Myriad Worlds Food Delivery System Chapter 1958

Chapter 1969: Chang'an City! I'm coming!

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To be honest, since the acquisition of the Wanjie takeaway system,

He has a lot of doubts.


But for the first time, such a doubt!

This is also Ye Chens conjecture and conjecture,

Ye Chen looked at this beautiful scene underground,

I was in shock directly,

You know that this scale can be said to be quite huge,

Although not comparable to the real underground mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shihuang!

But compared to the underground infrastructure structure of a Shaxian hotel,

This is too complicated and exquisite!

It's like a small underground terracotta warrior in the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang!

Three football fields the size of the world, there are heaven, earth, mountains, water and plains!

Although they are all miniatures, they look pretty much the same!

Standing at the door and looking at it is like a new world!

Especially the sky is inlaid with night pearls, which is unparalleled and dazzling.

Such a scale is definitely not something an ordinary family can do.

The group that kidnapped Jiang Xinyue,

Absolutely either rich or noble, and even has a very deep relationship with some great powers in history!

Ye Chen suddenly became cautious.

Although in the modern world, in this main world,

There is no existence that can threaten one's life, but there is nothing wrong with being careful. After all, some mysterious species are often born in this world.

As Ye Chen traveled through the world,

In fact, a lot of energy has spilled into the main world among the ten thousand realms, and many mysterious things have been born in the modern world!

For example, the hermit family in the Leifeng Tower area back then!

Their Beichen family is actually relying on that Leifeng Pagoda.

real world!

To be honest, it has its own intersection with the real mysterious world!

Once this meeting point occurs,

Then it is enough to change a lot of things!

So some magical things are born in the modern world,

Ye Chen was not surprised at all!

So in this world, its best to take precautions before they happen!

Although Ye Chen came back from the ghost world,

Although returning from some intermediate worlds,

He has countless abilities beside him, but to be honest, Ye Chen hasn't been to the world of truly advanced force.

There is nothing wrong with Gou in the main world!

Follow the main road directly towards the center point.

Go forward from the center of the main road,

Is a huge stone gate,

It is estimated that Shimen is the place where they transferred Jiang Xinyue.

Ye Chen estimated that the group of people passed through this passage,

Moved Jiang Xinyue to an unknown place.

After passing through this tunnel,

I don't know what kind of world it is, Ye Chen just headed forward.

In the main world, he doesnt care about security issues,

Security is for him!

It's not a problem at all!


After Ye Chen opened the door, there was nothing behind it!

All this caused Ye Chen to fall into confusion immediately.

Because behind this huge square, behind that huge stone gate,

Its not that there is no other world,

Not a new world!


A long corridor that goes on!

Just ten minutes or even dozens of minutes ago,

Jiang Xinyue and the others should have walked from here!

Here are the dirt footprints they left behind!

Ye Chen went directly along this corridor, but what made Ye Chen even more shocked!

The end of the tunnel splits up,

It is directly divided into eight channels.

Every channel leads to the depths of the earth,

the most important is!

When Ye Chen chose a passage to walk, he found that among the eighth of the passage,

At the end it split into eight!

Continue to choose one and come to the end, again divided into eight!

It is densely packed like a cave of ants.

It can be said that a dense network is woven underground,

There is no real exit and direction at all,

Ye Chen frowned suddenly!

In such a complicated situation, there are at least a few thousand underground passages.

There are tens of thousands of possible combinations!

Its really difficult to find their destination.


Ye Chen walked inside for about two hours!

It took two hours to reach the end of a passage!

It's a pity!

Ye Chen returned to the origin again!

Using his extremely large memory, Zhuge Liang's second-level development brain found the original way and returned to the hall where he could see the mountains, the sun and the moon.

Then I chose another path, this time I went straight for two hours,

Walked out of a sewer exit in the center of Chang'an,

It is conceivable that these channels lead to different directions!

Individuals will get lost unless they have the most complete map and very powerful experience.

If ordinary humans enter, they will get lost.

You can't get out for a lifetime, you just starve to death inside!

Ye Chen also saw the bones of many people on the roads of some passages. It was obvious that someone strayed into the passage over the years. After entering from a certain exit or entrance, they died inside without any supplies.

So this passage can be said to be very dangerous. That is, Ye Chen, a talent with super physical strength and super developed brain, can come and go freely in this channel, but there are tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of possibilities here, and Ye Chen cannot go one by one. try. Everyone can

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Ye Chen didn't have time to experiment and test these things.

and so!

Ye Chen chose a channel without hesitation.

Then he walked out from the center of Chang'an. At this time, he was in the center of Chang'an.

Was drilled out of a small alley,

You know that in the world where I deliver food in Ten Thousand Realms, there are small alleys everywhere that can be hidden.

"It seems that things are getting more and more interesting,"

Ye Chen muttered to himself at this moment!

Said indifferently,

I wanted to see who kidnapped Jiang Xinyue,

But now it seems that Jiang Xinyue is a very important person.

Was kidnapped by a vital force!

Whether this specific case has anything to do with the Tuoba family remains to be verified.

Ye Chen was full of expectation!

"It seems that the trip to Chang'an will definitely not be lonely!"

"The enemies encountered in Chang'an will definitely not be weak!"

This is in line with Ye Chens worth and identity,

Ye Chen is so strong now, it would be a pity not to engage in a few awesome opponents.

"It doesn't matter if you are the Tuoba family related to Jiang Xinyue, some other family, or your hidden family that is intertwined, I am here anyway."

Ye Chen narrowed his eyes.

"This time I will turn the whole Chang'an City upside down.

Let the world know my strength,

Let the entire hidden family be shocked for me, let all the ethnic groups of the entire hidden family kneel at my feet! "

Ye Chen thought of this in his heart, and suddenly became proud of it!

A force of pressure was released from one's body,

Go straight to the sky! It can be said to be quite handsome and invincible!

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