My World Traveling System: The Harbinger Of Death Chapter 136

Chapter 136

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Axitl was called by Abraddon and Thineas, as the Goddess of Chaos seemed rather annoyed to have been called so fast since her talk with Abraddon, Judith, and Zudithe.

"So, what do you want?" asked Axitl.

"Well Frank wanted to ask you about a few things!" said Abraddon.

"Well, hello Axitl! You've grown so much!" said Thineas with shining eyes, glancing at Axitl's appearance.

"Huh? W-Wait a second Thineas?! So the boy healed you," said Axitl, already realizing what happened, as Abraddon had revealed who healed him to the gods.

"Indeed! Anyways, I would love to talk more with you, Axitl, but the boy is the priority in here" said Thineas.

"Alright, what do you want?" asked Axitl.

"Sorry to bother you, Axitl, it must be pretty busy to be the Goddess of Chaos I wanted to ask you if you had any clue about two artifacts that Abraddon and Thineas created in the past One is named the Jewel of Eternal Life and the other the Tree of Rebirth," said Frank.

"Hm? Why is that? What do you want to do with those?" asked Axitl.

"To tell you the truth, revive my parents," said Frank.

"Oh? Quite the noble goal I might or might not know But for me to speak, you should give something back, right?" asked Axitl, with a teasing smile.

"As long as it is within my scope, I could, what is it?" asked Frank.

"Hm, don't worry, it is something rather simple~ Become my pet!" said Axitl.




Abraddon, Thineas, and Frank fell into silence over Axitl's stupid request.

A pet?

Frank would never become the pet of anyone.

But even then

If Axitl had an actual clue of the items

Maybe not a pet, but perhaps something like a servant?

Although he would ask for a part-timer job at that, with at least the weekend for free.

"I I can't be your pet, you know? You're asking for something pretty ridiculous," said Frank.

"Oh well, then there are no clues for you, good night!" said Axitl.

"Wait for a second! Can't you ask for something else? Being your pet would be way too much? Why do you even want that? Revenge for having taken one of your Dungeons? Or because you want someone to talk with aside from Aztraloth?" asked Frank, hitting right in the nail.

"Ah! T-That's not it at all!" said Axitl.

"I could go visit you if that is what you want, but bear in mind that I am very busy, but I am sure that I can get some time for you," said Frank with a gentle smile, his cold pale white skin, crimson eyes, and silvery-white hair seemed to be attractive to Axitl, who was into gothic things.

"W-What What are you talking about? I do not want any of your attention or anything like that! S-Sheesh! But okay. If you insist so much! You may not be my pet, but you will be err My butler! Yeah, that is right! You will get into a pretty butler suit and serve me maybe a few days a week" said Axitl, swallowing saliva as she seemed to blush a bit, imagining Frank wearing such a suit and being at her disposition all the time

"That's not acceptable, but I can go visit you and give you some company as long as the clues you have are actually true and useful, we have to make a fair deal after all," said Frank.

"Ah? Geez! You don't agree to anything! ...But fine... And of course, they are real! The Jewel of Eternal Life is held within Abraddon's Nation! I had put it inside a Dungeon so these mortals could not do crazy things with it, but a few hundreds of years ago, a Hero grabbed it and gifted it to the family of the girl he wanted to marry, the family itself is named Eastgrande, and is one of the biggest families of aristocrats in the Nation Fufu, I bet I know more about your nation than you, Abraddon!" laughed Axitl.

"Y-You indeed do! How are you even more resourceful than me about my very nation!?" asked Abraddon.

"That's easy, I keep an eye in the world way more than you do And well, I have more power too, so I employ it to spy around things It is pretty boring here in the Moon," said Axitl.

"So the Eastgrande Family has it?" asked Frank.

"Indeed, they're part of the Abraddon Nation. Well, you know how it is made? The Nation is actually divided in two, the Westwind Country and the Eastwind Country. You are currently at Westwind, on its outskirts. The Eastgrande Aristocrat Family is the most prestigious of Westwind, so you got lucky that you are already there! But how you are going to get your hands in the jewel and all well, that's not something I can tell you, you've gotta figure it out on your own," said Axitl.

"On my own Yeah, I figured out as much Although with the status of a Hero Maybe I can actually find a way," said Frank.

"Oh? The Hero? Yeah, maybe If you enlist in next year's Magus Academy, the most prestigious one where all the aristocrat children go, you may find some clues with the kids from that family that will assist the place," said Axitl.

"That's a good idea Thanks. And about the other" muttered Frank.

"The Tree of Rebirth was burned, so it's gone" said Axitl.

"I figured as much" said Frank.

"But! A sapling is left, made by one of its branches. I cannot see it completely, but I am pretty sure that it rests within the Rank 5 Labyrinth where the capital of Westwind was built around," said Axitl.

"Really?! Wait, they built a city around a labyrinth?!" asked Frank.

"Yeah About that, because the economy of that city goes around exploring the dungeon, gathering resources from there such as food, and also Mana Cores, people simply made a whole city around it, and hundreds of Adventurers explore its corridors every day," said Axitl.

"So the sapling is there? Wouldn't it had already been discovered if so many Adventurers enter that place?" asked Frank.

"Not really! The sapling lays within a different room, a hidden chamber I made Even those that have reached the last boss, which can be counted with the fingers of your hands for the last one hundred years, they would not be able to easily reach it," said Axitl.

"I see Well, thanks for all the info, with that, I guess I can finally have a general idea of what to do now Although it might end up taking years for my goal to be reached" sighed Frank.

"Well, work hard!" said Axitl.

"Wait for a second Could you give your energy to Thineas and Abraddon so they could revive my parents? I believe that they could do it with all the power you've amassed," said Frank boldly.

"Eh? No, that's impossible... My Divine Power is shrouded in my Divinity, Chaos, it would kill them if they tried to absorb it," said Axitl.

"That's right, Frank, we can't simply take her power and suddenly go back to the peak," said Abraddon.

"And even if we could, it is an incredibly selfish thing to do, so we would reject such thing," said Thineas.

"I see Well, it was worth a shot," sighed Frank.

"Now, now! When are you coming to serve me, my little butler? Fufu" laughed Axitl, showing a bright smile with her white teeth and her youthful and beautiful face, she seemed very excited about this whole deal.

"I am not your butler. And not today nor tomorrow, I want to settle down a bit But perhaps starting next week, how many hours do you want me to stay with you per hour?" asked Frank.

"Hm~ We could find out about that later! For now, take my divine protection, so I can call your soul to my Divine Realm later," said Axitl, as she lightly moved her hand, as Frank was shrouded in a little bit of chaos energy, seeping deeply into his soul


[You acquired [Axitl's Divine Protection: Level -]!]

"Oh damn, thanks," said Frank.

"Fufu, no problem, Butler Frank!" laughed Axitl.

"Stop calling me butler..." said Frank, his pride was being hit a bit, but it was something he had to bear to one day revive his parents.

"Anyways, I'm going to take a nap, so bye!" said Axitl, as she disappeared from the projection created by Abraddon's artifact.

Axitl sat down on her throne, as she glanced above, the stars greeting her sight.

"Damn, what the hell did I do? Was that really my intention?" she wondered.

Axitl had always felt alone and never found any mortal interesting aside from his Divine Beasts, even the Gods were just meh for her at best Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https://www.wuxiaworld/book/my-world-traveling-system-the-harbinger-of-death_19718890106178205/the-playful-axitl-gives-some-clues-in-exchange-for..._53669479770543464">www.wuxiaworld/book/my-world-traveling-system-the-harbinger-of-death_19718890106178205/the-playful-axitl-gives-some-clues-in-exchange-for..._53669479770543464</a> for visiting.

However, Frank was rather special, from the very moment she put her sight on him.

He was bold, and did not seem to fear her rage as much as the mortals or even the gods

Frank was certainly a unique mortal, even more after she got to know that he was from another world and other stuff.

She could not help but have Frank in her mind all the time, even to the point of wondering what the rascal was doing

And now, out of her impulsive nature, she was about to have him at her side several times per week

"I really should stop being so impulsive! Damn it!" she cried, as she teleported above her bed and threw herself over it.


"Sigh Why is my heart beating so fast? Am I really that freaking excited for that brat to come here? Y-Yeah, maybe it is because I inherently want to make him suffer! Fufu, I will make sure to make him clean my whole palace and serve me sweets and cook for me a-and serve me food into my mouth and praise me and W-Well doesn't that sound more like a date?! What the heck is wrong with me?! I will go take a cold shower!" said Axitl, jumping into her bath to calm down her racing heart.


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