Myriad Realms Divine Calculation System Chapter 881

Chapter 881: Thunder Void

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Liu Yan narrowed his eyes slightly.

Tracy was also quite surprised, even unable to believe it.

What kind of temple is in front of you?

There is only a dilapidated building.

It's like being destroyed by something several times.

Look at it at a glance.

There are no ruined walls, it's all flat ground.

The ground was full of broken bricks.

Tracey took out the map.

Watched it over and over again.

"I'm sure, this is really the Temple of Thunder. But I don't know why it became like this."

Liu Yan walked forward.

this place.

It can be regarded as the widest flat ground in Lei Ze.

It is estimated to be more than ten square kilometers.

"Have you noticed that none of the Thunder Beast monsters in Lei Ze dare to set foot here." Liu Yankai.

Tracey nodded.

"Well, it's true, there isn't even any animal droppings here."

This is weird.

The two walked step by step.

Liu Yan also felt the aura changes around him as much as possible.

The closer to the center area.

The more aura free in the air.

And it belongs solely to Thunder attribute.

If you practice in this place.

The effect will be quite good.


Liu Yan has no plans to do this for the time being.

He and Tracey soon came to the central area.

"This place is the place where Lei's spirit is strongest, maybe something is buried underneath." Liu Yan said.

Tracey frowned: "Do you want to dig down and have a look?"

Liu Yan smiled.

"How troublesome it is to dig, isn't it good to blow it away?"

After speaking, Liu Yan directly rose into the air.

Tracey also quickly stepped away.

Looking down.

Liu Yan squeezed his right hand, and the strong spiritual power in his body poured into his right hand.

Then, suddenly blasted out!

"Thunder! Break!"


A thunder with astonishing energy burst out from Liu Yan's right hand.

He blasted towards the ground below.


The ground was already dilapidated.

Was blasted out of a big pit instantly.

Wait until the smoke clears.

A large cracked hole was exposed.

From those cracks, one can see the thunder running endlessly, as if there is another world under the ground.

"Sure enough, there is a problem!"

Liu Yan whispered.

Tracy flew to Liu Yan's side, and also looked down at the big hole.

Has the thunder and lightning ability.

She can feel it clearly.

Under the ground, there is a terrifying power of thunder.

Even her.

As long as it is stained a little, it will be bombarded so that there is no residue left.

But Liu Yan's face showed a smile.

"The thunder inside is full of destructiveness, and it may be a good cultivating holy place."


Liu Yan flew down.

Tracey frowned slightly.

After carefully tasting what Liu Yan said just now, she vaguely felt that Liu Yan was too crazy.

Such a terrifying destruction Thunder.

Do you want to practice in it?

It's really looking for death.


Tracey didn't say anything, but just flew down.

The two fell on the edge of the big hole.

"how do you want to do it?"

Tracy asked.

Liu Yan smiled: "Of course it's cultivation. I now have some foundation for my understanding of Thunder, if I can practice here for a while."

"Maybe, I can understand Thunder's way of destruction."

"On this side?" Tracey said again.

When Liu Yan was about to answer.

Xiao Hei's voice suddenly came in his mind.

"Boy, go down."

Liu Yan was taken aback.

Go down?

This is full of violent destruction thunder.

You let me down?

"Don't ask so much, I can feel that there may be some kind of opportunity under this. You have the way of thunder, plus my protection, it is okay to hold on for a while."

"okay, I get it."

Liu Yan still trusts Xiao Hei very much.

Since he has said so.

Then go down to explore the reality.

Tracey was still waiting for Liu Yan's answer, but Liu Yan only smiled.

"What's going on here, I plan to go down."


Tracey was shocked.

"You are crazy! The thunder power below is full of destructiveness. If you go down, you will only be blasted to ashes and it is impossible to survive."

Liu Yan was too lazy to explain.

Just said: "You wait for me here, I'll go down and take a look."


Liu Yan jumped directly from the thick crack.

Tracey's eyes shrank sharply.

She didn't dare to go down.

The terrifying power emanating from it is too powerful.

Just feel it.

It's all frightening.




In the process of falling, the endless destruction thunder, all rushed towards Liu Yan frantically, as if to completely destroy him, a foreign invader.

But Liu Yan itself is the pure thunder road of cultivation.

Even experienced the baptism of thunder in the Seal Throne.

These destruction thunder hurt him.

Will be greatly reduced.

At this moment, Xiao Hei even separated a part of his power, shrouded in Liu Yan's body.

A strong protective layer is formed.

and so!

These Destructive Thunders could not cause him harm for the time being.


I can still feel the pain of lightning strikes faintly.

"Dive deep underground."

Xiao Hei's voice came again.

"I can feel that in the deepest part, there is a very powerful force of thunder radiating, maybe what we are looking for is there."

Liu Yan nodded.

Immediately flew toward a deeper place.


It's like another space, it's boundless.

Very strange!

Vaguely, it even made Liu Yan feel like he was in the stars.

Occasionally some rocks floating in the void.

It's an extraordinary product at a glance.


Chaos Tianding didn't respond to those stones.

Even if it is fetched, it is estimated to be of little use.

Liu Yan didn't bother to bother.

With continuous deepening.

Chaos Tianding suddenly heard a reaction.


Liu Yan was slightly startled.


Taking a look at the deeper ground, Liu Yan thought for a while, and flew towards the left.

Xiao Hei knew about the Chaos Heavenly Ding and Ding Ling.

It was found that Liu Yan did not continue to fly down.

Instead, it flies to the left.

It had guessed the probabilities, and didn't say much, but just reminded: "Boy, you'd better speed up a little bit. As it continues to deepen, the consumption of these Destructive Thunders is increasing.

"Waiting deeper, I don't know how long I can hold on."

Liu Yan nodded: "Understood."


Liu Yan didn't care if there was any danger.

Cast instant thunder directly.

Huh! Huh! Huh...

His figure flashed and shuttled in this vast expanse of underground thunder world.

at last.

A rock pitted by thunder bombardment appeared in front of him.

This stone does not look the size of a millstone.

But Liu Yan gave it a try.

Its weight is comparable to a big mountain.

I can't believe it.

"Chaos, is this this one?"

After getting the exact answer.

Liu Yan sacrificed the Chaos Heavenly Ding, and directly put this strange stone in the Chaos Heavenly Ding.

And the news from Chaos Tianding.

This is not one of the nine great stones.

But it is also of great benefit to repair the cracks in the cauldron.

"Be careful! I feel a dangerous breath approaching."

Xiao Hei's voice suddenly sounded.

Liu Yan immediately condensed his expression.

In it.

His spiritual consciousness was severely affected, and he couldn't even do it out of the body.

And as far as the eye can see.

I can't see any creatures approaching at all.

"Xiao Hei, can you find out what it is?"

"No! The Destructive Thunder in it interfered with my feelings. If it were my previous heyday, it would be natural, but now, I can only vaguely sense it."

"Anyway, you just need to be careful."

Liu Yan could only nod his head.

And watch your surroundings vigilantly.


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