My Vampire System Chapter 873

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 876 - Returning after a long time

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Saving Fex had been a lot easier than they had imagined it to be. It was hard to tell if that was because Leo and Silver were on another level compared to the enemies, or if the security had been lash, since they might have never suspected that someone would be able to find Fex so far out from the Vampire settlement.

Either way, Silver was going to unveil the vampire responsible, and it was a knight at that. The doll held the person tightly and she lifted the hood up, to reveal a young looking girl with short brown hair and red rose cheeks.

"You!" Silver uttered, struggling with how to feel. "You are the eighth family's knight Amber. I knew one of the families was behind this, but why would the eighth family be involved in kidnapping my brother?! Why did you team up with the Bloodsuckers to attack the tenth castle?!"

In Silver's head, it only made sense for the person behind all of this to either be Cindy or Bryce. They were the likeliest candidates to have teamed up with the Bloodsuckers in order to get rid of the king, which would directly benefit them.

So what did the eighth family get out of all of this?

Were they just being used so the one's in the background could deny being responsible or was there something more to all of this?

Amber merely smiled and soon after fell into a hysterical laugh which echoed through the whole cave.

"Have you forgotten what our family's ability is? Did you really think finding this cave would solve everything? No, I've informed them that you are here. They know that you most likely already have Fex and me right now. Our plans are still in motion and you will be lucky to make it back alive!"

At that moment, Leo sensed something within Amber, she was doing something to the energy inside her body. Although Leo wanted to let Silver handle her alone, he decided to intervene because she was an integral part in all of this and couldn't be allowed to proceed with what she was doing.

He stood in front of the two girls and placed his hand on top of Amber's head.

Not long after, the laughing dulled as the defeated knight realised that her plan wasn't working.

"What are you doing you bald headed man? Get your hand off me!" Amber screamed.

"With the doll restraining you, and me having taken your energy away, you have no chance of killing yourself. Once we get back you'll share your little story of working with the Bloodsuckers with all of them. Even if you don't want to, I'm sure there are some vampires that can pry the information out of your head." Leo said.

After realising what Amber was about to do, Silver wrapped plenty of string around her, and placed her in the wooden box they were carrying. She could still control the puppet while walking, it was just more annoying doing it this way. However, it would guarantee that their prisoner wouldn't be able to harm herself again, and Leo could always see if she attempted a stunt like the last one.

With Amber under control, the group exited the cave. They needed to take a few seconds to gather their thoughts. Fex was rubbing the area around his wrist, as they were red and sore from his repeated attempts to pull himself free.

"Is it true?" Silver asked, approaching him. "Have you forgotten about everyone and everything?"

When Fex looked into Silver's eyes, he could tell she was saddened by the idea. He could see that he must have meant a lot to this person, so he felt very bad that it was indeed the case.

"Yes, I'm sorry. I'm sure you're all great people. After all, you risked your lives to save me, but I really forgot everything." Fex replied.

Rubbing the top of his head, it brought a smile to Fex's face, but at the same time he immediately went to make sure his hair was in perfect place. This whole set of actions that happened felt natural, as if the two of them had done it over and over again in the past.

"Don't worry, we'll get your memories back." Silver said softly, happy that at least some things had stayed the same as she walked back to the centre where everyone else was.

"I won't lie to you, the situation is looking a little bad." Silver said. "I never thought that Jill the eighth leader would be working along with the Bloodsuckers. Usually, if I want to get in contact with my father or anyone else, I would do so by requesting it through her, but that's impossible right now."

"Which means, we have to bring her back with us?" Nate concluded. "Shouldn't we try to inform Quinn?"

The rest nodded and thought this was the most sensible thing to do, but when they tried to call him, there was no reply just like the time before. Still, this was important news that they needed to pass on immediately. The tenth family needed to be careful against the eighth family, so they decided to get in contact with the castle.

When they got through to Paul, he gave them bad news. They were devastated to hear that Quinn had been captured and was being accused of being a murderer, especially with the victim being the Royal Knight Dwight.

"Quinn, was captured because they think he killed that important guy?!" Nate repeated the words because he still couldn't believe it.

"It looks like Amber didn't lie about them setting Quinn up. Someone must be working with the eighth family and because of their ability, they knew the positions of every one of the families." Silver explained.

"I should have noticed something sooner." Leo blamed himself. "At the time, Edward had attempted to get in contact with the King's castle through Jill, however, the communication didn't go through. I didn't know much about the other leaders back then but now I am suspecting that it wasn't a coincidence."

"What will happen to Quinn? Will they kill him?" Nate asked.

"Well, right now they just have him down as a suspect, so they most likely will need to be completely sure it was him first. However, the eighth family and whoever is working with might have already prepared some evidence against him. What we have to do now, is return as soon as possible with Amber, and allow the leaders to integrate them in front of the others, not behind the scenes!" Said Silver.

Although Fex didn't know what was going on, by the look on everyone's faces it looked urgent, and they all spoke of Quinn like he was an important person.

'He was the person who sent all of these to save me, and now he is in trouble. I don't know who you are, but I will repay the favour.'

The group set off, and Ham returned to his earring form. Ham was slower than the others and they had only needed him to guide them there, having gone through the path once they knew the way back, and they needed to be quicker than ever.

Nate was able to go back, before the others, using his shadow, but they had already informed them that the eighth leader was behind everything so there was no need for him to go back, unless he could do it with Amber.

Unfortunately this wasn't possible for him with his skill. The only person who could travel in between others was Quinn. The others were still learning how to use the shadow ability after all.

Rushing off, they headed back into the forest and traveled at a good pace. Nate was starting to tire but forced himself to keep up, even though he knew he couldn't keep it up for ever. At the moment he wished he would have learnt the Shadow travel skill to make it easier on himself.

At some point, he had lost the two of them, but it didn't matter as he and Fex would continue on their own. Soon though, they saw them again and for some reason they had frozen in place and their weapons were drawn.

"What's the matter, what's wrong?!" Nate asked in exhaustion.

"Get ready, we are under attack!" Leo shouted back.

Once the two young vampires caught up. all four of them had their backs facing each other covering all angles, along with the doll.

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"What is it?" Fex asked.

"I sense a few of those creatures like in the cave. Less than ten in total, but they are just as strong so don't underestimate them!" Leo answered. "The real problem however is another one. The last one has power nearly as great as the leaders, or perhaps even a little stronger."

"Are you talking about Rowa? But he should have been dead!" Silver shouted back.

"No, they're not as strong as Rowa, and they're a vampire."

Coming out from the woods, into the space they were in, a vampire could be seen. A middle aged man, with long black hair to his shoulders, and a mustache that twirled. It was a vampire that Leo had never seen before.

But when Silver set her eyes upon the man, she could only match it with images she had seen in paintings.

"This impossible! What is an original vampire doing here?"


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