My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268 Bloody Full Moon

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Many of the guests gasped and the entire banquet hall fell into dead silence.

This Liang Zhen had such a bold character, both Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi had a relatively complex background about their identities and many people knew it. But there didnt seem to be any advantages to saying it in such a straightforward way and risking the chance in pissing off the Yang and Ning family!

Words Said were like waters being splashed, as soon as you notice the solemn and cold face of Ning Guangyao, you would know his current mental state.

"What is it, no one dares to speak up? You are indeed a group of fake and weak worms. You all are looking down on them in your hearts, but you are here flattering them now? Dont you all feel tired living like this?" Liang Zhen said in disdain.

Lin Ruoxis face darkened, although she was mad, his statements werent exactly wrong, many people present were definitely laughing at her identity in their hearts.

Yang Chen stretched out his hand distressed and hugged her shoulders, although his heart was already blazing, but he somehow felt something was wrong.

"Hey kiddo, this is the Li Residence, what makes you think that you can slander around here!?"

Immediately, someone started to clamor, thinking of pleasing and flattering the Li family.

Li Yunpeng indicated the crowd to be quiet and said genuinely, "Nephew Liang, I think you are a bit tipsy now, why dont you leave the venue and take some rest for now? We shall talk later when you are more sober."

"What is it, are you trying to kill me? I was just speaking about facts! With hundreds of people present here today, is it possible to not leak anything out? Let me tell you something, I am truly unhappy about you rich families of Beijing! Your Li Family is so pretentious and even having such a grand Full Moon Banquet, everyone knows your daughter-in-law Tang Xin was being played by Yan Buwen in the past! The child might even be the seedling of the Yan family! How shameless of you to be treating so many guests, yet you still deserve to be referred as one of the 4 major families? If it isnt my dad who sent me here, I would be ashamed to be here!!"

The plausible remarks made the surrounding guests shocked as if they didnt know who he was!

It was more than being bold at this point, its simply daring!!

Tang Xin was so mad that her face went straight pale but she couldnt say anything as well. Ever since she got married into the Li family, the family members didnt discriminate against her or the baby in her stomach. In fact, she had been trying very hard to play the role of the Li familys daughter-in-law for the sake of not being gossiped.

But no one expected anyone to mention this, and on such a supposedly joyful day!

Tang Xins leg felt weak and she nearly fell to the ground, but fortunately she was supported by the servant behind her.

Tang Wan quickly went and helped her younger sister. She frowned and stared fiercely at the arrogant Liang Zhen. What a waste that they werent in the Tangs Residence right now, or else she wouldve gone up and gave him a tight slap.


Li Dun got even angrier when he saw his beloved wife pale and tearing up in grief!

"Damn you piece of shit how dare you insult my wife? You are here to bring trouble to the Li family arent you!? Brother Yang wont be bothered in crushing you but do you think I have a good temper as well!?"

That being said, Li Dun rolled up his sleeves, as if he was going to fight the guy.

In fact, he already had the Xiantian Full Cycle level of cultivation, but he only wanted to use his body to crush this Liang Zhen with no cultivation at all!

A strand of panic flashed through Liang Zhens eyes and he raised his voice desperately, " Touch me if you dare!! My father is Liang Shengchuan!! I My dad has an army!!!"

Li Dun was pissed off and didnt bother about anything else, as he was about to continue walking forward, he got yelled at by Li Moshen!

"Stand right there! Come back!!"

Li Moshen yelled in anger, his eyes filled with fierce and sharp lights.

Li Dun shivered but after all he was still not a match with the old mans accumulated power and he lowered his head, then returned to his position.

"Have you lost your mind! How can you actually make a move here, do you think this is the battlefield on the borders of Tibet or the boundary line of the northeast river?!" Li Moshen scolded.

Li Dun tilted his head and kept quiet.

Liang Zhen laughed triumphantly instead, "What is it, youre timid now? Didnt you want to punch me just now? I am just stating the facts and I didnt lie! If I die tomorrow after having a meal in the Li family today, you guys wont be able to run away from it! My father will surely avenge me! Mind yourselves and protect my safety!"

That being said, Liang Zhen walked up to Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi, snorted in disdain and turned around planning to leave.

"The four major families huh, what a joke, youll only be able to fool people in Beijing," he continued to challenge the peoples nerves before leaving.

Li Moshen waved his hand lightly and several special forces army rushed in and blocked Liang Zhen.

"What is this, trying to kill me?" Liang Zhen turned back.

"The adults should apologize on behalf of the children when they make mistakes. You little kid from the Liang family shall stay with the Li family today," Li Moshen said.

Liang Zhen sneered, " What gives you the right to detain me? You are even thinking of letting my dad to apologize? In your dreams! A group of people raising illegitimate children, why are you afraid of being discussed?"

A glimmer of light flashed through Yang Chens eyes, when everyone was not paying attention, his figure flashed and appeared behind Liang Zhen with one hand holding his neck.

"Are you really Liang Zhen?"

Yang Chen lifted his hand slightly and Liang Zhen got lifted up.

Liang Zhen kept on trying to escape from Yang Chens palm but it was useless. His face was flushed and he clenched his teeth, "Yes Thats me You bastard Let me go!!"

"You really seem to not be afraid of death, but you are still quite stupid," Yang Chen showed his murderous intent. If he let this guy continue gossip and bad mouth, he would be a coward.

Li Yunpeng quickly came forward and patted Yang Chens shoulder then whispered, "Yang Chen, dont be reckless. Liang Shengchuan is not an easy person, if you provoke him, the Yang Family will be pressured."

"Really?" Yang Chen murmured irresponsibly. Then, his left hand which was free slapped Liang Zhens head as if he was slapping his face!


Quite a number of women exclaimed!!

Without any mental preparation, Yang Chen smashed Liang Zhens head with one palm!!

Blood gushed from his neck artery like a fountain and the neck Yang Chen was grabbing onto was twisted and deformed.

One the ground, a pool of red and white substance exuded heat and some even fell into the bowls and plates on the dining table.

Li Yunpeng who was standing beside Yang Chen was most shocked. He stared at Yang Chen stunned, he threw the body on the floor and swung his hands as if he just did something small and normal.

"People always think that we should consider the consequences of killing someone, in fact, killing is just killing. Whatever happens after the person dies, it’s something else."

Yang Chens tone was calm but the words hit the hearts of the people around him like drum beats.

The young man in front of the people turned from a gentle sheep to a ferocious lion in an instant.

Li Moshen and Ning Guangyao both squinted their eyes and had their own thoughts. Li Dun was grinning in excitement and gave Yang Chen a thumbs up.

Yang Chen turned over, "Honey, bring our daughter along, we are going to the zoo to see elephants right?"

"Huh?" Lin Ruoxi didnt react in time, but immediately answered, "Oh."

The woman frowned, although it felt disgusting, she was more used to it now and went to carry Lanlan.

The chubby girl looked at her father in excitement, her eyes brightened without any traces of fear.

Yang Chen smiled at Li Yunpeng, "Uncle, do clean up the place. If the Liang Family has any opinions, tell them to look for me."

That being said, he walked out the door and the guests which he passed by all subconsciously stepped back.

Li Yunpeng and Li Moshen looked at each other and showed a slight bitter smile, but remained calm right after.

Since Yang Chen did this, he definitely had his plans so the Li family didnt have to overthink and worry too much.

The corpse got carried away rapidly by the special agents and the banquet ended early. However, none of the family was dissatisfied as this banquet was extremely exciting and fulfilling!

Just as everyone was discussing the possible consequences after the Liang Family got to know their second son was killed, an eerie scene appeared in the military hospital morgue where the headless body was placed…

When the morgue was empty, some undetectable grey threads secreted from the capillaries of Liang Zhens headless body on the bed in the centre.

These threads couldnt be captured by the surveillance cameras at all, they penetrate through the gaps of the floor tiles into the ground, as fast as lightning..

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