Myriad Realms Divine Calculation System Chapter 880

Chapter 880: Are you sure this is the Temple of Thunder?

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Perceive this.

Liu Yandang was about to communicate with Chaos Tianding with the little spiritual power left in his body.

There is an energy resonance between the two.

"Huh? What baby is that?"

The idyllic cat was surprised.

It is very clear how terrifying its devouring power is.

Before Liu Yan broke its devouring power in a strange way.

It has already surprised it.

And now.

Liu Yan was fighting its devouring power in another way.

It's weird.

"Hmph, this seems to be a very powerful artifact, human boy, you are not worthy of a treasure, so let this master take care of it for you."

The garden cat is too excited.

Although it didn't see what artifact this was.

But it sensed.

This is definitely a treasure that is hard to find in the world.

Immediately, a strange thunder rune appeared on the garden cat's body.

The huge thunder beast phantom behind it suddenly shook.

A crackling thunder vibration.

Suddenly rose sharply.

The Thunder Beast phantom also became more clearly visible.

The majestic swallowing power, as if swallowing the entire world, suddenly skyrocketed.

The power of the heavens and the earth shrouded the void.

Liu Yan's mind was shocked again.

For the first time, he felt what was really small.

It even seemed to once again see the scene that I saw in the divine consciousness-in the void of the universe, the Thunder Dragon travels around the world, easily tearing apart the planets.

Yes it is.

The feeling this idyllic cat gave him.

Just like the thunder dragon roaming in the universe.

Such existence.

It's not something Liu Yan can resist.

Absolutely crushed.

If it were not for the help of Chaos Tianding.

Liu Yan's soul will be torn into nothingness in an instant.

too frightening!

That majestic divine might shook the deepest part of the soul.

"Hehehehe, it really is an incredible artifact. Under its protection, this tiny human being as weak as an ant has not been torn to pieces by the swallowing power of this lord."

The idyllic cat became more satisfied and excited.

But just in a blink of an eye.

Liu Yan, who was completely unable to move, was under the protection of Chaos Tianding.

Came in front of the garden cat.

In Liu Yan's consciousness.

Time has slowed down indefinitely.

He is fully mobilizing the last spiritual power in his body to impact the crescent jade in his body.

I want to die with the idyllic cat in front of me.


He was surprised to find out.

The flow of spiritual power in his body was extremely slow.

I am afraid there are not hundreds of thousands of years.

Spiritual power can't reach the place where Crescent Jade is.

I can only be swallowed by it.

at this time.

Abnormal protrusion.

A strange energy wave suddenly surged across Liu Yan's body.


The look of the garden cat changed drastically.

Can't wait for it to react.

The terrifying power that gushed out of Liu Yan's body suddenly turned into a magnificent power that swallows the sky and the earth, directly shrouded in the body of the garden cat.

"No! Impossible!"

The idyllic cat showed a terrified expression.

"It's him! It's him! How could it be him! No, he should be dead...no..."

Although it yelled extremely unwillingly.

But it didn't work.

The pastoral cat and the strange thunder shadow behind it were all swallowed in.

Liu Yan regained his freedom.


Xiao Hei's figure appeared.

"Xiao Hei, you... defeated the pastoral cat just now?"

Xiao Hei smiled: "That guy is not a garden cat, but a rare beast in the universe. It just looks like a garden cat."

"I was already awake when you met it."


"My injury is very serious, and I don't have much strength left. If I come out and face it head-on, there will definitely be a dead end."

"Only when it is defenseless, I can concentrate all my strength to swallow it."

Just finished.

Xiao Hei had a full hiccup.

"It seems to know you?" Liu Yan asked.

Xiao Hei nodded.

"Yes, that guy was my subordinate, but after I was seriously injured and fled to the earth, it took the opportunity to betray me and gave me a fatal blow."

"Fortunately, I was prepared to make it mistakenly believe that it really killed me."

"And I fled to a human city."

Xiao Hei didn't want to explain too much.

He turned his head and looked around.

"Boy, it seems that during the time I was sleeping, you have grown up a lot, and you have already entered here."

"Do you know where this is?"

"of course."

Xiao Hei nodded.

"This is the immortal road you earth cultivators call. It's actually just an ordinary parallel space. As long as you get out of here, you can break through the powerful restrictions on the earth."

"The cultivation base will no longer be suppressed."

Liu Yan was a little upset: "It looks like you already knew this, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Is it useful to tell you?"

Xiao Hei rolled his eyes.

"This parallel space should be specially set up by a powerful person who walked out of the earth before, in order to protect the human beings on the earth."


"The earth has long ceased to exist."

Liu Yan was puzzled.

Xiao Hei went on to explain: "The cultivation civilization of the universe is everywhere, and there are many evil powerhouses. In primitive planets like the earth, there are often some planetary energy."

"These evil powerhouses will refine the entire planet, so as to extract the mother gas from it for their own use."

"and so!"

"Without the protection of this parallel space, do you think the earth still exists?"

This is the first time Liu Yan has heard of such a thing.

But Xiao Hei couldn't lie to him.

"Xiao Hei, do you know who set this parallel space here?"

Xiao Hei shook his head.

"When I reached the monk state, this parallel space already existed. The legend at the time was that this parallel space was left by a guy named Pangu among humans before he left."

"It's the Pangu in the ancient myths you know."

"But if it is, I don't know."

Liu Yan was a little surprised.

If this parallel space was left before Pangu left.

What about Pangu?

Isn't Pangu a mountain and a great mountain?

"Boy, look at your eyes, don't you believe it?"

Xiao Black and White gave Liu Yan a glance.

"The ancient myths you know are just stories, and they are not the same as some of the ancient materials I discovered back then."

"This Pangu is probably already a giant in the universe!"

"What makes the world open, like a mountain and a big mountain, that ability is so weak that even I can easily achieve this kind of more than a hundred times in the heyday."


"The parallel space left by Pangu can't even be seen through."

"Such a person can die casually?"

Liu Yan nodded.

I think what Xiao Hei said is quite reasonable.


Things from ancient times.

Who knows.

Unless you can really see Pangu, listen to him orally.


Xiao Hei burped again.

"Okay, I won't tell you for now. I swallowed that traitor. I need to refine it. You should be more careful in this space."


Xiao Hei got into the belt of the Beast Summoner.

Liu Yan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"I thought I was quite strong, but now I look at it, it's too weak."

Laughed at himself.

Liu Yan restrained his mind and rushed to the place agreed upon with Tracey cautiously.

When the two met.

Tracey was a little surprised: "You are fine, let's go, we are not far from the Temple of Thunder."

She did not ask how Liu Yan got rid of the strange cat.

Liu Yan didn't want to answer either.

The two rushed all the way towards the Temple of Thunder.

On the way, I met a lot of powerful Lei Ze monsters.

Both were resolved smoothly.

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