My Vampire System Chapter 890

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 898 - Turning into a monster

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In the dark pitch balck room, still tied up against the wall, Quinn was given a few seconds of relief before a familiar ding was sounded in his head.

[Quest complete]

Quinn received the message after the other families had retreated from the battle. However, he wasn't happy with the result. How could he be when he knew that his family had been attacked and he knew many of his family members perished?

With the system having displayed everything as red and green dots to him, he had been focused on saving as many of them as possible, yet the reality of the matter had only really hit him once he had felt the loss of the connection with one of his own.

The fact that he had no way to find out who had died, turned out to be a worse form of punishment than anything else they could have done to him in his current situation.

[Quest rewards will now be distributed]

[10,000 reputation points earned]

[New title, Great architect received]

[Building items from the reputation shop in the allocated zone will now take half the time. This also includes upgrades and repairs.]

The rewards were nice, the reputation points made up for what he had lost during the fight, and even the title was great. It seemed like this title could also be used in conjunction with his other one, since he needed the tenth leader to access the reputation store in the first place.

Not that it would be much of a problem, since Quinn could switch titles at any point in time without any hassle.

What he was more concerned about, was whether he would have to use those reputation points and rely on the title in the first place, because if he could help it, he wouldn't want another attack to happen while he was down underground locked up.

'What the hell am I still doing here? So what if I can't use Qi, so what if I can't use the shadow? Am I really going to wait and rot in here, hoping for the others to bail me out?!'

There were two options that Quinn still had up his sleeve. One of them was his knight summoning skill. He could bring Leo to where he was, and Leo would probably be strong enough to cut down the chains.

However, if Leo was in the middle of an important matter he wouldn't want to do that, same with Paul. The other problem would be getting out of this area. There was the special lock on the front door, which with the two of them, they might be able to break, but it wouldn't be quiet and the ones above wouldn't just let them out the front door.

This was another reason why Quinn hadn't attempted to leave. Leaving in a way was admitting to his captors that he was guilty, but since nothing had happened to him for so long, Quinn could only deduce that they either lacked evidence against him or that it was not solid enough.

'At least the vampires are fair in that sense, even if they get the evidence through illegal means.' Quinn thought.

But there was a second method for Quinn to escape. Something he had figured out not too long ago. He still had one power source on him left he could use, his blood energy. The vampires that would come in so often had been feeding him blood and it was to the point where Quinn's blood bank had also been filled.

It wasn't like he could use his blood skills to get out of here. He could hardly move his hands to perform a blood swipe, or any of his other skills but there was something he could do.

Suzan's ability was strange, it prevented him from regaining any of his shadow powers and it appeared to have done the same to his Qi as well. However, after experiencing it a few times, Quinn came to the conclusion that it was actually more like it kept certain things in the exact condition he was when the needles were placed inside of him.

Unlike with the other form of energies, the feeding of blood did allow him to restore his blood energy.

He closed his eyes and started to focus. Looking at the ball of energy that would usually be filled with Qi, it was empty. The red energy was flowing around him as usual, and even if that wasn't enough Quinn had the blood bank to back him up.

'Let's give it a try.' Quinn thought, as he started to use his Blood control to move the energy around his body. He did so while pouring it into the Qi ball slowly, bit by bit.

[Your bloodl.u.s.t is increasing]

[Your bloodl.u.s.t is increasing]

'Quinn what are you doing?' Vincent asked, stunned, as he saw Quinn's body slightly changing. His skin was tightening and his muscles were building as his fat was being eaten away.

'Have you forgotten what I told you? Doing this could be how you turn into a Bloodsucker! Even if you can escape there is a good chance that they will try to kill you as you escape from here before you even get any proof!'

'Don'tworry Vincent.' Quinn replied while grunting out loud at the changes of his body.

He didn't fill up the blood in his body straight away. Instead, he was placing it on the edge, each time he felt his sanity slip a little and his mind start to go blank, he would move the energy out a little stopping him from turning.

When his body got used to it, he would push it further adding more blood in. He didn't mind what state his body had transformed into a Bloodsucker. He wanted to do that so he could have the strength to break out of here, but he wanted to also have a clear state of mind.

'I know it's possible from what Leo told me, and if someone else can do it, it means I should be able to!' Quinn grunted again as some of his hair from his head fell out.

It was a difficult stage to keep because one needed to be self aware of themselves the most, if he pushed it just a little over, then there was a chance he would completely transform into a mindless beast.

By this point, he had made it so his body was already starting to change, but was unsure how long it would take.

'Quinn, there are footsteps, someone is coming.'

Hearing that noise, Quinn didn't want to alert them to his plan, so he quickly moved all of the blood energy away from where his Qi would reside. His body started to go back to the way it used to be.

However, when looking at the cuffs on the wall, Quinn could see that one of them had moved very slightly off the wall.

'Looks like my new plan might work out after all, but I also need to think about what I do after. Do I go to Bryce? Or do I head to the tenth family and try to get my family out of the Vampire World?'

Without information, it was a hard decision to make.

The door started to open, and this time there were a few more Royal Guards that had come to visit him than usual. He thought the timing was a bit strange as they had been consistent with the times when posting him to give him blood.

Quinn had only met the clown once, thankfully and never saw them again after.

"Set it up." The guard ordered, and the guards quickly moved in with somebody that Quinn couldn't quite make out.

The room Quinn was in was large, and they had gone up against the same wall but were around ten meters apart from where he was. The sound of a few clangs was heard here and there and when they finally moved away, Quinn could see that they had tied someone up against the wall just like him.

"Alex!" Quinn shouted.


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