My Vampire System Chapter 876

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 879 - The passing tenth

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Inside the tenth castle, everyone was feeling quite tense. They were all waiting for something to happen. Due to Quinn being a leader they were afraid that an investigation may soon start from those from other families, or possibly something else, something worse. A storming of the castle in search for the evidence that they needed? Or a decision to get rid of everyone related to Quinn. The silence from the other leaders and the council members was affecting them all day by day.

What started to happen next though, was something Paul didn't predict.

"Paul, are you there?" Sam asked using one of the masks he had received. Those that were stationed by the gates were wearing their masks at all times now, due to the frequent communication now needed back to the base, adn in case they needed to warn all the others.

"Speak, have you seen someone coming from one of the other families?' Paul asked.

"Not quite, there are people at the northgate, but they're not from the other families, they're from the tenth family." Sam claimed.

Standing just outside the gate of the tenth inner castle area, were vampires that had come from the pooling area. On their bodies they looked to be beaten and bruised, some looked weak, and others looked slightly starved, having the blood that was meant to be given to them, taken off.

After Quinn was captured, certain news started to spread around about him. The deal that Quinn had made before with Cindy was off and the others started to discriminate against those in the tenth family again, but this time it was on a larger scale. They had become aware of the deal made with the leaders, and now that they had learnt of the suspicion of the tenth leader, it was getting worse.

In the past this would often happen as well, and some of these problems needed to be dealt by Leo personally. He would take a trip to the pooling area, and show his strength punishing those that had hurt the tenth family, within reason of course, but this was something Paul could not do at the current time.

"What should we do, should we bring them in. They look pretty hurt, they don't have to be brought to the castle but they can at least be brought to the inner area. Their pleas and reasons seem genuine." Sam explained.

However, Paul wasn't quick to say yes. Letting in those from the pooling area, those that weren't really loyal to the family wasn't a good idea. If an attack was to happen, they would switch sides or even be working for the other side already.

Right now, Paull was relying on the towers and other defences to protect them from an attack. The equipment only protected them from the outside. An attack from within, would be difficult. Was turning them away the right thing to do? With Leo and Quinn away, it was up to him to decide.

"Bring them in to be treated, if they need blood, give it to those that look like they need it most. We can't have members of the tenth family turning into bloodsuckers, it would only make things worse. Use the houses closest to the gates as a base, when they're all healed up, turn them away, tell them to go back to the pooling area. If they come back again, treat them again. It's the only thing we can do for now." Paul ordered.

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Inside the castle other developments continued, as Alex had finished making those in Paul's team, as well as those from Leo's team of vampires, weapons made from his blood. It was one of the special things the tenth family had compared to other families that they didn't know about.

The orders were to keep the weapons within the castle for now, as the weapons made with Alex's blood gave off a distinct, different colour. It was fine for those with the shadow ability to hold them, due to hiding it in their dimensional space but too obvious for others.

Learning off this fact, Cia was now even more concerned with what she had done. She was in her room lying down, and by the side of her bed was a red whip. A weapon that had been given by Alex.

Those that knew the shadow ability were all given weapons from Alex a while ago, this was due to their dimensional space ability and apparently Cia had learnt how to use this as well.

However, after losing her memories, she had also forgotten how to use the shadow ability and was unaware that they were even supposed to hide their weapons. After visiting Cindy to inform her of what she had learnt from Layla about Peter.

Cindy had requested to see something, the whip that she had been carrying around her side. Something about the special red colour was calling out to her and had caught her eye.

At first, Cindy assumed that it might have been a blood weapon, and she wondered how Quinn was able to give the others blood weapons without having to kill vampires, but after testing it out a little, and even grazing it against her own skin, she felt a searing pain run through her body, and she immediately knew what it was.

It was only later when Cia had returned and learnt a bit more about the weapons she realised that they were meant to be kept a secret. Of course, later through general curiosity and asking leading questions she figured out Alex was slightly different from them.

'She only looked at my weapon and I only told her what Layla told me, it's not your fault, and it might be the same for Cindy. Maybe she was the one who had passed on the message to the other leaders and they were the one who acted on the information.' She told herself.

But she knew that it wasn't true. Through her years of training and learning to read people, she felt a little off the second time she had visited Cindy. She didn't know why but ever since she had informed her of her own death, she started acting strange.

She had decided that she would no longer meet Cindy and report what the tenth family was doing like she had been doing. Since being here, everyone had treated her nicely in the castle.

And if Cindy was planning to hurt these people, then Cia didn't want that. She may have disliked Quinn, but not enough for everyone else to be punished as well.

She was just afraid that it might have already been too late.

Eventually a few days passed with more and more people coming to the castle from the tenth family. They had learnt of those that were treated and it started to spread, but Paul was adamant about not letting anyone in. If the people didn't listen, then soon he might have to start hurting his own.

But then a week passed, and it was the original time when the kings vote was to be decided. No decision had yet been made of what was to happen to Quinn, and the others knew he was still alive due to their connection they had.

Inside the dining room, Paull had called for another meeting, gathering the important figures in the tenth family.

"I have finally received an update on the situation. Today, the vampire council will have a meeting, without anyone from the tenth family." Paul stated. "The reason why they haven't been able to progress further with what happened with Quinn, is because they need to select a new king or Queen first.

"So, today the vote will go on, and once a king or Queen has been selected, then Quinn's trial will eventually take place."

There were worried looks around the room, as they knew depending on who would become the vampire King or Queen, could very well decide Quinn's fate.


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