Myriad Worlds Inventory Box Chapter 3071

Chapter 3068: .occupy The Fan Country

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As the instigator, Huang Feng was hiding somewhere in Yanfeng Nation, watching the battle between Yanfeng Nation and Fan Nation.

Of course, neither Fan Nation nor Yanfeng Nation are stupid. They know that there is such a mysterious force. Therefore, while attacking each other, they are still searching for the position of Huang Feng and his subordinates, the domestic of Fan Nation. There is a mysterious army, and there is also a mysterious army in Yanfeng Nation. Although these two countries are fighting now, one thing they do is the same, and that is to find the mysterious army in their own country.

However, Huang Feng can know everything around him through the green nose worm, and, with the help of the "temporal key", he can transmit at any time, avoid it, and even run back and forth between two countries. Fan country and Yan Although Feng Guo tried his best, he could not find the whereabouts of Huang Feng and his men.

The mysterious army is really mysterious.

The people of the two countries can only be so emotional, and as the battle between the two superpowers becomes more and more fierce, there are fewer and fewer people they use to find the mysterious army, which makes it easier for Huang Feng to hide. .

With the passage of time, the advantages and disadvantages on the battlefield slowly emerged. With their military and psychological advantages, the Yanfeng Nation began to gain the upper hand. Their strength was originally stronger than the Fan Nation, but it was only because of themselves. There were some problems in the rear that allowed the Fan Nation to defeat them. Now they are attacking the Fan Nation with all their strength. The Fan Nation has just been tossed enough by Huang Feng and his men. Therefore, they simply can't beat the Yanfeng Nation. people.

Of course, the people of Yanfeng Nation are not easy to fight. After all, the battlefield is in the country of Fan Nation, and the people of Fan Nation also understand that once they lose, then, waiting for them, it is very likely that the country will be destroyed. Therefore, they had no retreat at all, they fought very hard and were very determined.

It's just that, because of their strength, they are ultimately at a disadvantage. There is a sad atmosphere throughout the country. Many people seem to have seen the tragic future of their country.

However, just as Fan Nation was being beaten more and more miserably by Yanfeng Nation, more and more territories occupied by the other side, and the danger of annihilation of the country became greater and greater, suddenly came from the country of Yanfeng. Shocking and exciting news for people in the fan country.

Those high-level bosses of Yanfeng Nation were killed at the same time, and all the bosses were dead!

It is said that the tycoons of the Yanfeng Nation were in a meeting to discuss the remaining plans for attacking the Fan Nation. At the same time, they were ready to increase the search for the mysterious domestic army again. In their view, the Fan Nation was basically affected by them It was taken. What they have to do now is to encroach on the fan country step by step, and at the same time find out the mysterious army in the country to eliminate hidden dangers.

Its just that this was originally just an ordinary meeting, but there was such a big accident. So many people died in the meeting room. Except for some soldiers outside the meeting room who were also killed, no one else knew about this. Circumstances, when they found out about it, everyone was dead, but the murderer was missing. From beginning to end, there was not much movement in and out of the conference room. This shows that the killers were killed. People are very strong.

The deaths of these big brothers soon spread throughout the entire Flame Wind Nation, causing a huge shock. Everyone did not expect such a thing to happen, because those big brothers were killed in a pot, so after their deaths, There is no way to determine who will be in charge of the overall situation. The entire Yanfeng Nation fell into chaos in an instant, and various crimes increased in an instant. At the same time, some people with ideas were also ready to move.

In this situation, where are the soldiers of the Flame Wind Nation in the Fan Country, how much are they thinking about fighting? The first thing that some generals in this army thought about was to return home immediately. If they were not in the country at this time, they would gain very little interest afterwards, which was obviously very detrimental to them.

Therefore, although the fan country has been fighting for a long time, as long as you make persistent efforts, you can completely eliminate the fan country. At this time, you can't take care of it. Of course, not everyone wants to give up the good situation in front of them. They want Stay and continue to attack the fan country.

As a result, there was a disagreement on Yanfeng Nation's side. Some people led the team to leave without nostalgia, while a small number of people stayed and continued to fight.

There are not many people left, and their minds are somewhat affected by domestic affairs, and their combat effectiveness is greatly reduced. Facing such a team, the people of the fan country will naturally not be as embarrassed as before. Even, they will share the fear in their hearts. Anger must be vented on these people in front of you.

The battle that had just stopped shortly continued.

And the situation in Yanfeng Nation would not be better than that of Fan Nation. Those who went back were conceived with each other. Huang Feng only provoked a bit from it, and those people started fighting on their own. The country of wind is more chaotic.

The two superpowers are in chaos, which stuns people in other countries around them. They dont know how things suddenly become like this. Only Huang Feng, who has been hiding behind the scenes and slowly pushing the matter, can understand the matter. Throughout the process, I also knew the reason why they were so messy.

At this time, Huang Feng did not continue to hide, and rushed out with the team. The first thing he attacked was not the Yanfeng Nation that had fallen into chaos, but the Fan Nation that was already on the verge of collapse!

The people of Fan Nation thought that the chaos in Yanfeng Nation was finally relieved, but they did not expect that some of the troops of Yanfeng Nation did not retreat and continued to fight with them.

If there were only such a few people, they could still deal with it, and then, at this time, the **** mysterious army appeared again, and, as soon as it appeared, they would directly kill them.

What makes the fan country even more chaotic is that the big guys in their country were actually killed!

This change caused the Fan Nation, which was already on the verge of collapse, to completely collapse. Huang Feng successfully occupied a lot of cities. As for the remaining troops of the Yanfeng Nation, they fought against the Fan Nation. For a long time, the fight was fierce, and now there was not much energy to face Huang Feng's offensive, Huang Feng easily defeated the remaining troops.

At this point, no one in the entire fan country is Huang Feng's opponent, and no one can stop him from occupying the entire fan country.

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