Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 438

Chapter 438: Adventure

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In the ocean, it was not water, but light flow, that the endless light flow blocked the sight.

But that was the most primitive light, containing endless power. This was why Yun Hao did not act easily.

"Let's take a look," Qian Renxue said.

And the first three levels are the same, after the fourth level, the main attack will become O'Meara.

Ning Feng moved quickly to the side, and the seven spirit rings representing the soul sage appeared on his body. Because it happened so suddenly, he didn't know which spirit ring was measured, and his body emitted a strong blue golden light. , And then the whole person is much faster.

"Small bugs!"

The Titan Thunder Great Ape taunted.

However, in the next moment, Ning Feng felt a sense of oppression that suffocated him.

The body of the Titan Thunder Great Ape came to him in just an instant.

"So fast!!!"

He could not have imagined that the Titan Thunder Great Ape, who looked so cumbersome, could actually achieve such a speed.

O'Meara was stunned by the situation!

Thunder Eucharist

Without any hesitation, the thunder attribute physique was turned on immediately.


The fist of the Titan Thunder Great Ape and the Gaia Thunder Cannon broke out in an instant, and a terrifying energy fluctuation erupted instantly, and even the entire lake was stirred out of a thousand waves.

"You still underestimated my strength, thinking that you can defeat me with such skills?" Titan Thunder Great Ape sarcastically said.

Its fist broke the Gaia Thunder Cannon directly, and even if Yu Wei hit it, it would be fine.

The fist directly resolved Ning Feng's attack, which made it uncomfortable.

"It deserves to be King Kong's supernatural power, but no matter how strong your power is, there is nowhere to use it or just talk?" Ning Feng smiled.

"You plan to fight a guerrilla war with me, don't think you can fly, I can't help you..."

While the Titan Thunder Great Ape was talking, Ning Feng had already begun to hover around in the air, dazzling people.

The Titan Thunder Great Ape raised his head and wanted to lock Ning Feng's position. Unfortunately, the speed was too fast, and it couldn't fly by itself, so it had to think of other ways.

"Try this blow again--"

Another move came from Gaia Thunder, the Titan Thunder Great Ape didn't panic at all, and turned around with a punch.

However, Ning Feng deliberately reduced the energy of Gaia Thunder Cannon, also to save soul power.

Ever since, he used Gaia Thunder to bombard the Titan Thunder Great Ape in the air, and he was also looking for opportunities for himself.

Let's see if there are any flaws in the Titan Thunder Great Ape. Although it is not easy to deal with, it is still possible to outwit.

"It's not wrong to say that you humans are cunning and greedy. If you can't fight, you just want to play tricks and play tricks?"

The Titan Thunder Great Ape said angrily, its eyes have been moving with Ning Feng's figure.

Its body is in a defensive mode instinctively, and it is also looking for opportunities, ready to give Ning Feng a fatal blow at any time.

"You can't do anything with me, you just want to use the radical method, but unfortunately I don't take this one!"

"Hahaha, really, let you see the true strength of your so-called soul beast king!"

After the Titan Thunder Great Ape finished speaking, some kind of sleeping power burst out in his body, the whole body was flashing crazy thunder, the positive lake felt its power, and lightning began to appear on the water.

"this is?"

Before Ning Feng could react, a huge and violent energy spread from the body of the Titan Thunder Great Ape.

A miraculous change occurred in the world in an instant, and Ning Feng's body seemed to be out of his own control.

It fell directly from the air, and it fell directly, without any sign, and did not give him any chance to react.

"How could this happen, my body is out of control?"

"No... the body suddenly became heavier..."

"It turns out that the Titan Thunder Great Ape can also directly control the gravitational magnetic field within its range. No wonder this is the case. This is troublesome..."

This is exactly how the Titan Thunder Great Ape used the power of thunder to excite the gravitational magnetic field of heaven and earth under his control, causing Ning Feng to be unable to stay in the air.


Seizing the opportunity, the Titan Thunder Great Ape attacked again, this time it increased its strength.

Originally, Ning Feng couldn't exert his full strength when gravity was not controlled. As long as it increased its strength, Ning Feng would definitely die.

"No, then I can't continue fighting."

At the moment of death, the seventh spirit ring on Ning Feng's body was shining, and thunder energy surged out.

The seventh spirit ability of Thor Martial Soul, the real body of Thor!

This reaction speed was very fast, Thor Zhen came, and the Titan Thunder Great Ape slammed Zhen on his body.

Ning Feng avoided the devastating blow in front of him, but even if he was Wuhun's real body, he still couldn't live under the explosive punch of the Titan Thunder Great Ape, and fell straight on his back.

The huge body fell into the lake, and the stormy waves were instantly rolled up, lightning and thundering!

"You are smart enough, but my strength is still something you can't contend." The Titan Thunder Great Ape said loudly.

The title of King Kong Divine Power was not in vain. Although Wuhun's real body looked solid, but in the face of absolute power, it was still nothing.

"If you really want innocence and strength, of course I can accompany you, I'm afraid you dare not pick it up!"

Controlling the real body of Thor to stand up from the lake, at the same time a sledgehammer flashing with thunder was condensed in his hand...

The Titan Thunder Great Ape slammed Ning Feng's chest with a punch, knocking him out directly.

It flew directly more than fifty meters away before sliding on the ground for a certain distance.

This power is simply terrifying, no wonder it has the title of Diamond Power.

It's just that its speed is still so fast, it would be a big trouble.

"Now you know, the gap between us is over. Little humans dare to amplify and exaggerate. You are as small as an ant in front of me, understand?" Titan Thunder Great Ape said fiercely.

Ning Feng stood up, the fifth spirit ring and the sixth spirit ring flashed at the same time, and two red lights filled his body, making him look extremely mysterious.

Another skill of the sixth spirit ring increases its own strength and speed by 90%. This is a blood red double-amplification spirit ability, which can only be seen on such a spirit ring.

And after the fifth spirit ring was shining, his fourth spirit ring was also on at the same time, with two wings on his back, and the thunder and aurora wings spread out, and the whole person flew directly.

"Also has the ability to fly, interesting!" Titan Thunder Great Ape muttered.

"The first martial arts, Gaia Thunder Cannon-"

This is Ning Feng's spirit ability with the strongest attack and explosive power so far, and with the self-increasing of the sixth spirit ring, the power can even surpass ordinary Title Douluo.

Feeling something was wrong, the Titan Thunder Great Ape frowned.

Unexpectedly, a small human being could burst out such power.

Its whole body was surging with energy, a blue halo appeared on the surface of its body, and its right hand suddenly clenched a fist and slammed it directly into Ning Feng in the air.

The Gaia Thunder Cannon was launched, and the huge Thunder Cannon fell with devastating power, and the target was the Titan Thunder Great Ape.

Today, it is like an adventure, any danger is unknowable, unpredictable, and unable to prepare in advance.

You can only face it with the most ordinary mentality and be psychologically prepared.

May be gone forever, and may be injured as a result, Yun Hao is still unwilling to give up.

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