My Vampire System Chapter 883

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 888 - Getting rid of all problems

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Although those from the tenth family were fighting well with all the support they were getting, they were nevertheless struggling to hold the line against the sheer number of vampires the eighth family had brought that day. Those with the shadow ability stayed a little further back and were using the shadows as best as they could to limit the number of injuries their family members received.

When one was badly hurt, some members like Dennis would carry them off, and enter the castle, closing the doors once again to keep them behind. They were trying to keep the deaths to a minimum, and luckily vampires were quite resistant when it came to dying.

However, there were too many vampires on the eighth side and eventually the eighth family got through. Even with the door closed, they began to scale the wall. They didn't know the special code needed to access the castle, so they decided to try entering through the windows and such on the floor above.

There were only a couple of vampires on the walls and Peter was ready to move, but then something surprising happened. One of the gargoyles that had been in the middle of the fighting, jumped up and started to flail its heavy wings. Although unable to fly, they helped the statue to glide, thereby increasing its time midair.

Peter, seeing this, was wondering why the gargoyle would do something like this until he watched it glide towards the castle and grab one of the vampires to chuck him off the wall. Not hesitating, he then went ahead and went towards the next vampire to deal with him.

Even more surprising was the fact that the gargoyle didn't head back into battle, but remained near the wall, making it clear that it would prevent anyone from using them to get inside.

'Well, looks like i'm not needed and that thing is doing a good job for me. That means I can go somewhere else.' Peter thought. He gave the gargoyle a thumbs up while using his elevated position to search for the place he would be needed the most.

The reason why the gargoyle had acted was because Quinn had figured out he was also able to control that from down below. As soon as he saw the red dots were breaking through and getting to the castle, he decided to add some defences of his own.

'Guys, I don't know what you're going through, but I'm going to do everything I can to help you!'' Quinn thought, as he concentrated more than ever at the battle going on in front of him.

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That was none other than Wevil. Knowing his opponent in front of him was strong, Wevil wasted no time with his transformation.

As a strogi there were two evolution paths one could take, a Strigoi mot, which focuses on physical powers or Strigoi vu, a sorcerer type vampire.

At first Wevil had thought the right choice for him would be to choose the Mot evolution path, simply because used to be a melee fighter with his previous speed ability. However, since he was already speedy enough as a vampire, he came to the conclusion that it might be good to gain something new, thus he decided on the Vu evolution path, after which something in his mind and body changed.

It allowed him to realise what powers he held, one of which was to let him transform his body partly into a type of creature, yet to do this he would have to picture what creature to turn into first.

He knew this would be important, and he already knew that he wanted something speed-based. If he had to change, why not try and become even faster than he had ever been before? With this goal in mind he went to the one person he was sure could tell him what animal would be the fastest, Logan.

"If we're just talking about the fastest land animal in existence in terms of their top speed, then that would be the cheetah." Logan answered him. "However, if we're comparing animals to scale with them all being the same size then the winner wouldn't be a mammal but an insect. Out of all the insects in the world there is none faster than the tiger beetle."

"Tiger beetle?" Wevil had never even heard of such a creature.

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Dennis, who was watching, had to look up since Wevil's form became larger than a human's.

'Can we even call that a vampire at this point?' Dennis started to wonder, but was too busy with his own fight.

Although the figure looked strange, the transformation was certainly an improvement, as Weevil pushed off his two large feet and dashed forward, appearing in front of Tifu before he could react.

Wevil's body slammed into the Vampire knight, and using his bladed hands he gripped him tightly with immense power. He carried on pushing Tifu through all the other vampires moving him back.

'When the description was talking about sorcery, it meant sorcery to transform and the tiger beetle has a few more tricks up its sleeve.' Wevil thought, as he spit out a strange green grey substance from its mouth right onto Tifu.

Immediately, the latter felt a burning sensation. However, Tifu was a vampire knight, using Blood hardening he managed to cover the layer where the strange goo had touched him, preventing it from further damaging his body.

"You may be faster than me, but you don't have the strength!" He shouted enraged as he grabbed both hands and slammed it down Wevil's head.

The force was great and the transformed boy felt his legs were about to tumble, his speed soon slowed down but he didn't let go of the other.

"Good job." A voice praised from behind. "It doesn't matter if he doesn't have the strength, because I do!" Peter shouted as he threw out one fist after another hitting Tifu as hard as he could. Every fist was heavy and strong, filling his fists with blood.

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At this moment, Jill felt the connection with her Vampire knight sever.

'How is this possible, what the hell is going on?!'

She looked at Paul in front of her, and started to look at the battle. It should have been an easy one-sided battle, yet now it was clear that they were on the losing side. It seemed like it was impossible to get into the castle.

She hadn't fought against Paul yet, but even if she did join the fight, on her own could she really do much?

Swallowing her pride, she eventually decided to get in contact with Bryce himself.

"Bryce, the tenth family is resisting as we've expected! They have more tricks up their sleeves than we thought, so I'm going to need some help. You need to punish them and come down here yourself or at least do something! They're disobeying a direct order from you as their King!"

Bryce had accepted the call and when he heard the news, he had to do everything to not show the smile on his face.

'I knew that Quinn would have some surprises ready. When he came to attack me, he would have had something in case I retaliated. I've come to learn how cautious that boy can be, and weakening two families at the same time, is getting rid of two problems.'

"Fine, you will get the support you ask for!" Bryce replied. "Contact me through Cindy, I'll ask the second family to send you support."

'Come on, I'm rooting for your family members to get rid of all of my problems.' Bryce thought, no longer resisting the temptation to laugh out loud.


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