My Vampire System Chapter 875

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 878 - Plan of Hope

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It was dark, but it usually always was on this planet. Only this time, Quinn could tell he was in a complete pitch black room due to his eyesight changing. Usually, there would at least be a few lights powered by crystals here and there but not in this place. Wherever that was.

'So this is the outcome in the end.' Quinn thought to himself as he tried moving his hands but couldn't budge an inch, and it was the same for his legs as well.

Even without a light source, Quinn could see due to his vampire eyesight. And he could see that he was in some type of cell room. His hands and legs cuffed up. In front of him, one of the doors with the special circular locks. Not that Quinn could reach the lock anyway if he wanted to. Not only his arms but his legs were tied up, but they were up against the wall as well.

There was no chain, his limbs were spread out, and he was unable to move.

'Did you see what happened to me, after I was'

'After you had a beating, unfortunately not. When you go unconscious, it looks like I do as well. However, I can take a good guess. Do you remember underneath the king's castle? There were special cells for certain types of people, protected by those from the ninth family. My guess is it's the same place they kept Fex. Which means they are waiting for a trial before they decide to do something with you.'

'Well, time to get out of here, I guess.' Quinn said with confidence as he tried to use his strength along with his Qi to break from the locks. However, it was useless. He thought this might be the case. They had to have something that could at least restrain leaders, right? So the next step was for Quinn to try to summon his shadow, and maybe he could get out of here that way.

'What, it's not working!' Quinn said in a panic, finally realising that he might just really be stuck in here.

'I was going to tell you, but I thought you would try for yourself anyway. Do you remember Suzan, when she threw those needles at you. Those aren't just any needles. It's based on her ability. It works similar to how Nathen's bubble at the school you went to works, although a little different.

'Each needle that hits your body, limits your ability for a certain amount of time. It also depends on where the needle hit's your body. I don't know how much she can create at one time, since it varies on the leader's power, but I imagine they put as much as they could in you while you were asleep.'

Not that Quinn was counting on getting out of here, but he wanted to at least know he had the option. Now he was just left wondering up on the wall, what had happened and what would happen next.

Soon, the sound of the combination of the lock being undone was heard. Quinn still had no reference of how long he had been down there, but it wasn't long after he had woken up that he would be getting a visitor.

When the person had entered though, Quinn could only see a hooded figure, who also had a clown mask with an unhappy smile covering their entire face.

"Great, a sad clown has come to cheer me up," Quinn said. "Is this some type of special vampire ritual they do to prisoners?"

'Be careful Quinn, we have no such thing, this person is clearly hiding their identity for some reason.' Vincent warned.

It also looked like the clown was unresponsive, and instead, while walking towards Quinn, pulled out a large syringe form behind it's back from the cape it was wearing.

"Thank you, Quinn. "The voice spoke, clearly altered by the mask they were wearing. Giving Quinn no clue who this was. "It was hard for me to find a way to get blood directly from you. I was thinking of storming the castle but now seeing you here like this, there is no need."

The person moved forward and pushed the syringe into Quinn's vein on the other side of his elbow, and the tube slowly filled up.

"What's the need to hide under that mask?" Quinn said. "I already have a good idea who you might be, is it Cindy?..." Quinn paused before speaking again. "Perhaps Muka, or one of the other leaders." Quinn carried on speaking, mentioning name after name, he was hoping for a reaction or a change of heartbeat, but there was none.

When the syringe had filled up, the clown left.

"Quinn, maybe me and you want the same thing." They said before the door shut again.

'What was that all about, why did they take my blood?' Quinn wondered.

'Think about it,' Vincent replied. 'What can be done with the blood of a leader, in my mind I can think of two things. They can use the blood to raise one that has been put into eternal slumber, and the second one, is use the blood to unlock the ritual that has been put on the king's absolute blood book. Either one of those doesn't sound good, and who has recently died who had hidden such a book?'

Quinn had finally clicked on to what Vincent was saying. Dwight wasn't just killed to frame Quinn, they had killed him to get the book he had hidden away.

'But, don't they need the blood of all the leaders? How could a leader possibly do that without the others knowing about it' At that point, something clicked in his head.

'Now you're thinking like me, the blood doesn't have to be from the leaders themselves. Although those that are turned by a leader's blood aren't pure enough. A direct descent of a leader's blood is good enough.'

'And that explains why they went for Fex and Kazz that time.' Quinn replied. 'But I don't understand, if it was Cindy, she would have become king anyway with my vote. She would have received the book anyway.'

While trying to figure out the last few parts, the door was seen opening again, and Quinn wondered if the clown had returned for something else, but instead two other leaders had walked in.

Both Jin and Muka.

Quinn, although didn't have anything against them before, didn't like how the vampires had treated him just because he was a suspect, they could have fought for his innocence at least.

"I know you are upset with us Quinn," Muka said, reading the expression on his face. "But trust me when I say this, me and Jin don't believe you are the one that killed Dwight. It's why we are here to see you. Our investigation has unfortunately come to a stand still, so we were wondering if there was any information you could provide on your end?"

Although Quinn didn't want to tell them anything, it would have been stupid not to when they were trying to help him. He was sure that the person behind this already knew everything Quinn knew anyway, somehow.

For now, what just happened with the clown and what he had figured out, he would tell them after he found out what he wanted.

"First, what evidence do they have that I killed Dwight? You saw me in the room with you at the time, and judging by the fact that you haven't set me free, I'm guessing the evidence shows me as the killer." Quinn asked.

Both Jin and Muka looked at each other before replying.

"There was a warning put out about you, that you may be hiding a Blood fairy in your castle. Because of this you were put on high alert. When Dwight was killed we weren't too sure, but through the investigation, it turns out that he was first poisoned with fairy blood." Muka explained. "This was how youI mean, they were able to overpower him. Then when we took your beast gear from you, we found that they were made with fairy blood, and that's what had injured Kyle."

"I'm afraid the evidence is highly stacked against you," Jin added.

Learning of this, Quinn thought back to a certain thing that happened after the fight, Jill had shouted out about the fairy blood, was it because of this, but how did they know about Alex? Not even Kazz knew what Alex was.

"So, do you have anything to say?" Jin asked.

Quinn took a deep breath, and while down here not able to do anything, he only good talk to these two about what he had found out. He went on to tell the two all the details, including the meeting with the clown he had just had, and the look on their faces told him they couldn't believe what he had just said.

"So you think it's Cindy?" Jin asked. "I find that very hard to believe, she would have become Queen anyway with your vote, and gotten the book. It makes no sense?"

"Then you don't have to believe me, but believe what I have found out," Quinn said. "Without me, the vote is still tied six to six. I don't know what she plans to do with my blood, but if Jill, who I think is working with Cindy decides to switch sides and votes for Cindy, it means It will be her win, and I think that is too much of a coincidence.

"If that happens, I want you two to do me a favour. It's the only thing you can do." Quinn said, putting his hope in this plan.


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