Myriad Worlds Food Delivery System Chapter 1960

Chapter 1971: Lanzhou Ramen and Yile Ramen!

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To be honest, Ye Chen likes the world's Yile Ramen!

And Ming Qis favorite food,

It is the Lanzhou ramen that Ye Chen brought over from the modern world!


this time,

Ye Chen brought popsicles over,

Did not bring Lanzhou Ramen!

"Mingwon, next time,"

"I'll send you Lanzhou here!"

Ye Chen said it!

Ye Chen knew,

I gave out this popsicle by myself, just to make Mingbin boost morale!


Have not received the order from the system, let yourself go back!

It means that he wants to spend some time in this world!

And in the world of Yingying, Ye Chen could indeed learn a lot!


Ye Chen is in the main world now,

What we are about to face is a powerful and mysterious family like the Tuoba family,

The ghost knows if they will have any supernatural powers! ?

and so,

Ye Chen must be cautious!

Although Ye Chen is invincible, and physically invincible in close combat,

But what is missing is some magical things such as spells,

Just right,

The shadow world, fancy ninjutsu, can enhance Ye Chen's ability in this area!

Just want to sleep, so came the pillow!

If you want to have a baby, there are pregnant women who come upside down!

and so!

Ye Chen didn't leave in a hurry!

But in the shadow world, in Ming Wangs home,

Lived down~!

Because Ye Chen knew,

In this world, Zilai is also dead, and all the plots will be triggered on Ming Wang's body!

Following Ming Bang and protecting Ming Bang, you will truly follow the plot of Yan Ying!

As a fan of the shadow, this kind of plot is extremely passionate!

More than the Bo people reignited!

Naturally, you have to experience it!


the most important is,

Ye Chen can also in this process,

Grow up with Naruto, learn ninjutsu, and improve your strength!

It's profitable and harmless!


In the world of the main world, time does not move!

and so,

Ye Chen stayed!

. . . . .

"Ding Dong, Ding Dong!"

Early in the morning,

A lively doorbell rang in front of Ming's house!

"Is there no one?"

Nara Lumaru outside the door shook his head.

Ready to leave!


The door opened by itself!

Luwan said hello and entered the house!

I happened to see Ye Chen in the room!

After all, Ye Chen is also a fan of Shuying, and the home furnishings when he was young are also imitating Ming Wang's home furnishings!

Now the dream comes true, so I took a photo with my phone!


Luwan was stunned!

Who is this! ?

This man is handsome!

The appearance is dignified, handsome and extraordinary!

It's a weird orange takeaway costume that makes people wonder if it's a Gentile!

Mingmin, when did you know this kind of person?

Ye Chen saw Lu Wan's suspicious look,

With a kick, Ming Bang woke up with a bewildered look!

Ming Guan woke up and spent a lot of effort to explain clearly!

"This is our former teacher, the mysterious Mr. Dongfang during the trio assessment!"

"It's the founder of Lanzhou Ramen!"

I'm Cao!


Luck the pill!

Lanzhou noodles!


After Naruto ate the ramen, he didn't eat it completely, but took a bite of soup in his mouth!

It's Lanzhou Ramen Soup!


Naruto lifted the soup and became the signature of Yile Ramen!

There is an endless stream of people eating this old soup!

yuan originally,

The founder is this gentleman!

Luwan glanced at Ye Chen in shock!

Then I remembered the business!

Then Luwan handed Mingzhen a photo!

That is behind the Immortal Hamao,

There are many unknown numbers engraved on it!

"We have never had a clue here!"

"So I want to ask if you have any special clues here!"

Ming Min frowned!

I can't think of a reason for a while!

Ye Chen on the side smiled slightly.

He naturally knows what this number represents!

But he is still too suitable to say it!

He can't easily expose himself now!

The shadow world has reached the standard of the medium magic world!

Whether it is the **** of grace or the violent gods, they have great power!

Ye Chen had to make a detailed plan!

Only in order to continue to study in the shadow world for a long time!

He wants these skills!

"Si Lai, does he have anything he particularly likes?"

Ye Chen on the side knocked sideways!

He knows the plot, but he can't reveal too much!

I dont know much about Lianwan,

Ming Min's face flushed instantly,

Unconsciously scratching his scalp:

"Does it count as peeping in the women's bath?"

Luwan frowned,

Seems to have thought of something,

Scream Ming Bang!

The three came to Meye's data room together!

There are two secret language staff who have been fighting all night in the data room!

Looking at the messy hair of the female assistant and half a bottle of wine on the table,

Everyone also understands that there should be no progress in the process of deciphering this secret language!

They looked up all the information Meye had about Zilai Ye,

Even some of Zilais early files were moved out and looked up again!

There is still no source of these numbers!


Ming Min looked at the densely packed materials and files in front of him,


Ye Chen smiled slightly.

I thought Ming Min finally understood it!

"Mother-in-law Gangshou should have news of a lustful fairy!"

The female assistant on the side cleared the thick glasses in front of her:

"Master Gangshou is the first to come here to sort out the information!"

"Unfortunately she has no clue!"

It's a hard time for Ming and others!

I thought that Ming Wang would have special thoughts,

Now the scene seems to have reached a deadlock!

"I think we should start with Mr. Raiya's hobby!"

"A hobby that others can think of when they see Mr. Raiya!"

"Since leaving the secret words should be the easiest thing we can think of!"

Luwan's spirit was shocked!

"Provoke heaven!"

Naruto is a bit unclear so!

The tone is a little unbelievable:

"Yeah, isn't it..."

Everyone quickly went to find a copy of "Provoking Heaven" published by Zilai!

"Mr. Luwan, you come to read me to write!"

The female assistant named Zhibao threw the Qin Se Tian Tian to Lu Wan!

After opening the pill, I found something was wrong!

He finally understands why Ming Bang calls it a lecherous book!

Shiho sorted out the three lines of text based on the secret code that Zilai also left!

By contrast,

Found that something is wrong!

This can't form a word!

Changed direction again and wrote six lines of text!

A paragraph of text is formed after the first word is connected:

"Wood and Ye Yi have no chairs!"

meaning is:

"No real body!"

This time even Ming Bang was a little bit difficult!

Although he has read a lot of books written by Zilai,

But I dont know what this means!

Ye Chen praised Luwan's clever mind!

But the pill was even more shocked by Ye Chen's origins!

"On the surface it seems that Ming Wang is giving clues!"

"In fact, it seems that this man is beating from side to side, both openly and secretly!"

"What a terrible person!"

"Where did he come from?"

"What is the purpose of entering Muye Village!"

Now Mu Ye is the eventful autumn!

Master Zilai died in battle,

The Xiao organization of unknown origin is also trying to look at Ye Village! Forgive me for using homophonic sounds, everyone can understand! If you don't understand, you can search for Krypton King Ou Huang with a certain sound, there is a better plot analysis, and the explanation of the buried hole in the front.

Lian Wan had to play up the spirit!

"Why don't you go and ask the immortal uncle!"

Ming Qi suggested!

After all, Immortal Hamao and Teacher Zilai have fought together!

This proposal was quickly approved by everyone!

A few people came to Gangshou's office!

Tell the deciphering result to Immortal Hama and Gangshou!

Immortal Ha Mao took a deep look at the words "no real body"!

Like thinking of something,

But finally shook his head!

Although Shen Zuo did not give the answer directly,

The conversation turned around:

"Regardless of the puzzle or not, depending on your current strength, there is no way to turn the tide of the battle even if there is a master around you!"

Shen Zuo pointed at Ye Chen, who was a low-key and unusually low-key person beside Mingwan!

Gangshou and Xiaoying only noticed Ye Chen on the side!

There was a burst of joy in Xiaoying's eyes:

"Mr. Ye Chen! You have been there for the past few years!"

"How come back now!"

Xiaoying still has a little affection for the handsome and handsome Ye Chen in her heart!

Ye Chen smiled slightly.

"Over the years, I went to the field to do missions!"

"By chance, I learned about the capture of the tail beast by the Xiao organization and the news about the damage to the eyes!"

"Just rushed back from a faraway place!"

"Fortunately, there is still a chance!"

Gangshou also heard the name Ye Chen,

But it is said that I left it a few years ago!

Shen Zuo ignored the old folks. Starting today, the author keeps two changes a day and no longer owes arrears. This year is too lazy and disappointed everyone. This time, absolutely not!

Keep talking!

"Mingwon, why don't you follow me to Miaomu Mountain to learn immortality!"

"At the moment we don't have the strength to fight against Payen!"

"Boy, you want to avenge Xiao Zilai too!"

Ming Min was startled!

Firmly said:

"That's natural!"

"However, can learning immortality really defeat God's grace?"

Shen Zuo shook his head!

"It depends on your own comprehension, Xiao Mingzhen!"

Ming Min grinned:

"Laughter fairy can do it, and naturally I won't admit defeat!"

Shen Zuo nodded with deep relief! Then he used the technique of inverse psychic to return Ming to psychic back to Miaomu Mountain!

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