Myriad Worlds Inventory Box Chapter 3073

Chapter 3070: . Conclusion And Testimonials

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Huang Feng frowned slightly and said: "Mengmeng and Wenwen should be fine, even if they find out, they won't necessarily speak out."

Huang Feng had some contact with Mengmeng and Wenwen, and he also had some understanding of the two. He felt that these two people should not be able to tell their secrets.

"You said it yourself, it's just a'should'." Su Yumo said: "What if? Can you guarantee it? What will happen to them after graduation, it will be difficult to say."

Huang Feng thought for a while and said, "Then what do you say?"

"Accept them!" Su Yumo said without hesitation: "Only when everyone is in the same boat is the safest and most trustworthy one."

"Ah!" Huang Feng's mouth grew in surprise.

"Ah what? It's as if you haven't done this before." Su Yumo whited Huang Feng and said: "There have been similar things before, don't you choose the same? This is the best way."

"But, it's not that there are two more women, don't you mind?" Huang Feng asked.

"Mind, how could I not, except me, you have any woman, I would mind, but what is the way to do this?" Su Yumo whited Huang Feng and said, "This is your situation, I don't It's not acceptable."

Huang Feng is a little embarrassed. He has more women. He said: "However, I don't know what Mengmeng and Wenwen think."

"The two of them have been interested in you for a long time. I know this." Su Yumo said: "Tomorrow, I will help you ask this matter clearly."

"This... alright" Su Yumo said so, and Huang Feng didn't know what to say.

The next day, Su Yumo really asked Mengmeng and Wenwen about this matter. Although the two girls were shy, they were very courageous. They might have been waiting for this opportunity, so they asked them in Su Yumo. At the time, they all bravely admitted their thoughts on Huang Feng.

After that, the matter was simple. The two women had ideas about Huang Feng, and Su Yumo did not object. The matter was logical. Huang Fengs big family had two more members. Seeing his friend and best friend, it became a reality. With her own sister-in-law, Huang Tingting has nothing to say except roll her eyes.

With Su Yumo, a capable and generous woman in the backyard, Huang Feng doesn't have to worry about a fire in his backyard, and his vision has been developing steadily, eventually becoming the most important existence in the world.

And even at that time, Huang Feng's transmission continued.

Life will not end, but will be transmitted endlessly!

End of the book!

End of this thought:

This book was uploaded on August 16, 2017 and ended today. It took 1124 days and wrote a total of 7.26 million words. During this period, it has undergone severe crackdowns and numerous revisions. Originally, I had a lot of ideas about this book. However, in After countless revisions, this book has been changed beyond recognition, and many places have been changed inconsistently. This has also led to my original ideas and there is no way to continue to write them down. I guess I will be able to follow up to the last persons thoughts. There is not much left, but I am sorry everyone.

However, this is after all the first time I wrote a novel in more than four years. It is the first time I have officially finished a novel. I have written several books before, either the **** or the appendix. This is my first book in the true sense. The completion of this novel is of extraordinary significance to me, and I am also grateful to the readers who have always liked and once liked this novel of mine. It is because of your love that I can stick to it till now.

Sincere thanks.

Finally, I recommended my new book "The Best Ring", which has written more than one million words, and friends who are interested can read it.

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