Bloodsuckers, then it worked, but why attack the tenth and not one of the other families.

'Why not attack Bryce?'

'Maybe they thought the tenth was an easy target?' Vincent replied. 'They knew you were away. Rowa was a strong leader in the past, but Bryce might have also been able to take him on to the point where the king wouldn't be called.'

'Hmm it makes sense, but I can't help thinking that they wanted something, which is why they even went after Fex now.'

Quinn would rest in the castle for now, and was hoping that by the time the others contacted him and found Fex, he would be fully recovered. Stil, he didn't want to sit around and do nothing either.

He called on the Royal guard that he had direct contact with, as he wished to call a meeting with Dwight. Bryce surely was one of his main suspects, and Quinn wanted to inform him of what happened so far.

'Maybe I shouldn't tell him about the part where the two of us fought.' Quinn wondered.

The good thing was, it had been a while since Quinn had fought with Bryce now and there didn't seem to be any news coming out from the first castle side either. It was as if such a thing never happened.

Eventually, the Royal guard had been let in, and Quinn asked for a meeting.

"Yes, I will deliver this message to him straight away, and say you would like an in person meeting." The Royal guard said before bowing down and leaving the room.

In the room that Quinn had selected would be his, the second highest floor in the castle. Quinn was busy meditating, trying to recover the Qi energy. He at least needed to no longer feel sluggish, but it seemed impossible.

However, while focusing and closing his eyes, he noticed something else. In the centre where the ball could usually be filled with energy it was empty, and this was Quinn's Qi energy. After some time it would fill back up.

With the blood control being stronger, Quinn noticed he could move and swirl the red energy in his body to different places.

'What if'

He decided to give it a try. Moving the energy around, Quinn started to fill the ball of Qi energy with the red energy instead. It was wild as it entered, but he no longer felt weak. At the same time, he didn't feel like before either.

The ball of energy was filled up about halfway until...

[Your bloodl.u.s.t has increased]

"What is this?" Quinn said looking at himself, and although he didn't know it, his eyes were glowing red, and it was something he couldn't control.

'I don't think this is a good idea Quinn, perhaps this is how the Bloodsuckers had gotten stuck in their permanent form.' Vincent explained.

Thinking about what Vincent had said, Quinn wondered about the story Leo had told. The Bloodsucker was able to change forms and still had a part of his sanity. Maybe this was the answer.

If Quinn could change his energy fuel tank at will, maybe he could change his fighting style as well. Using the red energy to have the power of the Bloodsucker, the mix of Qi and vampire energy as his regular fighting self.

Still, it was an experiment he didn't want to do just now. With the blood control, Quinn made it so, it only filled halfway into his Qi. He would then slowly take the red energy away as it filled up with Qi again, and allow for the normal red energy to flow around his body.

When producing normal attacks with Qi and blood, the red energy would come from his body, combining with the Qi from the ball of energy centred around his stomach.

According to Chris, It was because of this red energy in his body in the first place, that the ball of Qi wasn't even larger.

While doing his little experiments, Quinn was unaware of how much time had passed, but the Royal guard had returned.

"Dwight has agreed to meet you at the normal place, he wishes to see you urgently as well." The guard said.

'Urgently?' It was the first time Dwight had said this, so he thought it must have been important.

He now had enough energy to fight, but it wouldn't be at the same point as before. He would at least need a couple of days, or maybe longer, to get to the fighting power he was with when fighting Bryce.

Leaving the castle once again, Quinn headed to the king's castle. However, Quinn noticed that something was strange immediately. There were guards outside, but they weren't checking him like they normally would.

"Hey, don't you need to check me?' Quinn asked.

"We have been told there is no need for you, you are an important guest and the matter has been deemed urgent.' The guard stated, without making eye contact.

'Quinn, something feels off, the royal guards would never be like this, be on guard and prepare to get out of here as soon as possible.' Vincent advised.

Walking into the king's castle, Quinn expected Dwight to be there greeting him, and then they would be led to the normal room, but there was no one.

'This feels so strange.' Quinn thought.

Heading to the left side, Quinn proceeded to enter the room, pushing the door slowly, moving it an inch forward, he could smell blood, but it wasn't human blood.

When the door was fully swung open, on the opposite side of the table, he could see someone had been impaled by a strange weapon that looked like a spear. The spear went through the back of their body and, through the chair they were sat in.

The body was unmoving, limping over and the eyes lifeless.

The worst part of it all was Quinn recognised the person.



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