My World Traveling System: The Harbinger Of Death Chapter 135

Chapter 135

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Frank and Abraddon glanced at Thineas in surprise, as not only she was back from her slumber, but seemed to have undergone some aesthetic changes

"W-Well, I guess I like the half and half theme" said Abraddon, trying to not make this something bad.

"I-I think I might be at fault for this change" apologized Frank.

"Eh? How?" asked Abraddon.

"I can explain it, it is not like I am unaware of it! And it's not like I do not like it either, so don't worry!" said Thineas while winking to Frank.

"Eh? T-Then explain" said Abraddon, he was still in the blue on all of this.

"Well, you called Frank here to heal me just as he healed you, right?" asked Thineas.

"That's right Huh? How do you know? You should have been sleeping!" said Abraddon.

"Not really, Gods never truly sleep, we just rest, you should have already guessed it, Abraddon, even with that wound, I was still rather conscious of things," said Thineas.

"So you even heard us talk yesterday?" asked Abraddon.

"That's right, I've been spying on everything going on in here since you sealed me here to make my wounds degenerate slowly," said Thineas.

"I can't believe this! My privacy!" said Abraddon.

"Fufu, don't worry~ It's not like a big fluffer like you has that many things to hide from me" laughed Thineas, she was rather teasing compared to how Frank had pictured her.

"Hmm Okay, but you get into your Divine Realm now, got it?" asked Abraddon, as if he were discussing with his big sister to leave him alone in his room.

"Okay, don't worry And well, time to explain. Anyways, Frank has this special ability that heals But now that his soul seems to have mutated, he holds not only life but death within his soul. His ability seems to give life energy from his very soul to heal others, but now that he holds death mana on it too, his power would often give a bit of that too And well, that's how I changed. It seems that my body was so weak and dry, that it absorbed all of that power and made it my own And now, I seem to have a little bit of Death Magic power," said Thineas.

"Death Magic! From all the Gods that made Terra, none governed that Attribute Death Attribute Gods, in general, are incredibly rare, even in the world where we once lived, there was only one, who had left that place already," said Abraddon.

"Does this means that I unknowingly made a pseudo-death god?" asked Frank in disbelief.

"Ahh that might be a bit of stretch, my death power is very recent, and I don't know how to even use it, to begin with Life is very different than Death after all But I might as well practice and train it a bit Though it is not even as strong as you, so do not get your hopes up, Frank," said Thineas, talking with Frank as if she had always known him.

"O-Oh, I see Anyways, I am glad that you're back, Thineas-sama," said Frank respectfully.

"Aw come on, you don't have to be formal with me! You are not even from this world, relax, boy~" said Thineas, grabbing Frank and hugging him, while making his face resting on her chest.

"I should be the one grateful Thank you a lot, Frank Since I was wounded that I already had given up on my recovery I had already resigned in slowly weakening until I was to never wake up, merging with life in this world and stop being myself But you You brought everything back All of the hope, and all of the dreams I once had" said Thineas, her golden and crimson eyes seemed almost teary, she really meant it.

Frank did not know how to answer such an overwhelming presence such as Thineas, which he felt so familiar and comfortable with.

Her embrace was as soothing as the one that his mother once gave to him, and he could not help but feel like he would doze off at any moment, however, he moved a bit hastily away from her, as he smiled gently.

"I am glad that you're back, Thineas. Now, would you two hear me out? I originally came here to ask you something, actually," said Frank.

"O-Oh, sure thing, Frank! Please, speak up," said Abraddon.

"Indeed, speak up," said Thineas.

"Well I should first introduce you to a few things" said Frank, as he took his time to explain many things that were unclear to the gods, such as his System, what happened on Earth, and so on, alongside Hades' existence and why is soul gained the Death Attribute Mana.

After around an hour, the two Gods seemed to understand everything quite quickly and without any questions, their intelligence was vastly superior to mortals, and also their knowledge and understanding of many things.

Things that were seen as impossible or surreal to mortals were seen as possible and understandable to gods, as they were themselves incredibly powerful beings (although not right now) and had accumulated a vast array of knowledge about many things through their long lives.

"So that's how it is" said Frank.

"I see now, your power is indeed quite incredible," said Abraddon.

"Indeed It greatly makes us, Gods, feel like tiny ants" said Thineas with a bitter smile.

"Eh? No, please, I am not near as strong or as wise as you guys Don't lower yourselves like that," said Frank.

"We simply can't, I guess we also have a bit of admiration for you," said Abraddon.

"Indeed You have gone through a lot, isn't it, my child?" asked Thineas.

"More or less" said Frank.

"Let me guess, you wanted to ask us if we could make new bodies for your parents?" asked Thineas.

"That's right, I guess when I explained their current state, it became rather obvious" said Frank.

Abraddon and Thineas glanced at each other, sighing.

They glanced at Frank with a bit of pity, and also frustration and regret in their expressions.

"Sorry Frank" said Abraddon.

"We We cannot do anything about them Well, at least not yet" said Thineas.

Frank knew that there was a large possibility that the Gods would not be able to find a way to create new bodies for their parents, as they had already stated several times that they were very weakened and not even strong enough to make the slightest change in their own Nation.

"I see" said Frank, smiling bitterly.

"A-Ah! It does not mean that we cannot find a way! Of course!" said Thineas.

"That's right, there should be some way, but not immediate, that's what we meant," said Abraddon.

"Really? Is there a possibility?" asked Frank.

"Indeed. But we cannot just create fitting bodies for your parents out of nowhere At least, not now. Perhaps when we were at our peak in strength, we were able to create complex life forms out of nowhere! But now, our power is limited, and even designing new bodies that could be befitting of your parent's otherworldly souls and also of their nature and minds would be extremely hard," said Thineas.

"It's not like we could also create slightly weaker bodies or something, we simply cannot It is quite sad to admit that Gods of Nature and Life such as us, cannot even create proper life now We might be able to put up something if we use everything we have but the complexity that we need to generate would be too much. And the result might be" muttered Abraddon.

"Well, this, this is what I can create as of now" said Thineas, infusing a large quantity of her power into the ground, as a large lump of red flesh, which was somehow alive, was generated.

"E-Eh?" asked Frank.

"Maybe I could use more of my power to shape it around but this thing will never become a proper human body," said Thineas.

The mass of flesh moved around, like a small slug.

"Hm You should not have created that, Thineas Now what will we do with it?" asked Abraddon.

"O-Oh, maybe my new nature has made me a bit impulsive But do not worry, this is another ingredient from the plan I got!" said Thineas.

"Plan?" asked Frank, as hope slowly began to reappear on his crimson eyes.

"Although we Gods cannot use such power yet There are certain relics within our world, which we once created to help our children I believe most of them are now spread all across the world, some are being held by nations, and others are deep within underground labyrinths, enclosed by Axitl's dungeons," said Thineas.

"That's right. Within those artifacts, there are two that we created. There is the Jewel of Eternal Life, created by Thineas, and the Tree of Rebirth, made by yours truly," said Abraddon.

"Jewel of Eternal Life and Tree of Rebirth" muttered Frank.

"The Jewel of Eternal Life was an artifact I used to heal the diseases of our people, it was a national monument of our Nation in the past, and every citizen could freely use it to heal all kinds of wounds, even regrow limbs! However these last thousands of years, it had been hidden and stolen by a certain group of aristocrats within the Nation, and even we do not know where it might be now However, I can still sense its faint presence within our territory" said Thineas. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https://www.wuxiaworld/book/my-world-traveling-system-the-harbinger-of-death_19718890106178205/is-there-a-way..._53669413198546563">www.wuxiaworld/book/my-world-traveling-system-the-harbinger-of-death_19718890106178205/is-there-a-way..._53669413198546563</a> for visiting.

"And the Tree of Rebirth is a special tree I created with the help of Thineas, with it, we were able to generate new human, elven, dwarven, beast-kin, children through their enormous fruits It was a special item we used at the beginning of the world to populate the world with mortals quickly Such artifact was used to bring the first mortals, and even beasts," said Abraddon.

"That tree was supposedly burned by one of our siblings, but we know that there is a young sapling that still exists within this territory I do not know where exactly it might be but we believe that it might be within some kind of labyrinth created by Axitl Perhaps asking her might give us some clues," said Thineas.

Frank's eyes were now filled with hope!

With such amazing artifacts, the rebirth of his parents could actually become a reality!

Although he did not know where they were exactly nor how he could obtain them, just knowing about their actual existence and the confirmation from the Gods that the artifacts were indeed within the territory of their nation, made him already decided.

He was going to acquire such items, whatever it takes!

"Please, Abraddon Can we call Axitl?" asked Frank.

"Err Well If it is you, maybe she will not get so angry? She seemed to like you a bit But she might also ask you for something in exchange for those clues," said Abraddon.

"Very well I am prepared," said Frank.

"If you say so" said Abraddon, deciding to call Axitl.


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