Myriad Realms Grand Manager With A God Class Systemrevised Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Chapter 276: Just predict it!

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Martial Art skill: A Thousand Arrows.

This is one of the advanced martial skills of the archer class, and your average archer will not know about this martial skill.

This is not only because "A Thousand Arrows" is hard to learn, but more importantly, there is nowhere for one to learn it.

Advanced martial arts and advanced magic spells are not sales products.

These skills are not taught in any sect or academy and are not in any library, basically, you can't come in contact with these advanced martial arts and advanced magic spells.

Now Qi Le's sentence: "The archer wouldn't be a threat" sounds really embarrassing.

Lan Qing'er, who was eating the bacon sandwich, was stunned.

"So in the eyes of the store manager, should all archers be able to perform like this?"

Lan Qing'er knew that she really couldn't perform this kind of high-level martial arts skill casually.

Everyone looked at Qi Le, dumbfounded, Qi Le was facing the tens of thousands of arrows like it was nothing, it was literally raining arrows.

"Now that we found the solution to the first problem, we need to find a way to get close to the archer."

Qi Le started talking about the next step.

"When an archer is attacking, its movement speed becomes very slow. In other words, the agile classes are dominant in the ring when fighting against the archer."

Once these two sentences were uttered, some people started expressing their doubts.

"The archer is not fast?"

"Isn't the Motion fire archer's basic skill?"

"Boss, have you really thought about it?"

"store manager....."

Facing so many questions, Qi Le didn't respond, but chose a direction, raised the long sword in his hand, and suddenly rushed out.

When the archer saw that Qi Le started moving suddenly, he immediately tried to run away.

As those questioning voices said, Motion fire is the basic skill of an archer.

After the position of the archer has been found, the archer must quickly evacuate while continuing the attack.

Even though the archer in the ring had no place to hide, it still wanted to maintain his distance from Qi Le.

However, under the shocked eyes of everyone.

The path which the archer chose to run from Qi Le, somehow just met the path that Qi Le chose.

It was as if he had bumped into Qi Le.

It made no sense.

Qi Le flicked the sword in his hands and swept the blade towards the archer.

"This is the second thing a person has to overcome when facing an archer. Predict the direction in which the archer may dodge, wait for him, and hit him. It shouldn't be too difficult after you practice it for a while."

Blood Wolf and others were stunned speechless by Qi Le's words.

Indeed, if you can directly block the archer's dodge path like Qi Le, then you really don't have to worry about being unable to catch up with the archer.

However, in a battle, the changes are rapid and it is not so easy to predict the opponent's next move.

"Isn't it very very very ...difficult?"

"Is this what an ordinary store owner should say?"

"If this is not difficult, then what is difficult?"

Predicting the enemy's response has always been one of the most difficult things to accomplish in combat, and it is also one of the very high-grade combat skills.

But according to Qi Le's words, learning to do so should be a trivial matter.

"Even if we get close to the archer, it won't be considered as a victory until we kill the archer. Although the archer is not strong when it comes to close combat, it can still counter-attack and retreat to a safe distance."

"Yes, that's right."

"Boss, even if we get closer, the result will probably remain the same."

"Closing the distance between the archer and oneself will mean nothing, if one gets shot by the archer, one will still lose the battle."


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