My Vampire System Chapter 895

My Vampire System Volume 5: Battle for the throne Chapter 904 - A strange new world

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The energy sensed from Remus was building up, and Leo could feel it. He knew that Remus still had a lot left in the tank even after fighting and using so many abilities. Although Leo and Silver weren't hurt, it was hard to imagine them winning without getting seriously hurt in the process or losing something of importance.

However, Leo was clear what their goal was, it was to bring back the vampire knight in one piece, not to defeat Remus. If he was on his own, then maybe he would use everything he had in his arsenal to try to defeat the person in front of him, only risking his own life. He had even considered that for a second, but the problem was what that would cost?

Which was why, when he saw an out to their situation being created by the mysterious Boneclaw. He decided to take it. The energy that was coming from the portal was one similar to the familiar's. It wasn't a portal that he was used to or had seen before himself either. Knowing the creature belonged to Quinn, he thought it would do them no harm, or at least he hoped.

When each of them went through, it worked the same as the other teleporters they had used. An odd feeling that only lasted for a few seconds before they were chucked into whatever was on the other side. This was when they found themselves in a place that was unrecognisable to any planet they had ever been on. They rubbed their eyes as they looked upon everything around them.

Everything was covered in a green and blue hue that seemed to stem from the sky. It was reflecting onto the trees and the ground they stood on. Large mountainous terrains were spread everywhere, while the mystical colours could be seen floating about. Creatures were flying through the strange giant clouds that seemed to all be formed together, yet moved in a way that felt like it was its own.

The creatures they could see, all were lit strangely as if they were surrounded by a glowing substance. It all seemed mystical. What stood out the most though, was what was floating about everywhere through the air. There were glowing balls the same size as a snowball. Millions surrounded them and spread out all over the place as far as they could see.

Keeping an eye on the strange slow moving balls. It looked like when the creatures got close to these strange balls, that they would absorb them into their body. Temporally giving their body a greater glow.

There was only one person who had the faintest idea where they could be, and that was Silver. Something she had studied, but she had only heard words being described of this place, so she was unsure.

"This can't be, is this the Familiar world?" She blurted out, trying to match it to what she had read in the past. Something that was discovered long ago by the tenth family's original leader. He had written it down in his journal describing the place he had been to, but no one else had been to it, so others thought he may have made it up. Still, it was something that was gone through with students when learning about familiars.

It was clear now that this place really did exist, and for some reason, the Boneclaw was able to bring them all here.

"The familiar world? Is this another planet?" Nate asked.

"If what I read is correct, this is not another planet. It's almost as if we are in another universe different to our own, but also connected. This is where the familiars like the Boneclaw you saw before come from. This is where they rest and contracts are formed making a bridge between our two worlds." Silver explained, although she didn't feel like she was the best expert to explain this, for she really didn't know what this place was really either.

"If the Boneclaw could have done this, why didn't it do this from the beginning to hide us then?" Fex asked.

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"Hey!" Nate shouted. "Where are you!"

Nate realised that to get out of this place, they would most likely need the Boneclaw to create a portal back as well, but the Boneclaw was nowhere to be seen.

"What are you doing!" Silver shouted at Nate. "Are you an idiot, what if a familiar comes and attacks us? Not all of them are followers of vampires. In fact some of them love to fight and try to test their strength against vampires."

Of course, Nate knew nothing about familiars, so he was unaware and he felt like lately he had been getting scolded by Silver a lot.

"I think we better hurry and find the Boneclaw. It won't do us well to stay here for long." Leo interrupted them.

"What do you mean?" Fex asked.

At that very moment, from each of them, a small ball of energy was seen lifting from their bodies, it looked almost identical to that of the small glowing balls they could see all around them. When it left their bodies it joined up with the other millions of balls of energy, they suddenly all felt a little weaker and lightheaded.

"What just happened to us?" Silver said, grabbing her head.

Leo was probably the only one that understood what was happening. For the energy that was leaving their body, was Qi.

"What just left your body, was your Qi. What we also call it though, is life energy. I think I know why the Boneclaw didn't bring us here. Because this world, the creatures here. They all feed off our life energy. If we stay here too long, soon all the Qi will escape from our bodies, and when it eventually runs out, it will start to take our life force as well." Leo explained.

Maybe they wouldn't have believed Leo's words, or trusted him too much before the light had left their bodies, but they had all felt it, and linking the two, they could see what he had said made sense.

The problem was, what direction should they go in? There wasn't a clear path anywhere, and everywhere looked almost the same.

"The mask doesn't seem to be working here either, so we can't contact Quinn." Nate said with the mask in his hand, which he had summoned from his shadow.

"The good thing is our abilities still work in this world , but we are on a time limit." Closing his eyes, Leo started to try to spread his ability as far as possible so he could sense everything around them. Hoping to find the Boneclaw this way.

Doing this, he was unable to see the finer details, and if other things were to attack them that were close, it was possible that he would be unaware of them, but with the others around him he thought it was quite safe to do this.

Opening his eyes, it seemed like there was some good news.

"The creatures from this world, or familiars as you call them. They all seem to be heading to one place, as if something had caught their interest. Maybe that is the Boneclaw, or it could be something else altogether. I usually would say it was unsafe to go towards the dangerous unknown. But we don't really have the time to be wandering around this area either."

"Agreed." Silver said, and soon all of them were heading off towards where the familiars were heading.

Letting the others walk in front, Leo decided to walk at the back of the group. What he didn't inform the others about, was he had sensed one of the familiars following them from behind. It wasn't one he had felt before, and it stayed a distance away from them, as if it was curious.

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What Leo didn't know, was the familiar wasn't interested in the group. It was interested, in him.


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