My Vampire System Chapter 881

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 886 - Hold the line

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"This is amazing!" Quinn said as he excitedly looked at the screen.

While still below, it looked like he could still help out those above using the towers to defend. After firing off one shot from the tower, he could see a cool down time, and he could do everything with his mind. There was no need to use his hands.

On top of this, whatever was within range of the tower, Quinn could select which targets to fire at. This way, if his own people were engaged in a fight against the enemy, he could aim at the backline instead.

Suddenly he didn't feel so useless anymore.

However, Vincent was concerned about one thing, the system made the whole thing appear to be game-like, and he wanted Quinn to remember at the end of the day, those red and green targets were real living things. The only reason he didn't say anything now, was seeing it this way may allow him to save as many people as possible.

The towers continued to fire at the army coming forward. Now that they knew what damage the towers could do, they were more cautious, and the vampires were able to mostly avoid the attacks, but not all.

Whenever a shot would hit, it would greatly damage a regular vampire while injuring those more talented. It was clear that the towers were something they needed to be careful with.

Upgrading it to the max level, made the cool down time between shots short as well.

Watching all of this from far back was Paul.

'Those towers are doing a better job than I anticipated. Maybe we can hold them off at each section.'

Thinking about this, Paul walked back in, and went down a floor to where the tenth's people had gathered. These were all the vampires that had been turned and were originally under Paul's control, although a few of them were at one of the other gates with Ashley.

"Xander, Amy and Timmy. You three will be in charge of leading this army to the north gate, I still think they might attack us from the other gates later on, so Erin and Ashley will be on standby. I will leave it up to you three to make quick decisions on the field, and you shall each lead a small group.

"If they do attack from the other sides, then it will be up to you to decide which areas need support. Do you understand?" Paul asked.

The three of them saluted like they were in the army and shouted.

"Yes, sir."

The order was given, and they were off as one large group towards the north gate. At the north gate itself, the others were patiently waiting. Large explosion energy shots were still being shot out from the tower, and they didn't exactly want to go out in the middle of that.

"What do we do? They're soon going to get past those tower shots. They're getting used to the speed already?" Linda observed.

"I think they're going to change formation in a second. Those that can avoid the tower shots, the more skilled vampires will come out first and will try to take down the towers. That means it's up to us to stop them." Sam replied.

Just as he had finished explaining those said vampires came forward. They were the vampire nobles that belonged to the inner castle, around fifteen of them had broken past the tower shots, but the tower shots continued stopping the regular vampires from advancing. With only five of them, this would be quite the hard fight ahead.

"They still think we're puny small fry, well let's show them!" Peter said, rushing out faster than anyone expected him to, and with the first vampire noble upon him, he punched him directly in the face and slammed him downward onto the ground.

As the other vampires near him came forward, Peter hit the floor, causing dust to rise, and when the dust settled, they could see that one of the vampire nobles had his hands holding Peter steady.

"I've got him. Take him out now!" The noble said.

"No, what are you doing? It's me!" Peter cried, but it was too late as the noble had pierced a hole through his c.h.e.s.t.

The noble holding onto Peter then smiled, and when he looked down at who he had just hit, he no longer looked like Peter, but instead like the same noble that was holding onto Peter.

"How does it feel to kill your own family member, looks like there are some exceptions to the bond after all!" Peter shouted, grabbing the other's arm, and slamming it onto the floor.

The others couldn't see it, but when Peter had hit the floor to cause the dust cloud, he had transformed himself into one of them, and then using his soul weapon, he placed the mask on one of the nobles to look like him.

He thought maybe the bond would make it so he couldn't attack his fellow comrade, but it looked like it did no such thing, due to him believing it was Peter.

Just then, a blood swipe came towards him as Peter was enjoying this a little too much. He was distracted but it didn't matter, when a shadow was raised from behind, blocking the attack.

"Hey, remember there's a lot more of them still," Dennis said.

Seeing all of what was happening was just making Jill get angrier.

'It looks like he has been teaching a few of his people the shadow, and these towers. It reminds me of the old tenth's ability, does he really not have anyone with that ability?' She started to wonder.

Sending more of the Nobles, she hoped to overpower them, as the main concern were the towers for now. There were some vampires with ranged abilities that were attacking the towers and damaging them, but when they looked to be destroyed to a certain point, it was as if they were being repaired by some strange magic at the same time.

This was because Quinn was repairing the towers, using what reputation points he had whenever the tower would go below a certain point.

With more nobles going to the fight, so did the others but it seemed like it would be too much for them. A line of blood swipes, around thirty of them came their way, with Sam Linda, Dennis and Wevil, with the four of them raised a large wall of shadow to block the attacks, but they couldn't block much, fighting like this.

Behind the wall of shadow, Linda decided to act. Her body slowly began to grow in size, becoming larger than that of the Bloodsuckers and bigger too. Then using shadow equip, her red equipment could be seen, and a large club appeared in her hand.

She was using her skill as a great draugr to change her size, and she had the new equipment made by Alex ready.

"Lower the wall!" She shouted, with the shadow wall going down, the huge club was swung towards the vampire nobles. They thought with all of them, they could hold back the great swing, but when their fists and bodies touched the club, they could feel a burning sensation that went deeper past their skin.

It affected them, hurting and making them feel weak.

'Red equipment and armour, all of them have it on. It can't be, are they all using blood fairy equipment?!' Jill thought.

Seeing this, she had enough.

"Tifu, get rid of the right towers, I'll get rid of the left one." Jill said moving forward.

She didn't think her being a leader would have to act, especially with those strong ones in her family, but the tenth had too many surprises for her liking and she had waited long enough.

The two of them ran opposite sides and could see the tower shots coming towards them. Jill had seen how long the cool down was between each shot. She had to concentrate on avoiding the shots and then run full speed straight ahead during the cool down time. Doing the same thing again.

"She's going for the tower!" Wevil shouted, but they were all far too busy.

Eventually, she had reached the tower, and climbed to the very top. Both her clawed hands were glowing red, and she proceeded to swipe at the top of the tower with all her strength, chucking out large chunks bit by bit.

Part of the roof was seen coming down, and eventually she got to the platform where the energy source was coming from. There was a white light and inside a crystal floating about, grabbing it with her b.a.r.e hand, she squeezed the crystal until it had smashed into little pieces.

[Buflo hzwlofi tulozmwut, jmpit wmp iacu om plu frmovuz mru?]

On Quinn's screen, he could see both of the towers losing their health fast, it was too fast and repairing the towers would only be a waste of his reputation points at this stage.

Finally, with a large, powerful punch, the tower collapsed within itself falling to the ground, and tofu had done the same with the other.

Now with the tower gone, the rest of the vampires could finally join in.


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