My Vampire System Chapter 887

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 893 - An Original's strength

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Still on the floor, Alex looked up at the man towering over him, as his whole body started to shudder uncontrollably. The man wasn't large, nor did he have a very scary look per se, but as Alex stared into the other's eyes, he could feel the sheer power inside the vampire, power that he could never hope to match.

'If you don't do anything, he's going to grab you! Move, Alex, move!' He screamed internally but none of his body parts were willing to listen to him. He felt like a frog staring into the eyes of a snake, his fate already sealed.

That's when he felt someone grab his hand and drag him from their spot. That one person wasn't affected by the man's presence.

"My grandfather is a lot scarier than him! Trust me, if he was here, we would all be dead already." Sil joked as he pulled his friend along.

"It's useless! He seems to be even stronger than Quinn and we know how fast he is!" Alex protested, but when he looked back, the strange vampire had stayed in place for some reason.

"Just let Borden handle him! How have you NOT realised what he is yet?"

Looking over again, he saw that it wasn't the vampire not wanting to move, but more a case of 'little' Borden having his hands gripped around the vampire, and it was only then that Alex started to pay attention to his body features.

"Wait a second, he looks like a D-Da-a-l a Dalki!!!" He stuttered.

"That's because he is one, genius. That's why he was so confident." Sil replied, not stopping their escape.

Alex had been blissfully unaware that there had been Dalki on board the Cursed ship the whole time. Yet for some reason, he couldn't say that one was out of place, given their rag-tag team under Quinn. Nevertheless, right now he couldn't care less what Borden was, he just wanted him to win this fight.

Taking this brief moment of nobody paying attention to him, Logan decided it would be best to try to contact the others, because there was one thing worrying him. Yes, Borden was strong, but there was a time limit to his prowess.

"This is Logan. Paul, I don't know what's happening right now with you, but you have to come to the castle RIGHT NOW. We have a visitor on the level of a leader!" Logan tried to relay the message but there was no response.

This was because at this moment and time, Paul was being overwhelmed by the simultaneous influx of information coming from all voices on the battlefield. It was impossible for him to filter out what Logan had just relayed.

Waov gimmt tzannare tmjr val vuft, Bmztur vft f lqaiu mr val dfhu.

"Old man, have you ever fought against a Dalki before? You know the more you hurt me, the stronger I get!" Borden shouted as he crushed the bones in Remus' hands. Lifting up in the air was quite the sight for them to see and soon ,he was slammed down into the floor.

Getting up quickly, Remus was recovering at a rate that would even put a Wight like Peter to shame. Vampires had great healing abilities provided they had blood nearby, but this strange vampire somehow managed without, albeit at a tempo he himself was unhappy with.

"This truly is an interesting era, for so many people to be able to actually hurt me. What exactly are you, you smell like a human but at the same time like a beast?!" Remus questioned, shaking his arm after a few seconds.

Not answering or wasting time, Borden went in again.

'If one big hit won't finish you off, then I just need to hit you until you can't recover anymore!'

This time Remus took on a fighting stance with one hand in front of the other, and as the punches came he would tap them away with his finger from side to side. It was awkward due to Borden's small size, but still the original vampire could keep up with everything that was happening.

'The swings look wild, but I can tell he is well trained. It seems my bad habit is acting up again. I should stop wasting time with this one, and go after the Blood fairy.' Leaping back, away from Borden. Remus made a fist.

'Blood canon!' Activating one of his strongest skills, his arm churned back and the recoil was strong swinging his arm upward. A large red heavy ball was shot out from his arm as fast as a bullet, knocking the Dalki, back to the throne.

Looking at Remus' hand now, it looked completely destroyed as all the skin from his outer arm had peeled off, and his muscles could be seen, however once again his arm was regenerating at a visible speed.

'That skill, it looks like Quinn's Blood bullet but a stronger version.' Logan noted. 'Using Blood bullet once makes it so Quinn can't use his fingers for at least a day, but with his healing speed it looks like he can use it as many times as he wishes.'

And soon, Logan would find that out.

Borden stood back up again, yet he was covered in far more blood than before. For such a little person it looked like a horror scene, but there was a smile on his face as new energy was building up inside of him.

"You are pretty resilient, aren't you?" Remus noted, now holding out his fingers like that of a gun. He fired hitting Borden's legs, but he continued moving, firing again hitting his shoulder. He then attempted to hit his head but Borden was moving faster than before, and he was ready to deliver another punch.

Charging forward, the bullets continued to fire, as Remus' fingers would heal with each shot, but now Borden was dodging them all and this was when Logan could see it, that Borden had a third spike sticking halfway out of his back.

Jumping up from under, Borden was suddenly above him, and he grabbed both of his fists ready to slam it down upon Remus' head.

For some reason, Remus had a bad feeling that if this attack was to hit him, he might not recover that easily. Holding both his arms out and having his hands in fists. He shot out a double blood cannon, hitting Borden and throwing him slightly off target, to allow his fists to slam across the floor.

A shackwave was sent out instantly shaking the whole floor, and Logan and everyone else could feel it. Soon after, the floor started to cave in. From the single punch the hard black material was crumbling.

The whole floor had collapsed and they were falling to the floor underneath them. While falling. Alex decided to take off his top and used his blood red wings to grab both Sil and Logan so they wouldn't be hurt by the impact.

Remus on the other hand, had landed fine, but he was a bit stunned by what had just happened. He stood still, and was looking at the ground. The little man was still standing, huffing and panting, but he didn't look like his former self anymore.

'It hasn't been ten minutes yet, is it because of the third spike?' Logan wondered, but what he was more concerned about now, was Alex. He looked at him and Sil.

"Alex, get out of here!! Why are you still here?!" Logan shouted frustrated with everything that's happening.

'Quinn, are you really going to let this happen? We need you, right now more than ever!' Logan was frustrated, mostly at his own weakness. A battle between the two in front of him made him realise how powerless he was, and the one person who probably could have done something had wrongfully been detained.

Seeing little Borden, in pain like that, Alex gripped his fist and made his decision.

"No! I know inside that big head of your's, that you know it's pointless to run. He would catch up to me anyway. Besides, he's here for me in the first place. I should have just done this from the beginning." Alex said, as he started to walk over towards Remus.

"You idiotic fool! You're going to give up now?" Logan questioned, as he was ready to attempt to fight the strange vampires, but Sil was the one that stopped him.

"Don't lose your life for no reason, Logan. We've already lost one of our own, let's not add to that count.." Sil shook his head.

When Logan turned around, both Remus and Alex had disappeared, yet the fighting outside continued. The enemy had yet to realise that they had already succeeded.


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