My Vampire System Chapter 877

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 881 - The King's Vault

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Underneath the King's castle, a large smirk appeared on Quinn's face right about now, as he imagined the other side not getting their way.

'Damn it, if only I knew who to picture and blame for all this mess, it would make this moment a little sweeter.' Quinn thought, but all he could think of was the clown that had come to visit him.

'Well, you seem sure that Muka and Jin will follow your plan, but based on their reaction, I would have to agree.' Vincent commented. 'However, I think whatever we have done, we have only delayed the other side. We still don't know why they would need the blood or worst-case scenario, Bryce was playing with us all along, and he had finally got to the position he needed to be in.'

Quinn doubted this simply due to Bryce's reaction when he had entered the castle. Right now, the only reason Quinn wasn't panicking as much about the situation he was in, was because if Bryce had become King, then he was the best alibi he had for Dwight's death. Just like, Quinn didn't suspect Bryce, it should be the same the other way round.

There was one thing Vincent was right about though, this small move, he was unsure if it even faltered the other side's plans even a little.

"Are you sure you want to change your vote to..to..to Bryce!" Jill stuttered over her words, she was that angry.

"The two of us have had time to think about it, and we believe the way the current vampire settlement is right now, Bryce is the best leader for the situation we are in at the moment." Muka replied. "If times were like they were before, then I believe Cindy would have been the best choice. A lot has happened in this week, and I fear if Cindy was in charge, it would happen again, whereas for Bryce, there aren't many that would go against him, whether he chooses the right or wrong path, us as council members, can only guide him."

Muka didn't have to explain his position. He was free to vote as he wished, but he wanted to give sound reasons for the others that were supporting Cindy, so it didn't seem like he was being threatened or controlled like some others might have thought. This way, they would be more accepting of Bryce when the Crown was switched.

"Well, let's make an announcement, a new King has been decided, and we shall have the crowning ceremony within the hour. Invite everyone to the front of the castle to make them aware of the news." Bryce said, leaving the room giving his first order as King.

The message was soon sent out to everyone in the settlement that they should gather in the plaza that was stationed in front of the King's castle once more. This time there was no built platform, as they would instead wait for whoever was crowned to come out and give their official first speech.

The people did not know who had been selected as King, but what they were surprised about was that there would be no duels. They knew of the split vote and thought that it might come to a duel, but the fact that an announcement had been made told them that someone had been selected.

It didn't take long for everyone to gather in front of the plaza, however, those that were in the tenth inner castle area, did not move from their spot. Even though they were invited.

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Which pleased Peter greatly for the first time, as the two of them were on the same wavelength.

All the vampires were waiting anxiously, staring upward at the King's castle. Around halfway up the gigantic castle, there was a balcony the King would walk out on, and usually the only person that could was the King themselves, and his Royal knights.

They waited patiently, and finally, a loud horn played from the castle. It was a single sound indicating that the King was to arrive. The doors swung wide open, and when they could see Bryce step through those doors, the crowd erupted in cheers, especially those from the first family.

A lot of the vampires in the settlement didn't know much of the politics going on between families. Most of what happened was between the inner castle areas and didn't affect the pooling area too much. So they were happy with the strongest vampire being the one selected and one of the oldest.

Bryce had this image he maintained with the public, so they thought it was the correct decision had been made.

Holding out his hand, it was a sign for the crowd to settle down.

"We, the vampire council, have come to a decision and they have voted me, Bryce Cain, from the first family as King. I know we have been through a lot lately, but under my rule, I wish to end those sad days will be over, and I shall bring us back to what we used to be, I hope the future of the vampires well!" Bryce shouted.

And everyone cheered again, getting swayed with the excitement, not really knowing what he meant by his words.

"I will now announce the two new Royal vampire knights, who you must respect and answer to, who will also be in charge of the Royal guards. First, we have the fastest vampire of our generation and possibly ever known, Prima Killton from the twelfth family!"

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"Our next Royal knight that has been selected is none other than Kyle Dawn, the vampire leader with the best defence. Together the three of us will lead the generation into new and greater things. We will protect you all." Bryce said, finishing his speech there and giving them a wave as he walked back inside.

The talk was brief with the people, but now they knew who their King was, and it was unlikely they would see him much again. What the people did wonder about now, though, was that in a week's time, there would be another ceremony, and at that point and time, the new leaders would be announced as the replacements, and this included a replacement for the first family.

However, the ceremony wasn't complete. It was complete for those on the outside, but for the leaders, there was something else that needed to be done. Everyone was waiting patiently in the throne room for the new King and his two Royal knights to arrive.

They stood across the red carpet that would lead up to the throne and waited patiently. The doors opened, and Bryce continued to walk forward.

"You might be wondering why I asked you all to come here?" Bryce said. "As you know, when one becomes King, there is one more thing that needs to be done. The Absolute Blood Control book and its powers must be passed down to the new King. We all knew that Dwight was the one looking after it, and if I know Dwight, then there is only one place he would have put such a thing."

In his hand, Bryce was holding a flask, and he continued to walk up to the grand throne. When he reached the few steps, the Royal knights stopped as he approached the chair. Using his almighty strength, he pushed the chair to the side with ease, and behind it was a vault with a strange marking. A circle with many different patterns inside looked to have been drawn of blood.

"You vampires have never seen a new King elected, so I doubt you knew about this, but there is also a vault that can only be accessed with a drop of blood from all of the thirteen leaders. This is where the book is kept at all times, including the blood armour while not in use." Bryce stated while throwing the flask of blood against the pattern.

The red markings started to light up for a few seconds, and soon the sound of something unlocking could be heard as a large piece of the wall opened up and moved over to the side.

However, when it slid open, although the area was grand and full of things like useless treasures and gold. In the centre on a podium where the book would be, and in a large glass case by its side where the blood armour should be, there was nothing to be seen.

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