Myriad Realms Divine Calculation System Chapter 879

Chapter 879: Devouring The Void

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Liu Yan directly drove the Lei Lu into his body.


Thunder out of thin air, muffled to the sky.

Those black thunderclouds that were originally accumulated over Lei Ze.

All surging up with the vibration.

The sound of muffled thunder.

Across the sky.

The dazzling thunder light shuttled among the thunderclouds, shining a part of the thunderclouds shining, but only in the blink of an eye, the light disappeared, and the thunderclouds were still as dark as ink, piled up like a mountain.

But the next moment.

Thundercloud stirred frantically.

It seemed that there was a giant beast that had been dormant for a hundred years.

At this moment, this wild beast is about to wake up.

Boom! Boom!

The thunder shook, rolling into the air.

In the thick thundercloud, a giant thunder beast appeared, roaring and roaring in the air.

It seemed that it was a huge thunder dragon.

The terrifying thunder power is frantically brewing.

Liu Yan floating in mid-air, the lightning power on his body is also rapidly accumulating, even the lightning power in this thunder is also affected by the previous thunder.

Was rushing towards him frantically.

In a second!

The thunder power on Liu Yan has reached an astonishing level, and in the black thundercloud in the sky, the thunder beast has also gathered a massive amount of thunder power.

The wind screamed and thunder shook.

The whole world seemed to be madly accumulating a terrifying force capable of destroying everything.

In Liu Yan's eyes, there was also a microcosm of the thunder that had penetrated the body before.

Huh! Huh!

In his eyes, billowing thunder burst out.

A power like a thundering grid, centered on him, quickly spread to the surrounding area, and immediately detonated the amount of violent violence accumulated in the entire void.

The violent wind and thunder and lightning exploded several times in an instant.

The overbearing thunder destructive force.

Is raging in the void.


A domineering word like the roar of the sky came from Liu Yan's mouth, shaking the sky, and even the thunderclouds in the sky shook.


Amidst the thunderclouds, the overbearing and amazing thunder roared, and a sudden shock came out.

Echoing the world.

At this moment, the garden cat, which was wrapped in the explosion circle formed after the bombardment of the Thunderbolt, just flew out of it, looking at Liu Yan with a joking sneer.

And hit a diaphragm.

"Not bad, the smell of this thunder just now is so interesting."


"Are you brewing a new big move again?"

The Garden Cat couldn't help looking up at Liu Yan, who was covered in thunder.

There was a bit of interest in the cat's eyes.


Liu Yan spoke again, with a loud shout that resounded through the clouds, and the shaking came out.



Among the thunderclouds, that giant dragon-like thunder beast suddenly broke through the thunderclouds, roaring and swooping down with its earth-shaking power.

Before it really rushed to the ground, Lei Ze below had already sunk into a big pit.

It was just the power, and the Lei Beast in Lei Ze fled everywhere.


The thunder dragon bombarded the garden cat fiercely.

A large number of thunder and lightning spread to the surroundings at a rapid speed, and violent thunder and lightning appeared on the ground, like countless thunder tentacles.


Liu Yan, whose eyes were already flooded by thunder, opened his mouth and screamed wildly.

The spiritual power in its body.

It's like a long river of gallops, pouring all into the sea.



The huge thunder dragon formed a shocking thunder pillar in a blink of an eye.

Support the sky!

Lei Ze within a radius of tens of miles has become incandescent and dazzling.

Between heaven and earth.

Only the terrifying thunder power is left.

The Thunder God Pillar lasted for dozens of breaths.

An astonishing crater has been blasted out of the ground below.

The pit is even more scorched.

Such a terrifying destructive power has far exceeded the limit of destruction that an ordinary foundation cultivator can cause.

Even if it is a Tyrannosaurus Rex underneath.

Will be bombarded into scum.


Liu Yan was panting, but his eyes shrank severely.

The idyllic cat was unscathed, but licked its paws with a leisurely look.

Just suspended quietly in mid-air.

This is impossible to fight at all.

The strongest blow that I went all out.

It's not even enough to tickle it.

Make a woolen thread?

I can still get it.

There are only two.

One is to seal the throne.

The second is that divine power.

But the Seal Throne could not move. If it did, the Golden Skeleton King ran out.

The whole earth will be finished.

As for the magical power.

With his current cultivation strength, he couldn't control it at all.

Unless the crescent jade is broken directly in the body.

if that's the case.

He is equivalent to a human bomb with destructive power.

By the time.

At the same time, open the last invincible golden body.

I should have a chance to survive.

Liu Yan is not sure whether he will survive.

after all!

The catharsis of divine power exploded.

The spread is extremely wide.

The duration may also be more than three seconds.

The invincible golden body can only last for three seconds.

If the energy explosion when the divine power vents lasts more than three seconds.

I must die as well.

Both of these methods are Liu Yan's reluctance to try easily.

But now...

There seems to be no choice.

Do not!

There is one more option!

"Huh? Human boy, looking at your eyes, it seems that there are still big tricks that you haven't come up with, so let's do it quickly. It's best to let this master try the same as the two tricks just now."

The idyllic cat looked indifferent.


It also stretched out the cat's claws, ejected a sharp nail, and flicked his teeth gently.

Liu Yan can't control it either.

Directly spurred the mark that Xiao Hei left on himself.

"Xiao Hei, wake up! Xiao Hei..."

Liu Yan Chuanyin called.

But there was no reaction in the beastmaster's belt.

Xiao Hei seemed to fall into a deep sleep.

"This is bad!"

"Why, is there no ultimate move? That's boring."

The Garden Cat shrugged humanely.

"In that case, the lord will eat you, and then go find the human being who just ran away, and use you two to fight the teeth."


A violent thunder surged from the pastoral cat.

These thunders continue to converge.

Behind him formed a domineering thunder beast phantom.

Just a glance.

It seemed to see a beast that was enough to dominate the world.

The Thunder Beast phantom stared at Liu Yan.

In an instant.

It made Liu Yan's mind suddenly shocked.

The whole body cannot move.


The Thunder Beast phantom and the garden cat showed exactly the same behavior.

They slowly opened their mouths.

"Void Devouring!"

Between the thunderstorms, terrible devouring power surged out.

The void around it seemed to be swallowed in.

This swallowing force soon spread to where Liu Yan was, and frantically pulled Liu Yan's body, swallowing it.

"Damn it! Is it really going to die here?"

Liu Yan was not reconciled.

But now.

He couldn't even summon the Sealed Throne.

This weird swallowing force.

It seems to have the ability to block space.

No way!

I can't just die here.

Sealing the throne will not work.

Then try Chaos Tianding!


Liu Yan's thoughts moved, and the Chaos Tripod Heart Jue worked, directly communicating with the Chaos Tripod in the system backpack.

The mysterious energy vibrated.

The swallowing power of the garden cat suddenly slowed down, and it seemed to be hindered.

But it was only a moment.


That terrible devouring power is still pulling Liu Yan.

Let him fly towards the mouth of the garden cat.

"Chaos Tianding! Come out!"

Liu Yan's heart roared.


A circle of energy fluctuations shook again, and the Chaos Heavenly Cauldron appeared out of thin air.

Although the interior of the current Chaos Tianding was still severely damaged.

But a lot of chaos was bred in it.

The strange power radiated by these chaotic airs was not affected by the swallowing power at all, but as if it had not been affected by the slightest.

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