My Vampire System Chapter 894

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 903 - Boneclaw's promise

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The instant the Boneclaw had appeared, it was as if everyone in front of Remus had disappeared. His only focus was on the strange creature that had seemingly sprung out of nowhere.

The one who had realised this the most, was Leo. He could tell by the change in his aura as it flickered in response. The only thing he didn't understand was why? How would it come to be that these two knew each other? However, Leo wasn't going to waste this opportunity. While Remus was unfocused, they could use this time to recover.

He quickly opened the lid of the flask that had been given to each of them and started to drink the blood inside. Quinn was cautious about them going away in the first place and wouldn't let them leave without taking one, not that Leo wouldn't have. Silver, upon seeing Leo doing this, did the same. Soon their bodies were healing on the go.

Silver, now no longer hesitating, knew what she had to do. The only reason why she had survived was due to the robust puppet, but now her father's gift was seemingly destroyed. Stretching out her fingertips, a string from the ends appeared and started to attach to the torn body parts from the Doll all around.

Soon the body parts started moving towards the torso piece. With some quick hand movements, the Doll was nearly in the same condition as before and could be used in the same way as well.

'It's a good thing this thing isn't alive. If it gets destroyed again, I will just rebuild it!'

While the two of them were preparing for a second round with Remus, both Fex and Nate were staring at the strange creature in front of them. They still had all the Bloodsuckers surrounding them. Now though, they looked small. The Boneclaw itself was slightly larger than the Bloodsuckers, and its limbs and claws were nearly three times longer as it touched the floor.

"Hey, that thing's on our side, right?" Fex whispered over to Nate.

"Our side, does it look like it's on our side? And besides, weren't you the one that summoned it with your vampire mumbo jumbo magic?" Nate answered quite frantically. The reason being, he was hoping the strange beast that had just sliced one of the Bloodsuckers was on their side.

In an instant, the Boneclaw started to enter a black portal, and soon a claw was seen coming out towards one of the Bloodsuckers. It tried to hit the claw back, but its long sharp fingers just sliced through the Bloodsucker's hands, and with the Boneclaw's other arm, it sliced upward, cutting the Bloodsucker into four separate parts like butter.

The great weakness of the Bloodsuckers were that they didn't have much health. If there was a vampire or beast that could overpower it and manage to hit it, then they were easy to deal with.

Although the Boneclaw's movements with its legs weren't fast, its long hands were quick as ever. With its ability to teleport to any position it wanted to in a short area, it didn't need to be quick on its feet.

Soon, the others saw this became the outcome, as one by one the Bloodsuckers were ripped apart. The Boneclaw teleported to each one, finishing them off in one or two blows. It didn't take long, but the Bloodsuckers that were proving to be a threat for both Nate and Fex, were no longer a threat.

Turning around, it then started to look towards Remus. Its hollow eyes stared at him, and slowly it started to walk over.

'The two young boys won't be much help in this fight, but maybe the creature that Quinn carries can help us.' Leo thought.

However, there was no way for them to communicate with it, Leo would just have to be happy for now that it was on their side.

Now knowing that Remus had a few tricks up his sleeve, Leo went for a different approach. He swung his blade out, firing off a blood swipe. Silver did the same but not getting closer and tried to get her Doll to charge in.

She knew her strings wouldn't be strong enough to hold him, so she could only rely on her skills controlling the Doll.

Remus avoided Leo's strike, but he decided to take on the Doll's six limbs which each held a sword in its hands. He hardened the outside of his body with the blood hardening skill and took the impact head on.

The Doll was stronger than expected, as a few cuts appeared on his body, but this was never the goal in the first place, because right behind him, the Boneclaw had teleported and was striking down its claw on top of his head.

Moving over to the side, Remus allowed for the claw to go through the side of his neck, but after digging in a few inches, it had stopped there.

The group thought their three pronged attack had worked, but instead, a smile had appeared on Remus' face.

"You are not as strong as you were before. Why is that? Is it because your master isn't here? Is this all the energy you can muster while on your own!" Remus shouted, and as if reacting to his shout, a red energy could be seen emanating from the wound, which had completely destroyed the Boneclaw's claw.

The arm has been hit and could no longer be seen. It was leaving behind a trail of mist and nothing else. It backed away, teleporting elsewhere, but Leo didn't let up. He now was constantly throwing out blood strikes. He was being conservative before, for fear it would use up the blood in his body, but if he didn't try something, they could all very well end up dying.

Holding out his hands, Remus started to move them slightly, and at the same time, it looked as if the blood swipes moved as well. They eventually were thrown off course, and without Remus moving they crashed into the trees and floor around him.

"You have no blood control, do you? Are you really a vampire knight?" Remus mocked.

The doll Silver was controlling once again tried to attack Remus. This time, he didn't use the blood hardening and allowed for the blades to pierce his body, creating several cuts all over from head to toe.

Then, just like with the wound the Boneclaw had made, from all the wounds themselves they started to glow a faint red. The colour got brighter and brighter, eventually letting off a flash of red.

The others turned away at the energy. Leo went over to the other two in the Tenth family spreading out his Qi, hoping to shield them from what might come.

When the red aura and light dimmed, the Doll this time wasn't just torn apart. It looked like it had been ripped into a million small little pieces.

'Our family's sacred treasure was destroyed just like that.' Silver thought, as she looked down at the pieces of the Doll.

The situation was bad, and it looked like the original leader had another trick up his sleeve still.

'If I use my soul weapon, maybe I can take some of his energy and redirect it into me. With the Qi control, I should be able to make sure I don't take too much of his energy to turn me into one of those beasts, but maybe that's what's needed to defeat him.' Leo thought.

He was thinking of anything to get out of the situation they were in.

At that moment, the Boneclaw was seen standing next to Fex. It looked at him as if it wanted to say something, but no words had left its mouth until one had entered his head.

'Master, master!' A high pitched voice was heard in Fex's head. It was none other than his little companion known as Ham. 'The Boneclaw, it says it wants you to call all the others to where you are?'

"What, and why would that be of any help?" Fex argued.

With its hand that was uninjured, the Boneclaw lifted one single finger and started to draw a circle. Following its long finger, a purple line could be seen and when the line connected to its original starting point, what looked like a dark portal had opened.

It was one no one had seen before though, and a colour unrecognisable to the others.

Seeing this and thinking that the Boneclaw was at least on his side, he decided to call out to the others.

"Everyone, get over here, come on quickly!" Fex shouted, and he was the first one to jump through the strange portal.

Silver, picking up the large box, followed after her brother, soon running in, along with Nate and the last one, Leo.

"Where do you think you're going!" Remus shouted. The cuts on his body still hadn't healed, but it looked like he was using his own blood to somehow power himself. He formed it into a blood net, and soon threw it out towards the portal everyone had jumped through.

Seeing this, Leo resorted to one last thing. He sliced the ground beneath him quickly into a square and continued to run forward. Then when he was at the top half of the square he had cut, he slammed his foot down to create a wall between the two of them.

The net sliced through the wall crumbling it, and when the wall fell, Remus could see no one. The others had escaped, the question was, where had they gone?

On the other side of the portal the Boneclaw had created, they were all looking at the area they were in. It was one none of them had ever seen before.

"It can't be..." Silver said. "Are we in thefamiliar world?"


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