My Vampire System Chapter 886

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 892 - Protect them little one

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Pacing up and down in the room at a quick pace, biting the top of his nail was none other than Alex. His back was starting to ache as it kept his wings tucked in tight underneath his clothing, more so than ever before they were twitching, begging to be set free.

Calling him a nervous wreck was still putting it mildly. The blood fairy was inside the castle, hidden from the two families who had come to drag him back. Paul had told him to go to the top floor, to wait in the throne room, until everything was sorted.

Still, Alex wasn't alone, Logan and Sil were there as well to keep an eye on him. Logan was looking out of the large glass panel window, watching the battle unfold. As for Sil he took the chance to sit on the throne.

"This seat is really nice." Sil mentioned with a satisfied smile. "If I was Quinn, I would never leave a seat as comfy as this."

"All you have to do is become the leader of one of the families. Or, you could just get someone to make you a chair." Logan commented, not even looking up from the window.

The view from above allowed him to grasp their current situation, and to his surprise their family was doing extremely well defending their position. Before,the defences weren't great, and they would have been overpowered, but defending a castle was always easier than besieging one and that was especially true thanks to Quinn's towers and gargoyles.

However, if it would have been up to him, he would have placed them in slightly different places to maximise their efficiency. Logan had seen some of the towers start to rise on their own, unsure if Quinn was somehow doing this from wherever they held him prisoner or whether he had planted them there for the future with the power of his system.

If he could raise them on the go, then they should be able to turn the tides. If the battle was to continue this way, the eighth family was likely to flee, but if they could raise some towers behind them it would be possible to trap them all inside.

At least, that was what Logan would do. He knew Quinn wasn't vindictive enough to want to eradicate the whole family. Most likely their leader just wanted the fighting to stop rather than teach them a good lesson. In the long term, it would probably be the better decision.

"How can you two be so calm?!" Alex shouted. "There is a whole army out there trying to break into this castle and get us!"

"You're wrong." Logan corrected him. "They are here to get you, and it doesn't look like they will be able to make their way here any time soon."

At that moment, something strange had happened. Alex felt a slight pain in his c.h.e.s.t. It was a dull pain that was hard to pinpoint and he soon noticed that it didn't actually hurt but was more of a feeling as if they had an itch on their heart. The next moment it went away, as if it had never been there, yet he instinctively knew what it was.

"They're dead... someone from the Cursed family has just died." Alex softly spoke, in disbelief. He thought this was all due to him, due to what he had become.

Hearing this and looking out the window, it didn't look like anyone from near the castle area had died, which meant it was most likely from one of the other gates.

Just then, popping his head through the flap of Sil's side pocket toolbox that was attached to his leg, was little Borden.

"Alex, don't worry, you know I'm strong, right? If I'm here I promise I'll protect you. It's what Quinn asked me to do." Borden said.

Although Alex didn't know what a little human the size of a puppy was meant to do, he had heard the stories of how Borden had protected the little kids on the Cursed ship, when Pure had sent their people in. Seeing the one supposedly responsible, didn't really give him much confidence, but he understood that the other meant well.

"Erghh thanks."

At that moment, a strange device that Logan had set up by the throne started to blink rapidly making a beeping sound with it and then it stopped. Then, it did so again, soon stopping again.

"This is bad, quite bad. Someone's inside the castle, and they're incredibly fast! Prepare yourself!" Logan shouted, immediately recalling the spiders back to his body as he equipped the speed suit on himself.

Knowing what was happening, Logan had set up senses in parts of the hallway that one would have to pass if they were to reach the room they were in now. What was worrying him though, was the short amount of time between each beep.

At the speed they were travelling, it meant whoever it was would reach them in less than a minute. Popping out of the toolbox altogether, Borden was now on the red carpet, while Alex went to hide behind the throne.

"Brother, you have no abilities here, it's not safe for you, you need to stay safe as well! We can't save the others if you die." Borden cautioned him.

Assessing the situation, Logan could only assume it was bad. Paul had gone out thinking the castle would be quite safe. Sil was no help at all and Logan didn't really know what Alex could do. He himself wasn't the best fighter either. Which meant the only person they could rely on was little Borden.

'If only Quinn had placed one of those statues here In here, but I guess he couldn't predict they would be after Alex, only that they might attack this place.'

Soon, the doors to the throne room swung open violently and a man could be seen standing there with his hands behind his back. He wore a smart white shirt with a long dangling trench coat that had seen better days. It was in tatters and the one wearing it looked as if had just been in a fight, but one of his most standout features was the ends of his moustache that would twirl.

"I can smell you, Bloody fairy!" Remus, the original eighth leader, called out. "This place brings back bad memories. Just knowing there is one of your kind inside this damned castle, makes me want to tear it to shreds!!" He shouted out so loud, that the curtains at the very back of the room had ruffled from just his voice.

"Who the hell is that guy?!" Alex whispered, hiding behind the large throne. Sil, who was by his side, could only shrug his shoulders.

A few seconds later though, and they heard a loud crashing bang. Alex couldn't resist the urge to carefully peek over the corner of the throne to see that the intruder that had just entered had been smashed, and was currently stuck in the wall.

"See, I told you I was strong!" Borden cheered, not looking like he did a few seconds before. He now had two spikes on his back, as well as scales running up his arm and down certain areas on his face.

"Who allowed you inside our throne room, you old man?!" Borden shouted.

Getting out of the wall, pieces of it had crumbled to the floor. Remus twisted his apparently broken neck slightly. It cracked and twisted, fixing itself and so did the bones on the other parts of his body.

"That hurt far more than I expected. It seems that this era has its fair share of interesting people, yet why do all of you insist on giving me so much trouble?" Remus asked, clearly annoyed. He looked at the little one in front of him, and before he had time to react, Borden felt himself sent flying from a powerful kick.

His instincts had made him try to block the attack, yet his body had only been able to react when he was already mid air. However, the attack didn't stop there, Remus grabbed onto Borden's head and dragged him across the red carpet, before slamming him head first into the top half of the throne.

Several cracks ran on the previously immaculate throne, and a mix of green and red blood now decorated it. A few seconds in, the top half of the throne fell off, revealing Alex with his leg's clacking together.

"Looks like I have found you, Blood fairy."


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