My Vampire System Chapter 885

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 891 - The last vision

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A brief break from the fighting was just what everyone from the tenth family needed, especially since they were outnumbered. Although Layla and Cia came at the perfect time to reinforce them, it wouldn't be enough. The sheer number of enemies was too great, even if they all seemed to be mostly regular vampires.

As soon as their line collapsed, or they retreated, the towers would fall, allowing the second family's army to join the eighth family.

That could very well turn the tide of the battle, that they were winning at the moment.

However, their camaraderie was already being challenged by what Cindy had just revealed.

"Cia, what does she mean by that?!" Erin demanded to get an answer. She had a deep hatred from those that had attacked the castle last time. A will stronger than any other on this battlefield to protect the castle this time, and to hear it might be Cia's fault.

A mixed set of emotions was rising in Erin, as she started to think about what Cia had possibly done.

"Calm down, Erin! Clearly this is just her attempt to make us fight each other. We can't just trust whatever she says. I'm sure she's lying, Isn't that right, Cia?" Layla defended her friend.

Alas, Cia's silence wasn't exactly helping her case. Her head held down, not even looking at the others, made it appear like an admission of guilt.

'Come on, Cia, even if it is true, now is not the time! Erin is too emotional!' Layla thought as she could see the smog above her head. Ever since her eyes had turned yellow, Layla had noticed that Erin's emotions were getting the better of her.

"A lie? Do you really think us leaders would have to resort to such petty tricks? I'm only telling the truth. Why do you think Quinn had been made out to be a high level threat? It was because I found that information from your friend there, but don't worry she was only looking out for her family, the vampires that is.'' Cindy spoke before they could clear any possible misunderstandings.

"You shouldn't be mad at her, but praise her loyalty to the vampire cause! That's why she told me what you and Peter were talking about. How you saw me have meetings with Jill!"

Saying that much, Layla knew that had to be at least a bit of truth to Cindy's claims. She and Peter had made sure to talk about it privately and the only one she confined in, had been Cia.

'Cia, did you really tell her, is that why they tried framing Quinn. Was Peter actually right about Cindy?' So many questions were spiralling through Layla's mind right now but the biggest question was why?

Why had Cia decided to tell Cindy about everything? What did she offer her in return?

Could it be a deal to bring her memories back?

"Don't worry, I know a lot more about you girls than you originally thought." Cindy started to speak in a soft gentle tone. "You three girls don't deserve to get hurt, each one of you is more special than you think. A rare Hannya, a Banshee, and finally a Dhampir. Although the others aren't much of a problem, you will bring danger to the tenth family if you remain!" She said, looking towards Erin.

"Don't you see, that the boy can't protect you three girls? Because of what you are, you will always be sought after, and the vampires will find a way to get to you. Just like with the blood fairy, if you stay with them they will come and attack the tenth over and over again. Or, if you truly value your family members, come and join the second family. With me and my faction vouching for you, I can promise you that not a soul will be able to hurt you!"

Layla went over to Cia and knelt down by her side, she could see her hands were shaking and when she peaked at her face, tears were dropping to the floor. She already knew that Cia really had done those things before coming over.

"Cia, I don't know why you did those things, but I can tell that you regret them now. Just tell me, do you think because of what you told her, she's the one that set up Quinn?" Layla asked in a quiet tone.

Thinking about it, what probably started this was when Cia had blurted out the fact that Cindy had been killed, by none other than Quinn.

"After she treated me I had a vision. A vision of her being killed by Quinn." Cia managed to say amidst the sobs.

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"I guess Peter was right about you." Layla said standing up. "You are one crazy person, setting all this up. You're willing to take in Erin, who you know is dhampir! Admitting you would hide her, I wouldn't be surprised if you have been hiding your own blood fairy from the others and that's how you set up Quinn in the first place! It should be you rotting down underground, not him!" She shouted.

"Quinn... I guess it's true what Cia told me, you are head over heels for him." Cindy sighed, almost looking depressed by the words Layla said. "Oh, well. A shame, but I don't need a girl that relies on a man!"

In an instant, Cindy moved forward as fast as she could and swung out her arm, performing a single line Blood swipe. It was one that was focused on speed, so it came out across the ground faster than Layla could react.

She also wasn't a vampire so her physical traits weren't as strong as others. However, there was one person who was not injured and felt faster and stronger than ever and that was Erin.

Using the energy in her body, Erin also dashed in front of the attack, and held out her large sword in front of her. Infusing it with Qi hoping to either deflect the attack, or take most of its energy.

Seeing this, a smile appeared on Cindy's face. As she reached out her hand, and activated her blood control skill.

"I won't kill you, you are too special!" Cindy said, as she controlled the Blood swipe to move around Erin, heading straight for Layla.

The attack connected, and blood was seen flying in the air. Liquid was felt on Erin's back as it went across her clothes. When turning around though, rather than seeing a sad face, Erin only saw one of smiles falling to the floor.

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[A cursed family member has died]

[33/50 slots remaining]

The slots for being able to use the blood ritual had also gone down by one, and the messages had just confirmed what he feared.

An anger rose in him, as he was filled with regret.

'No, how could this happen!' Quinn thought as he tried with all his will to break free from the wall, but it was useless.

The blood swipe had hit, and her body had been cut in half by the blood swipe, and for some reason, Erin could see that she was smiling with her face full of tiers, but it wasn't Layla who had fallen, it was Cia.

'I knew, this would happen...' Cia thought.

Back at the main gate, the sudden vision Cia had received was not one of Erin's death or anyone else, but her own. She had seen herself save Layla's life.

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'Please, continue to live on Layla thank you, for having been my best friend.'


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