My Vampire System Chapter 879

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 884 - March to the tenth

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The tenth castle had stuck to Paul's order and had not let anyone in from the pooling area, even those who belonged to the tenth family. There had been some protests from the vampire students, but Paul had shut them down quite quickly.

However, at the moment the Vampire knight was extremely worried for a couple of reasons. One of them being the fact that they hadn't had many people from the pooling area visit them lately, and he had a feeling it had something to do with the second reason.

A new King had been elected.

Since none of them had attended the ceremony or any of the meetings with the council, Paul was sure that the tenth family was guaranteed to face some pushback. They had already been treated as outsiders before all of this, and this just made it more apparent.

"Something is going to happen, and it's going to happen soon." Paul said, while holding his mask. Nearly every hour he had attempted to get into contact with Leo and the others that had gone away, but there was still no result after all this time.

"Leo, you're a Hero of War, who has helped out the human race greatly, I just hope you can work your magic here again."

But it looked like, for this one, they wouldn't be able to rely on Leo or the others. Outside their castle, marching towards them was a small army of around five hundred or so people from the eighth family and on the forefront was their leader, Jill.

The reason why they had not received any visitors lately was because the vampires had been warned beforehand what could possibly happen, and had been ordered to clear the area for the time being.

Jill had brought with her fifty from within the castle, some of her strongest and one of her Vampire knights, a male with a scar across his whole face. The other vampires were mostly from the pooling area.

She knew how many vampires should have been in the castle, a little more than two hundred, but she thought if it was her forces against theirs even with an equal number there was no way she could lose, not without their leader at least.

"I really don't want to do this." Jill sighed. "Why pick me off all people to do this? My ability isn't really the best when it comes to fighting, and telling me to bring an army. Does he really think the tenth family will try to fight? He could have just asked one of the others to investigate."

"It is true that we haven't done any tasks for the family." Her knight Tifu replied. "This will be a good chance to remind the other families that despite our ability we are still strong, and by doing this we can redeem ourselves to the King."

'If I have my way, then he won't be the current king for too much longer.' Jill thought, clenching her fist as she walked up towards the castle.

When they finally were close, Jill noticed the two large towers by the front gate, stationed above the walls. She looked closely and she couldn't see anyone in them, but their destructiveness had spread through rumours, worrying her.

"This is Sam, at the front gate, can you hear me Paul. There is an army coming towards us, and it doesn't look like they're here for a friendly chat." Sam reported.

"How many are there? When you say an army, is there a leader present with them?" Paul asked.

"I'm not really sure what the leaders look like, but there are two important looking figures walking at the founder's dab. They number around five hundred."

To bring five hundred towards the front gate, they were not just going to be asking for something simple. Paul knew this meant they were here ready for a fight. The first thing Paul did was open all the channels, so everyone with a mask could now communicate with each other and hear all the messages being sent.

"There is an army at the north gate! Those at the east and west gate stay at your positions, even if a fight is to break out. Try not to aggravate them, and find out what they want first before we do anything to escalate the situation." Paul ordered.

Knowing what could come, he started to gather those in the castle and was getting ready for battle.

Sam nodded, and confidently started to walk out, with Linda to his right, and Peter to his left. Those that were at the north gate included Layla, Cia, Weevil, and Dennis. While the ones that had stayed in the castle were Sil, Logan and Alex.

There were a few reasons for this, the most prominent one was that Sil and Logan were both still human. Sil especially wasn't as strong in this world, but he did have Borden on him at all times in case something might happen.

As for Alex, he wasn't really a fighter and at the same time was a secret to the others.

Sam bowed down approaching them, and motioned the other two to do the same. His legs were shaking slightly and he made sure to stay a good distance away from the other group, ready to fall back at a moment's notice.

He had gone through meetings like this many times before while helping out Quinn with the Cursed faction, but for some reason the vampires had a diffrent pressure coming off this time.

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"We are here by order of the King." Jill announced, speaking directly into all of their minds. What was impressive was that she wasn't just speaking to the three in front of her, she had sent out a message to everyone in the castle. "Due to the recent events, your leader has been imprisoned. We have reason to believe that the tenth family has been illegally harboring a Blood fairy without the council's knowledge. We request to search the whole inner castle area for said being. Let us in peacefully, or we will have no other choice but to use force."

Hearing this message, Paul now knew who they were after. All those close to Alex did too, because it had been explained to them when he had made their weapons.

Alex had stormed out of the room he was in, in the castle and headed straight to the research lab where Logan was busy working away on something with Sil by his side.

"What do I do?" Alex asked. "They're here for me!" He panicked, and the look of dread was on his face. He wanted to run away, run from this place, but at the same time, he was thinking about what could happen to everyone else because of him.

"Should I turn myself in? We had that plan, but it won't work! Those blasted teleporters won't work!" Alex shouted.

If the vampires had come to attack, there had been a plan put in place. Worst case they would use the teleporters to head back to the Cursed ship. Alas, testing that plan ahead of time, Paul and Logan had discovered a very big problem.

The teleporters for some reason weren't working, this reminded Paul of when he had transferred over to the Vampire Planet for the first time, and they had attempted to go back. At that time, they too had been unable to for some reason.

The vampires did have technology beyond what the humans had or understood, and even Logan's great mind was stumped on how to solve that issue.

Logan put down a tool he had in his hand on the workbench and walked up to Alex. "Alex, don't you understand Paul by now? He hates vampires more than anyone here because of what they did to him and his people. Why do you think he refused to go to the King's ceremony, and why do you think we have been making preparations this whole time? Whether they wanted you, or anyone else his response will be the same"


Outside, lifting his head, Sam couldn't believe what he had just heard Paul told him to do. Paul had just requested not to agitate them.

'I guess the request ruffled up his feathers a bit.' Sam said with a smile.

Hearing his words, Sam's legs stopped shaking, and he looked at both Linda, and Peter nodding towards them.

"Prepare for war!" Sam shouted.


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