My Vampire System Chapter 893

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 902 - A vampire god

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After having just saved Fex, the group were on their way back, running as fast as they could through the forest. This time, not caring what type of noise they made. The main reason being, right now, inside the large box that was being carried on Silver's back was one of the eighth vampire knights. Hopefully, this would give them the answers they were looking for about who had attacked Fex and Kazz.

However, the group were currently stuck in the forest, having met with someone they never thought they would see. Fex and Nate were surrounded by around eight Bloodsuckers. Each one of them contained strength that surpassed their own, speed that matched theirs. To get out of this one, they couldn't just rely on their power alone and would need to use their heads a little.

The main problem was the original vampire that appeared with them, named Remus. Silver was on her knees, unwilling to fight someone that her eyes were never meant to look at. From the time she was born, she had been told that their very existence, what they were, was due to these people.

She felt like if THEY wished their life was meant to not exist, then it was something that was meant to be. In a way, the original vampires were like vampire gods, and what punishment would a vampire get for harming a said god?

The good thing for her, there was a man who didn't care who was in front of him. He strived to get stronger day by day, and he was ready to slice down whoever stood in his path, and Leo had done that very thing.

Lacing his sword with the second stage of Qi, Leo was able to cut off Remus' hand.

"What kind of sword is that!" Remus spoke while grasping the end of his wound.

The sword was unable to cut through his hand until this point, so why would it be able to now? The reason was due to the way Leo had used the second stage of Qi. The second stage was a casting over one's weapons rather than an infusion to give it strength.

However, with Leo's ability, he had more control than anyone. He was able to change the shape of the casting to such a degree it was as if he had covered his sword with another sword made out of Qi. It was almost a pure Qi strike that Remus had received.

What was even more shocking though, was how the wound wasn't healing like it would before. Remus would be able to grow his entire arm back if something like this had happened to him, but it wasn't happening now.

Down onward, from the middle of his forearm, the cut had been made and his hand was laying there on the floor. He could feel the fairy blood and another substance flowing through his body. First, Remus removed the fairy blood with his blood control, but his wound still didn't heal. Thinking fast, Remus decided to use his other hand to slice off his arm from the shoulder downward.

It fell to the floor, and soon a whole new limb was seen growing from his body.

'This healing speed, it reminds me of Peter.' Leo thought. The strange thing was, when Peter healed his body, it would take up the energy inside his body. Eventually, that energy would run out, and it would need to be replenished with human flesh.

When Leo saw Remus regrow the arm, it looked like no energy was used at all.

"You have an interesting body?" Leo commented.

"Interesting?" Remus repeated. "No one would speak of that if they knew the curse we carried!" Remus shouted as he held out both hands, and started to fire out blood bullets towards Leo.

With his sword, covered in the Qi. He was strong enough to deflect each of the bullets, and after eight had been fired and had been deflected, Leo could see that the fingers that had fired were in the middle of healing. Shooting out the ninth bullet from one hand and the tenth blood bullet from the other, knowing these would be the last shots while he needed time to recover, Leo made sure to change his second stage Qi from a cutting form, to a grabbing form. When hitting the bullets this time, he was able to spin his body to add extra power in his step and hitting it with the side of his sword, he grabbed the bullets making them appear as if they were hovering when touching his sword, and swung them back, sending them towards Remus.

They had hit his body, but he absorbed them like a sponge seeing with no harm done, other than a few holes in the clothes he was wearing. Soon though, Leo was upon him, and swung his blades aiming for his hands once again.

Remus could see the movements and pulled back, but his hands seemed to be dragging behind as if they weren't listening to him.

'No, that's not right. It's as if my hand is moving towards the blade!' Soon his fingers were being diced up By Leo, falling off like sausages to the floor. Leo had used his soul weapon to make Remus' body move in different ways, the person in front of him right now, wasn't as strong as Rowa.

"I know you can heal from this, but can you heal quicker than it takes me to strike at your heart?" Leo asked, staying as calm as ever.

"You are annoying!" Remus shouted, making a fist even without his fingers, and suddenly, his arm was chucked back, recoiling off in the air. He fired off a blood cannon. A large red ball of aura came out from his fists and this was something Leo couldn't block with his sword, it was too close to spread his second stage Qi.

Hitting him, he was chucked back, and sent skidding across the floor. The blood cannon was a large ball of red energy. It wasn't sharp like the blood swipe. He had managed to block some of it with his sword, but not without taking a large blow to his stomach. On the outside, his skin was barely hurt, but his internal organs felt like they had all been ruptured in some way, and the blood coming out from Leo's mouth was proof of it.

Nate, and Fex had their hands full, fighting the Bloodsuckers. Due to their speed and strength, the two of them were staying close together. It was only thanks to a combination of them both they had managed to survive but in total they had taken out only one of the Bloodsuckers' and soon Nate's shadow Mc points would run out, as the Bloodsuckers strength was strong.

"What are you doing, Silver!" Fex shouted, looking at his sister, who still hadn't moved. "You said you were my sister, right? You know, when you told me that and I saw you fighting against that other person, I thought you were really cool. I thought I can't believe I have a sister like this, but now, you're just going to stand there and let that man kill us all. You have to do something! Help him! Right now, you're a disappointment!"

Maybe the words of others wouldn't have gotten through to her with the state she was in, but hearing the words from her brother, the one she deeply cared for, and the one who she worried most about what he would think of her, had hit her a certain way.

There was also another thing that gave her confidence, seeing the fight between Leo and Remus, this man was no God. When Leo was close with his blade, he had a fear in his eyes. A god wouldn't show fear.

She stood up from where she was standing and grabbed the doll with her strings, ready to join in the fight. However, turning around, she soon saw that both of Remus' hands had healed and another blood cannon was coming her way.

The only thing she could do was place the doll in front of herself, and block the attack. As soon as it hit the doll, its limbs were torn apart, removed from the threads of string that tied them together, and its torso was sent hitting her own body with the blood cannon. The powerful attack was felt in her gut, and the wind was knocked out of her.

"You are all idiots, this could have been a lot easier," Remus said, now having fully recovered, looking like he hadn't been in a fight at all, apart from his clothing looking different to before.

Both of his arms were ready again, and firing out another blood canon would finish the two of them off.

Getting up off the ground, Leo was able to use Qi to strengthen his organs, so he could continue on the fight. For how long while they were still heavily damaged, he didn't know.

'This is going to be a hard fight alone, but I don't think it's one I will lose.' Leo thought.

"Guys!" Fex cried, but no matter how much he wanted to help, he and Nate were stuck in the middle of the Bloodsuckers, but at that moment, black mist started to appear from Fex's earning. Something that had never happened before.

The mist was starting to take portal-like shape, and as two Bloodsuckers jumped towards them, a large claw as big as a human body appeared, slicing the two of them in half. Out from the black portal was none other than the Boneclaw.

"What the hell is that!" Fex shouted, never seeing a beast like that before, and it had appeared from his earring of all things. "Was that me, did I do that! Maybe it's like the bull? Hey Bonney, save them!"

The Boneclaw looked towards Fex, with its hollow dead eyes. It made him realise straight away that he was not the one in charge of it.

"Why, why is the Boneclaw belonging to him here!" Remus said, his body trembling in horror at the thought of who belonged to.


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