My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314 Demon

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The acne faced guy glanced at Lin Ruoxi proudly and said, "Little girl, Ill give you one last chance. Tell me your cultivation technique or Ill shoot your mom"

He moved the pistol closer to Lin Ruoxis forehead, pushing the gun barrel against her smooth skin.

Lin Ruoxi wouldnt survive against the bullet since her physique wasnt as strong as Yang Chen, nor would her Houtian stage cultivation be of any use.

Lanlan might be young but she knew that if that metal thingy was pulled, her mom would die on the spot!

Lin Ruoxi shouted when she saw that Lanlan was about to say it, "Lanlan, dont say it. They dont dare to kill me, dont"


The sound of a gunshot cut her off!

The acne guy shot at the ceiling before aiming at her again.

"MadamLin, dont act like a know-it-all, our guns are loaded with bullets." He said with a bleak expression.

Lanlan was petrified from the gunshot and she trembled continuously, biting on her lip while sobbing.

"Little girl, if you dont tell us any sooneryour mommy will die in front of you with the next shot"

Lin Ruoxi clenched her jaw and yelled at Lanlan, "Lanlan, you cant tell them!! Or I wont want you anymore!!!"

Lanlan closed her mouth and looked at Lin Ruoxi with a look of resentment. She was afraid that her mom would abandon her, "I dont know"

"Damn ityou asked for it"

The acne guy spat out and dashed forward to slap Lanlan!

He was well aware of her tough physique so he didnt hold back and used his full force!

Lanlans acupuncture point was sealed which stopped her from resisting. The force sent her flying meters away before landing on the concrete floor!


Lin Ruoxi shrieked, almost fainting from the shock!

"Shes still a kid! How could you do that?!" Lin Ruoxi felt a fire igniting in her heart. It was burning her up!

Even though Lanlan had a tough physique, the pain still made her cry.

Her cries filled the warehouse with misery.

"Hmph, are you not afraid of dying?" the acne faced guy smirked at Lin Ruoxi, "Madam Lin, since youre so stubborn, I wont force it anymore. I heard that your daughter is adopted so shes not really part of the Yang clan. If thats the case, I guess you wont mind if we torture her to death in front of you. After all, your life is much more valuable than hers"

While saying so, he started walking towards Lanlan who was crying on the floor.

"Youstop it! What are you guys trying to do?!"

Lin Ruoxi couldnt take it any longer and she got up to try to stop him.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, she couldnt even reach him before being pulled back onto the chair by two other guys!

"Watch carefully. This is the consequence of keeping your mouth shut, your daughter will die a gruesome death!"

The acne faced guy cackled and kicked Lanlans stomach!

Lanlan rolled across the floor and curled up from the pain.

Another guy close to her landed another kick on her back mercilessly!

Lanlan was bawling as she was rolled towards another guy.

Lin Ruoxi could only watch them kick Lanlan around as if she was a toy and not a child.

"Damn, shes tough. Shes still alive after so many kicks!"

"Could she really be Yang Chen, that bastards daughter? Her body is completely abnormal"

"Hehe, shes chubby so it feels soft. Let me have a few more kicks"

"Brat, youre unlucky for having Yang Chen as your father. You deserved this!"

Their kicks got heavier as they mocked her.

Lin Ruoxis heart was wrenching. It felt as if she was the one being kicked.

"Stop itstopdont hurt my daughter"

Tears flowed down her cheeks. She was in so much grief that she had difficulty breathing.

Everything around her turned blurry as her heartbeat quickened!

It felt as if her nerves were pulling her into an isolated space to run away from the present.

At this moment, Lanlan coughed out a mouthful of blood. She could no longer withstand the continuous kicks!

Her face was dyed red immediately and her cries were much weaker than before.

The acne guy stepped onto her stomach and he turned to look at Lin Ruoxi with a grin, "How was it? Madam Lin, your daughter will really die if you still wont tell us"

He paused abruptly when he felt that there was something odd about Lin Ruoxi.

Her head was lowered and her expression was unreadable in the shadow.

He could feel a dark, chilly and eerie aura coming from her.

The two guys that were holding her down on the chair felt chills down their neck which puzzled them

The acne faced guy gulped. Everyone else turned silent at the change of atmosphere.

Soon, the warehouse was filled with a heavy feeling which made them shiver!

Killing intent!

They finally realised that the aura from Lin Ruoxi was a profound killing intent, something that they had never felt before!

It was as if a thick black fog was seeping across the air. The smell of blood within it was strong and heavy.

Lin Ruoxi finally raised her head.

Her face was still as breathtakingly beautiful as ever but her eyes were void!

No, it was icy cold!

The disdain in her eyes was also marked with killing intent. No one from the special forces could ever give out such aura!

It felt as though they were already dead to her.

"You guysdeserve to die"

A hoarse voice was heard from her which made them shudder.

"Whowho are you trying to scare! Youre just"

Lin Ruoxi made a move before he could finish his sentence!

Her arms twisted back at an unbelievable angle and she swept the two guys behind her with her feet!

They were punched in the stomach and even if they could defend themselves with internal energy, the pain was too hard to bear!

It all happened within a split second when Lin Ruoxi knocked their heads together!

With a loud crash, she gave them a concussion , paralysing them!

Lin Ruoxi didnt stop just there, pulling two pistols from them. The triggers were pulled immediately and she shot two other guys while using the previous guys body as her cover!

Those two guys couldnt even react and they were killed with a bullet through the head!

This godlike marksmanship, it felt like she didnt even need to look at her target to kill them!

Everything happened within a second!

Just when the others finally came to their senses, Lin Ruoxi had already moved around looking graceful yet resembling a demon as she slid under the chair to attack another guy!

She didnt continue to fire with the pistols, instead, she threw them onto two guys who were raising their guns at her!

Her movements were so smooth and quick. With her top-notch combat skills, she looked like a Grim Reaper who had everything under her control!

The guy that she was moving toward sensed her presence and he was about to kick her but Lin Ruoxi turned quickly and grabbed his leg!

With a swing motion, he was tossed towards another guy who was coming towards Lin Ruoxi!

As they bumped against each other, Lin Ruoxi pulled a combat knife from one of them!

The knife glinted under the light and with one swift movement, their necks were slit open!

The two of them died immediately without realising what had happened!

Her technique of killing was so natural and graceful that it made the rest of them freeze!

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