Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 440

Chapter 440: Is This The Power Of God?

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The extremely special environment of the Holy Immortal Realm made the entire process deadlock, and no one could break through, including Yun Hao himself.

Anything a little bit of eyebrows is okay, but the situation in Saint Immortal Realm is really complicated.

Dai Xingyu learned about Xumi Wuxin Dafa from Ning Feng, and couldn't help taking a breath.

Even if you have to destroy your body for remodeling, if your physical fitness is not strong enough, accidents are easy!

Hai Feifei, Luo Xiaojie, and Ning Xiaoxue were all even more frightened. Isn't there any danger in such a mentality?

In case of any accident, it will be over.

However, Ning Feng gave them complete peace of mind. As long as their physical fitness meets the requirements and they follow the mental formulas and steps he taught, there is absolutely no problem.

As Ning Feng's brother, they also completely believed in him.

It's just that Dilar feels strange that there is such a magical cultivation method in this world.

I have never been exposed to this kind of cultivation method before, and I have such a mind at a young age.

It seems that the person whom the high priest fancy is really not easy!

After Dai Xingyu was pressured by Dilar's spirit power, he felt that the buried power in his body was aroused, and the reason for a breakthrough under tremendous pressure was indeed true.

Regardless of whether it is cultivating anything, including physical intensive training, it is also necessary to have sufficient soul power. When the soul master himself uses martial power, he also needs the medium of soul power as the release point of power. If the soul power cultivation level is not enough, then The bursting power is completely insufficient.

And the Xumi Wuxin Dafa taught to them by Ning Feng was just like that, helping them to gather their soul power faster, deepen their own consolidation and cultivation of soul power, and increase their soul power faster.

"You must remember that you must not be impatient in cultivating this mental method. You must reach the state of selflessness. You must not have any distracting thoughts in your heart. Otherwise, it will not be effective, but it will also cause serious physical, mental and spiritual power. The consequences of this." While teaching Ning Feng's formulas, Ning Feng did not forget to remind everyone of the precautions that Xumi Wuxin needs when practicing Dafa.

After all, this cultivation method is also extremely domineering. It combines the Xumi Heart Sutra and Wuxin Zen into a more powerful and domineering cultivation method, so you must not mess around when practicing.

When it comes to self-damage and remodeling of the body, this step is to be extremely cautious, and no mistake will work.

So only if you have a thorough and complete understanding of the mind, you can start practicing.

Only when you understand the cultivation steps will you feel relaxed when you practice.

"The first time you practice Wumi Wuxin Dafa, it will make you feel very painful, but as long as you persist for the first time, you will feel very comfortable. As long as you believe in yourself, you will be fine if you persist."

It took two hours to teach everyone the heart formulas one by one, and explained in detail the parts that made them difficult to understand.

After understanding it, they just need to memorize it by themselves.

"Xiaofeng, isn't it because your cultivation speed is so fast, because you have this Xumi Wuxin Dafa, have you been cultivating?" Luo Xiaojie asked curiously.

"Yes, Xiaofeng, how many weights have you trimmed now?" Dai Xingyu asked.

"My current strength has only reached the sixth peak. I want to wait until I break through to the soul saint, and then I can practice the seventh..." Ning Feng said calmly.

"It's so powerful, it's the sixth level, how fast is your cultivation efficiency?" Dai Xingyu asked in surprise.

"This still depends on the cohesion of character and soul power during cultivation. If you follow what I teach you, there is absolutely no problem."

Dillard on the side listened to their conversation, and actually wanted to try to practice this Xumi Wuxin Dafa, but he has reached the peak of Douluo, I am afraid that even this kind of magical cultivation mentality will not help him. .

The last step to enter Peerless Douluo requires a deeper power of belief and comprehension.

In this regard, he is really not as good as O'Meara. Although he used to crush him in strength, the gap between the two has grown.

I have always hoped to be able to break through to the level of Peerless Douluo, so that it can really hit Limit Douluo.

It's a pity that fate makes fun of people, no matter how hard you practice, you can't break through the last hurdle.

It seems that the threshold of Peerless Douluo is not as simple as imagined...

"Senior, you are now the pinnacle of Pinnacle Douluo. When I reach Title Douluo, Xumi Wuxin Dafa reaches the ninth level, and it can help you break through the last level." Ning Feng turned his head to Dillard. Said.

"You... are you telling the truth?" Dillard's eyes shone, and he opened his eyes suddenly. Those breathtaking eyes were indeed terrifying.

But Ning Feng didn't feel scared, but nodded with certainty.

"Senior, what I said is absolutely true, so I have to make a breakthrough in cultivation as soon as possible. I always feel that the more interesting it gets as I go..."

There are many ways to improve and break through in the world's cultivation. In addition to the usual self-cultivation, there is a strong opponent who can stimulate the strength in the body and achieve a breakthrough!

To pursue a higher peak, you have to constantly let your strength burst out, so fighting the strong is also a good way to practice.

Dai Xingyu can learn the top three levels of Xumi Wuxin Dafa, and his cultivation efficiency will be very fast.

Next are Luo Xiaojie, Hai Feifei, and Ning Xiaoxue. The physique of the three of them is naturally incomparable to Dai Xingyu, but they still meet the requirements of practicing Xumi Wuxin Dafa.

Among them, Luo Xiaojie can practice the first two levels of Xumi Wuxin Dafa because of the defensive strength of the basalt martial arts spirit, while Hai Feifei, because he has reached the soul emperor, can also practice the first two levels. Only Ning Xiaoxue is the weakest auxiliary soul master. Only able to practice Xumi Wuxin Dafa is the first level.

Generally speaking, everyone has passed the minimum requirements of Xumi Wuxin Dafa, and it is a good thing to be able to learn and practice.

"Now I will begin to teach you the heart and mantras of Xumi Wuxin Dafa one by one, you must memorize it before you start practicing!" Ning Feng said.

"Xiao Feng, don't worry, we will be careful."

"Okay, let's start!"

The five people sat together, everyone stretched out their hands, spread their arms, palms touching.

Ning Feng began to unleash his spiritual power, connect everyone's consciousness with spiritual power, and teach the mental formula to each of them through consciousness.

Start with the most basic mental formulas, which each of them can learn.

It was indeed a very special cultivation method, and Dai Xingyu and the others were shocked.

The first time I saw such a miraculous mental method, I don't know if it will really improve the efficiency of cultivation as Qian Renxue said.

The improvement of soul power is of vital importance to one's own cultivation, so it is something that must be kept in mind at all times.

The power of the holy fairy world is full of mysteries. How can this be solved?

Its not because of the existence of the Temple of Heaven that it can be done. What if it cant be done?

Is this the power of God?

Because only in this way can all this be explained.

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