My World Traveling System: The Harbinger Of Death Chapter 137

Chapter 137

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[Collect the Jewel of Eternal Life and the Tree of Rebirth!] (Quest)

Grade: S

Abraddon, Thineas, and Axitl had given back your hope to revive your parents!

By gathering the Jewel of Eternal Life and the Tree of Rebirth there could be a way to bring them back from death!

But what dangers await you in such a journey? That is something that only you will have to discover!

Mission Rewards: An immense amount of EXP, ???, ???, ???.

Mission Failure: None.


The moment Axitl cut her connection from the Abraddon communication artifact, Frank received a new System Quest, although he had received and completed many through this week, this one was the first with the Grade of S.

This meant that the level of difficulty to get such items was incredibly high.

Frank felt both excited and concerned He wanted to get such items at all cost, and they seemed to exist but the level of difficulty of acquiring them was incredibly high.

However, if he followed the recommendations and tips that Axitl gave to him, such as becoming good friends with the Eastgrande Family, there could be a possibility, even more, if he used his Title as the Hero of Abraddon as a token

For a slight moment, Frank imagined growing so strong that he could simply trample over the entire family of aristocrats, enter their hideout, and grab the Jewel of Eternal Life

However, he quickly realized that something like that could only be fantasy, his strength was not near enough to do something so outrageous, which would provoke the most prestigious and rich family of the nation

Certainly, there were probably several Magus of high Cultivation Ranks within such a family, even with his current Strength, Frank was sure that he would not stand a chance against someone of Rank 3, even less those at Rank 4, 5, 6, or even more.

He could not easily use Wrath because it quickly consumed his soul, and such power was only for emergencies and life and death situations

Frank was sure that he could not rely on such a power At least not until he could find a way for Wrath to not devour his soul, or for his soul to grow so strong that even Wrath would not be able to consume it as quickly

Although Frank seemed to have a clearer goal now, he still was in the dilemma of having to grow stronger.

He also planned on eventually going back to Earth, although he had decided to spend at least a few months in Terra to fully recover the damage of his soul and to gather strength, alongside strengthening his allies and perhaps gather even more.

Although he did not want to involve anymore with Earth's Underground, he would have to eventually go back, so he needed to be prepared Matsuo and Harumi would have to wait for his comeback a little bit more.

"Very well, Frank, now that you got clues, I guess you can finally have some kind of goal overall" said Abraddon.

"Indeed Thanks a lot for everything you've done for me" said Frank, slightly bowing his head.

"A-Ah, please, don't thank us It is the least we could do after all!" said Abraddon.

"That's right, you healed us from our wounds after all. If those wounds would have kept within our bodies, we would have ultimately disappeared But now that they are closed, we can finally begin to slowly recover," said Thineas. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https://www.wuxiaworld/book/my-world-traveling-system-the-harbinger-of-death_19718890106178205/s-grade-quest_53669527820492143">www.wuxiaworld/book/my-world-traveling-system-the-harbinger-of-death_19718890106178205/s-grade-quest_53669527820492143</a> for visiting.

"It is as my sister says," said Abraddon.

"Even then, I am grateful for you what have done, it wasn't really your obligation to help me, and with your strength, you could have simply forced me to cooperate with you" said Frank with a gentle smile.

"Such a humble boy" said Thineas with a warm smile, hugging Frank once more with a motherly embrace.

"I believe that this should be it, do you want me to send you back?" asked Abraddon.

"Actually I was planning on staying here a few hours Err, is there some kind of time difference in here compared to from the outside world?" asked Frank.

"Time difference? I don't really know Hm" muttered Abraddon.

"There is, time goes faster in a Divine Realm compared to the outside world, an hour outside would be compared to around three," said Thineas.

"That's good enough, can I stay in here? If I don't bother you," said Frank.

"Hm? Of course sure thing But why?" asked Abraddon.

"Yeah, why?" asked Thineas.

"I want to use this space to train. Even without my physical body, I can still train with my soul, and that's good enough. This entire Divine Realm is filled with energy, which makes my soul feel refreshed. If I train in here with my soul, I believe that it might recover faster," said Frank.

"I see how it is! Good idea," said Abraddon.

"Indeed, we can also teach you things that we know, and chat around~ It's not every time that we have a mortal in here Although we do have subordinate Gods, they are not all the time with us," said Thineas.

"Once more, thanks for your kindness," said Frank.

Frank quickly sat down cross-legged, as he began to use his Fire Soul and Light Soul Techniques, alongside unleashing all of the Aura skills and spells he knew about, like this, his soul was constantly using power, while also training itself through this.

However, as Frank was about to close his eyes and concentrate to be able to grasp the inner energies within his soul, he was startled by Thineas.

"Oh right! There is this little mass of flesh" said Thineas.

"Oh, well, that's part of the ingredient for reviving Frank's parents" said Abraddon.

"Come to think about it, what is it used for? And how will you use both items to revive my parent's bodies?" asked Frank.

"Well, we plan to insert their souls inside of the Tree of Rebirth alongside this mass of flesh, which is named 'Primordial Life', and then use the Jewel of Eternal Life into the young and immature fruits it produces through this flesh, each fruit should have the soul of your parents The Jewel of Eternal Life will be used to make the fruits where they will reborn develop quickly instead of being born as mere babies," said Thineas.

"Yeah, just as she said," said Abraddon.

"I see Does this Primordial Life has some kind of potential to fight or grow on its own?" asked Frank.

"Fight? I believe it could attack like some kind of slime" said Abraddon.

"But it doesn't possess a Mana Core, so it can't use magic, and I don't think it will be able to grow that much- Oh, I see what you're planning" said Thineas.

"Hm? What is it? Tell me! I am on the blue in here" said Abraddon.

"Well, with my System, which I had already introduced you to, I should be capable of sharing it with this mass of flesh and perhaps even give it the ability to level up Maybe if it grows stronger through my power, the resulting bodies of my parents could also grow strong?" asked Frank.

"I never thought about that" said Abraddon.

"Well, I realized that he meant something around those lines And indeed If his mysterious power is capable of making the Primordial Life stronger then most likely, the resulting bodies made from them will surely be strong as well!" said Thineas.

"Then I will be taking this guy with me whenever I get back Can I?" said Frank.

"Yes, it will appear at your side-"

"W-Wait, not at my side, it would fall right above Kamei and that would be certainly horrifying for her" said Frank.

"O-Oh We'll try to put it away from where you're sleeping then," said Abraddon.

"Thanks" said Frank.

For the next 12 hours, Frank remained within Abraddon's Divine Realm while practicing the nourishment of his soul through the accumulation of his Skills related to his soul, at the same time, he used his Light Clone to practice the other kinds of Skills he had repeatedly, surprising the Gods due to his diligence.

Ultimately, Frank ended quite exhausted, but the level of his Skills had increased a bit, so he felt like he had progressed and gained some strength out of it.

Finally having his consciousness sent back to his body, Frank was greeted with a large and twisting mass of red flesh resting on the floor, which he saved inside of his shadow through Shadow Storage, quickly going to sleep right after.

"Wake up! Wake up! Frank, Kamei!"

The morning came quite quickly, as Frank and Kamei were woke up by Annabelle, who wanted them to have breakfast with everyone.

"Alright, Annabelle, you don't have to yell at us" said Frank.

"Mfuh Mweh Whu" muttered Kamei, as she did not want to wake up, moving the bedsheets above her.

"She must be very tired But having breakfast with everyone is a good thing" thought Frank.

"Kamei, wake up, let's have breakfast together, Gwendolyn makes some very delicious pancakes," said Frank.

"Pancakes?!" asked Kamei, darting out of the bed.

"Good morning, my children" said Amelia, emerging from out of thin air.

"Ah, mommy Good morning!" said Kamei with a gentle smile.

"Mwaaahh Morning" said Okita, trying to say, 'good morning'.

"Good morning daddy!" said Kamei.

"Good morning father, mother Last night I managed to get a lot of info from the Gods. And I have found a way to revive you two However, it is not without its dangers, let us discuss it at the table with everyone," said Frank.

"Some way to revive us? Very well," said Amelia.


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