My Vampire System Chapter 884

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 889 - The cries of everyone

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As soon as Paul revealed himself, for some reason, it looked like Jill was staying back and not engaging with him. She seemed willing at first, but once she realised her and her family's situation, she backed away.

This was another reason why Paul wanted to switch with Peter. In this type of situation, it actually benefited them more. The longer Jill took to act, it was just one less person they had to deal with. The gargoyle statues and the towers could continue doing their work, slowly dwindling their numbers.

Whereas Peter might have rushed in head first, but Paul didn't just stand around doing nothing. While Jill was waiting, Paul had the three long-bladed spiked gloves on him, but these weren't like the last ones he had. They were red in colour.

Going through the battlefield, Paul carefully picked and decided who he would strike, blocking a claw from a vampire from above, and scratching them with his glove. It didn't take long for the vampire to start to kneel over.

Paul, thanks to the book from Mantis, was now a level eight poison user. Striking the weaker vampires would nearly take them out instantly, and with the fairy blood on top of it, it would only take one scratch.

For the noble vampires or stronger ones, it would take more, but Paul was aiming to shorten the numbers on the other side first, getting rid of all the weak ones. He continued going through the battlefield, attacking them, and their numbers started to fall extremely quickly.

'That blasted king, he's taking his sweet time on purpose isn't he!' Jill thought. 'Where is my backup meant to be? I can't let this continue on, if I don't do something then the only other option is to retreat' Gritting her teeth she thought it was an embarrassment, she couldn't retreat.

They had the larger forces and were going up against a bunch of ex-humans, it would just be too embarrassing, and her family would be humiliated for years to come.

Having enough, she decided to confront Paul, she kicked one of his clawed gloves away before he could hit another. The hit was strong and Paul had stumbled back a few steps. It reminded him that maybe she wasn't the best mentally, but she was still a leader at the end of the day that had strength that surpassed his own.

'She surrounded her leg in the blood so she wouldn't be affected by the poison.' Paul noticed.

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Out from the pores of his skin, and through his clothing, dark green liquid could be seen seeping out of him. Soon they started to form into dark green balls, the same size as a billiard ball.

"I'm happy my soul ability is similar to what I had in the past," Paul said as he was surrounded by eight dark green balls floating in a circle behind him.

Seeing this, Jill moved forward again, and Paul controlled the balls to go after her. The balls could move faster than himself and kept up with Jill's speed. The first one had hit her on her t.h.i.g.h, nearly a few seconds later, her eyesight started to blur, and she could feel herself feeling weak.

Luckily, she was able to use her blood hardening, to go under where the poison was and chuck it on the floor. Not touching it directly it was similar to scraping it off her body. But soon, there were more balls of poison upon her. She used blood hardening to block off some of them, and dogged the third, but what she didn't expect was that the one that had just missed and gone past her, was stopped mid-air, and moved back, hitting her from behind.

Again the same effects were happening as before, and she had no choice but to use the blood hardening to scr.a.p.e the poison off again, now that she was more aware of her situation, she could see that all the balls of poison had surrounded her, ready to hit at all sorts of angles.

'These people, they aren't just ordinary humans who have been turned into vampires! How can they be so strong!' Jill thought.

Dodging the balls and using her blood hardening skills was taking everything out of her, and each time she would be hit by a ball of poison it would weaken her further, she was at a standstill, not being able to do anything.

Or at least that's what Paul thought.

At that moment, Paul could hear something. Not just one or two voices, but multiple loud voices rung through his head.

"My arm hurts, it hurts too much!'

'These vampires are so strong, I don't know how much longer I can go on.'

'I don't want to die, I want to see my children again.'

'I know I agreed to follow Paul, but I didn't think it would be the death of me.'

Right now, Paul could hear the thoughts, and cries of everyone on the battlefield. As they were being sent to his head.

He tried to concentrate and ignore them, but it was hard as some of the words were making him lose focus, and the balls were slowing down.

"How does it feel, how does it feel to know you're the one that caused all of this!" Jill said. "Because of you, all these people have been forced to fight." She started to laugh hysterically.

Paul was being so affected by the words, he fell to one knee. The cries were getting louder, and it was as if he could really feel their pain.

Jill stood there laughing in place, as the poison balls finally dropped down and fell to the ground. She could finally move once again.

Until, in the middle of her laughter, she felt something smashing into the side of her face so hard, she could feel her cheek and teeth falling apart. The punch was strong, it was just as strong as one of the leaders, and before she knew it she was flying through the air.

"I told you I would come back for you bitch!" Peter said.

Towards the back of the tenth's people, Layla and Cia were in the middle of the battle. Since Layla was a supportive type, she continued to fire arrows, there were also plenty of negative feelings for her to feed off in the middle of the battle, so at any point and time she was able to transform into one of her three forms, but she held off for now, until it was needed.

However, what had shocked her was suddenly Cia had grabbed onto her hand and had a look of death on her face. She was sweating greatly, and her breathing was quick and sharp like something had happened.

"We have to go to one of the other gates, now!" Cia said. "It's Erin; she's going to need our help."

At the other gate, it looked like Cia had seen something that was true, because marching forward was another army of around a hundred. While Erin, she only had herself and the ten students that Leo had been teaching.

"Don't be scared guys, we knew that this was a possibility, but that's why we trained, right?" Erin said, trying to encourage them.

"The others have already been fighting a hard battle, so it's possible that they won't be able to give us back up, but remember what happened last time, remember what happened to your family members. It's these same people that took your family away last time, and it's these people that want to do the same again!" She shouted.

Those words were enough to give the students resolve as they remembered saying goodbye to their loved ones after the last attack, and the brave ones from the tenth family before that had risked their lives to save them.

Walking at the front of them all, was a hooded man with two small strange looking daggers, it had three prongs on it and was known as a 'Sai'; another name given to it was the 'Hairpin'.

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"No one engages with him!" This one's mine, she said.

The hooded man with the hairpin ran forward and could see the shots from the tower come out towards him, he had dodged the first one, but the second one managed to successfully hit.

The students cheered as they saw the power of the towers, and when the hooded man came out, his clothes were destroyed and part of his flesh had fallen to the ground. However, he continued running forward, and it looked like he was healing on the go.

"It's the ability of the second family, he can reverse the damage, be careful!" A student shouted, as he went past the towers and now was directly in front of Erin. Pulling out her large blade, she blocked one of the Hairpins with her large sword, but the other one had directly hit her in the stomach.

She was bleeding, but she didn't feel the pain, because instead, a new energy was rising in her as her eyes started to turn yellow.

"You're a Dhampir!" The hooded man said.


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