Myriad Realms Grand Manager With A God Class Systemrevised Chapter 279

Chapter 279

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Most of the people who were in the store are basically veterans of the combat strength promotion arena.

And their understanding of the eight classes that one can fight against in the arena is also very profound.

The close combat capability of an archer is similar to that of a magician.

Maybe, it might be a little bit stronger.

The close combat moves of the archer in the arena are mainly bow-swing and rapid-fire.

Prior one is used to repel enemies that have come too close, and the latter is used to maintain distance from the enemies trying to close in.

Two very practical martial arts.

It was the combination of these two martial arts that made those who were lucky enough to get close to the archer, suffer.

Even the slightest mistake will give the archer an opportunity to pull away again.

Then, we are back at square one, falling in the battle rhythm of the archer.

Until you are killed or exhausted to death.

It is really a hateful way of fighting, but there is really nothing they can do about it.

After they were done exclaiming, all of them were gloating, waiting to see the same thing happen to Qi Le.

One doesn't get a chance to mock the boss daily, now that they had an opportunity to do so, how could they let it pass.

"After one closes the distance, the archer's fighting ability will be significantly reduced. I believe that I don't need to teach you the next step."

Qi Le turned a deaf ear to negative comments and continued with his broadcast.

While explaining and swinging his sword, he blocked the close attack of the archer.

Watching Qi Le approach the archer and knocking him off with his long sword in seconds, everyone fell silent.

Those with snacks in their hands forgot to put the snacks in their mouths.

One sword slash to block the heavy blow of the bow, a jump to dodge the rapid-fire quickly, and finally, one sword slash to kill the archer.

The three moves were executed with the precision of milliseconds.

Spectators had nothing to say except to be amazed.

This is simply a novel-like battle, where the combat skills are used with perfection.

Just when everyone in the store was shocked.

"Ahem! Ahem!!....."

Qi Le coughed twice, again attracting everyone's attention, and then said in a flat voice: "Well, this should be enough."

"This should be the easiest opponent to deal with. I hope this live broadcast helped you."

With the falling of Qi Le's voice, the picture on the screen paused, and then the whole video's playback loop began.

However, everyone in the shop was silent.

"The easiest one to deal with..."

"Then what were we doing before?"

"It turns out that an archer who can shoot thousands of arrows is just the weakest."

"The archer can be so strong."

The last sentence was said by Lan Qing'er.

The others were marveling at Qi Le's fighting skills, but Lan Qing'er wasn't focused on that.

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As long as Qi Le's reaction is delayed for the slightest moment, the archer should easily be able to retreat.

Blame Qi Le for being too strong, if you change the challenger to someone else, Archer will definitely pierce him to death.

At this point, Lan Qing'er could only sigh.

"Is it possible to fight like this? Then I should be able to do it." Jing Qingyun carefully studied Qi Le's instructional video a dozen times, and only after confirming that there was no problem, he decided to choose archer as his opponent.

"We should try too."

Blood Wolf and Hu Shou looked at each other and then nodded together.


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