Myriad Worlds Food Delivery System Chapter 1959

Chapter 1970: Come back to Naruto World! The death of Zilai!

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Ye Chen smiled lightly.

The more challenging he is, the more he likes it!

He knew that the things in Chang'an City were about to end!

When you face this terrifying family, all the rice **** will be unlocked!

Including ancient problems, including Qin Shihuang's problems...


It's not a problem!

right now,

That day is almost here!

Ye Chen is about to go back...

He is now at an exit in the tunnel, it is time to go back and find the Zhao family, and take Beichen Yaodong to the city!

Just at this time!


"system hint!"

"You have received an order from the shadow world!"

"Please send a popsicle to the shadow world as fast as you require!"

As soon as Ye Chen heard the system prompt,

Immediately came the spirit!


"It's the shadow world again!"

Ye Chen had also received orders from Suying before.

At that time, the Ka Ka Xi class was just established,

San Xiaoqiang is also immature and cute!

Now it's going to go to the shadow world again!

Ye Chen was very excited inside!

You must know that the last time you have experienced the shadow world, you have not yet come into contact with a higher-level battle!

Not only can I see Ming Ba again this time!

Maybe you can still learn Xianshu!

Get a living cell or something!

Then really make a lot of money!

Its just not seen for so long,

I don't know if the group of people Mingbin recognizes me!

Ye Chen smiled slightly!

Hastily swept a Hara bike!

Go downstairs and buy a double popsicle of the same style!

The stall owner scratched his head!

How to buy popsicles is like eating bee shit,

Have fun!

Ye Chen rode his bike to the familiar quiet alley!


With the prompt sound of the system!

The space-time channel slowly opens!

The dazzling white light flickered by,

Ye Chen seems to be walking in a wide passage!

Dense and endless turbulence all around!

Ye Chen has long lost the freshness it had before!

The white light disappeared,

Ye Chen appeared on a bicycle in a quiet and peaceful village!

Guying Village, meeting room!

The Five Dynasties Suying Gangshou, the Immortal Hama of Miaowa Mountain, Xiaoying and others gathered together!

Ka Kaxi led Ming Wang into the meeting room!

"Xiao Zilai, too, died in battle!"

Immortal Ha Mao told Ming Wang the bad news deeply!

Ming Qi was surprised at first,

Then tremblingly asked:

"You...what are you talking about?"

Everyone in the surroundings buried their heads!

Naruto knew this was not a joke!

That invincible lecherous fairy is really dead!

There is no reversal!

How he wanted to suddenly jump out of one of them!

Then laugh out loud:

"Stupid boy, you are fooled again!"

But nothing happened!

Ming Min took a deep look at his hand:

"Why leave such a dangerous thing to him alone!"

"You don't understand the character of the lecherous fairy, right?"

Ka Kaxi stopped Ming Wang who wanted to come forward to theory.

Sternly scolded:

"Mingbang, you should understand the feelings of Master Kuying in the Five Dynasties!"

Ming Wang glanced at Ka Kaxi,

No more arguing,

Push the door and leave!

"Let him be quiet!"

The moment the door closes,

There was a tired voice from the conference room!

Ming Min walked on the street aimlessly,

People come and go!

But there is no more warm figure in his eyes!

The night fell,

The stars are hanging high!

Ming Min sat alone on a bench in the village,

Eyes wide open,

Two lines of tears couldn't help but flow down!

No choking,

No crying!

Just simply want to turn all memories into tears!


A broken popsicle appeared in front of Ming Ben's eyes!

Ming Min looked up in surprise!

That name almost has to be called out!

But only saw a tall and handsome figure,

Ye Chen was holding Poppyzine and looked at Ming Ben with a decadent face with a smile! !

Ming Min's eyes widened!

Zi Lai Ye's figure and Ye Chen's figure seemed to overlap at that moment!

Unconsciously take the popsicle that has started to melt!

"Vortex boy!"

"I haven't seen you for many days, how come you have become like this!"

Ye Chen smiled slightly.

Sit next to Ming Bang!

Ming Wang had no intention of investigating why Ye Chen, who had been missing for several years, suddenly appeared here!

Just stupidly responded:


Ye Chen sees this look!

I understood the current situation in an instant!

Damn Nima,

What do you mean!

Just pass it to me here!

This is the mid-term timeline of the shadow world!

It turns out that this world has developed to this extent!

Ji Raiya, who has been teaching the protagonist Naruto, was killed by his former disciple Nagato!

Before dying,

Zilai also desperately fights against himself, and the information obtained can be backed by the immortal Hamao!

Shen Zuo escaped the scene using space teleportation!

Zilai was also penetrated by countless clarinets,

Sink to the bottom of the sea,

Forever left the world!

The dragon swims the angelica, and the sea does not welcome me!

Ye Chen watched this episode back and forth many times!

When Ye Chen watched this paragraph, he almost cried to death!

Ji Lai Ya's will is entrusted to the hand of Ming Wang!

Iluka takes over the fetters of guarding Naruto!

Unexpectedly, this time I crossed directly to this place!

this time!

Then I will take over Zilai's will!

Ye Chen made up his mind!

But there was no strange expression on his face!

"I heard about Mr. Zi Raiya too!"

"I bumped into Mr. Zilai Ye when I was doing missions elsewhere before!"

"He still feels very proud when he mentions you!"

Ye Chen got up,

Looking at Ming Bin who was stunned by himself,

Decided to add fire!

"Naruto, Mr. Zi Lai Ye has been looking at you all the time!"

"Don't let him down!"

Ming Min's eyes lit up!

Ye Chen's figure was projected by the light,

Very tall!


Nodded heavily!

Gulping the half of the popsicle in your hand!

Seeing another lost boy being pulled back on track by himself,

Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction!

Ming Min's heart was completely opened by Ye Chen!

He asked about Ye Chen's current situation!

Ye Chen smiled slightly, Ye Chen naturally couldn't tell his true situation.

However, the extinction of the world can still be talked about!

Give him a long view!

Tell him the story of the ghost destroying the world!

"A ghost ancestor appeared in that place thousands of years ago!"

"Specializing in killing and transforming innocent people into ghosts..."

Naruto was listening with gusto!

Exclaim from time to time!

Sweat for the story and process that Ye Chen has experienced!

At the same time secretly sighed:

"Unexpectedly, only a few years have passed!"

"Ye Chen is already so strong!"

"The strength should reach the level of the **** mother-in-law and the lecherous fairy!"

"It seems I still have a long way to go!"

What Ye Chen didn't know was,

My own Hu Tianhaidi blowing unexpectedly ignited the fighting spirit of the son of luck in front of me!

Ming Min knew that Ye Chen was out on missions all the year round.


Simply invited Ye Chen back to live in his own home!

Also intimately soaked Ye Chen's own collection of instant noodles!

Ye Chen's face remained calm!

The excited people are about to jump!

When I was a child, I watched Mingjuns house collect so many instant noodles,

I already cried!

But I have never had a chance to try!

After a while,

The warm water vapor is floating in the air!

The dried fish board has been mellow as ever after the water temperature is soaked!

There are also two huge slices of char siu in it!


"Is this the special edition ramen that Lao Tzu is thinking of!"

Ye Chen quickly swept away the ramen under Ming Min's joyful eyes!

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