N.a.k.e.d Sword Art Book 2 Chapter 139

Volume 2: Conquering The Black Paradise Sect Chapter 139 My Turn

[ Lightning Tribulation ]




Xiao Fang could feel the profundity in the characters alone. As magnificent as they were, the characters didn't give him a welcoming feeling, it felt more like a warning.

The door was warm to the touch, giving Xiao Fang the impression that whatever was inside must've been fairly hot.

Xiao Fang tried to push the doors open, but when it was open just a crack, a harsh light suddenly shined through. Upon inspecting it closely, Xiao Fang could see that it wasn't just a single bright light, but a countless number of them.

Looking through the narrow opening of the doors, Xiao Fang could see a sea of Lightning on the other side, and roughly 50 meters away was another gate, but it was even bigger and more impressive than the one he was opening now.

"Am I really supposed to walk through this."

Xiao Fang froze upon seeing such a terrifying sight. He didn't think he could handle getting struck even once, so how was he supposed to get through to the other side.

Even though Xiao Fang couldn't see or hear anyone, the moment he opened the [ Lightning Tribulation ] gates, he could feel a pair of eyes staring at him. It was neither friendly nor hostile, but it made Xiao Fang feel as if he was being judged.

Looking into the gates, Xiao Fang hesitated. He knew it wasn't going to be easy, but wasn't this taking things too far?

While most people in his shoes would have seen it as a dead end, Xiao Fang saw it as finishing line. This was his last push, so he wanted to finish it strong. Seeing the hellish plains in front of him only settled his impatient heart.

'After this, it would finally be over.'

Xiao Fang walked in with the intent of accepting the vicious sea of lightning, but he immediately blacked out after stepping inside.


When Xiao Fang woke up, he found himself still inside of the Spirit Pagoda, but he was laying down with his head resting on the elder's lap. He couldn't remember what happened, but he now had a splitting headache.

As Xiao Fang was looking around, he realized all of his wounds were healed. It seemed that the elder was successful in healing him in the end, but if that was the case then wouldn't it mean that the Divine Spirit Beast would start attacking him again?

"How do you feel?" She asked.

With his head still resting on her lap, Xiao Fang looked up at her, but he didn't say a word. She continued to look down at him as she stroked his hair.

Xiao Fang thought she was acting strange, but he couldn't understand why. She had been looking into his eyes for the past 10 hours without much of a reaction so he assumed that she was immune or highly resistant to it's effects.

What Xiao Fang didn't know was just how precious he was to the sect, her sect. Even though she didn't originally approve of him and was venting her anger at him in the beginning, now that Xiao Fang had proven himself as being a strong and capable man, she finally accepted him as a disciple of the sect. He had completely won her over.

The elder was no longer in the sect, nor was she involved with the sect's affairs, but if she was then she would've taken good care of Xiao Fang till he became an exemplary Black Paradise disciple.

"How long was I out for?" Xiao Fang asked.

"Only a few minutes," she replied.

The strange thing was that Xiao Fang wasn't just fully energized, he felt significantly stronger too.

'Did I make another breakthrough?' he thought.

Xiao Fang released his aura then made a shocking discovery. His aura had reduced back down to 1 layer indicating that he was back to the 1st stage, but it was significantly denser than before. He didn't just make 1 breakthrough, he made 2.

"Profound Spirit realm." Xiao Fang thought out loud.

Even though he could clearly feel it, it took him a long time to believe it. The elder on the other didn't share the same reaction, but it was likely she already reacted to it before he woke up.

Xiao Fang already achieved far more than he ever thought was possible in the spirit pagoda, but he could only think about one thing. Did he grasp the power of the [ True Immortal Lightning Tribulation ]?

Xiao Fang took his head off the elders lap then stood back up. Seeing Xiao Fang completely healed and standing back on his feet, the Divine Spirit Beast assumed he was ready to continue their fight.

The elder sighed.

She was hoping that Xiao Fang would stop now since she told him the challenge was a scam, but it looked like he still wanted to continue.

"I already told you it was impossible. Why are you still trying?" She asked him.

Ignoring the elder's words Xiao Fang started activating his spirit attribute.

Seeing Xiao Fang channeling his spirit attribute again, the Divine Spirit Beast immediately jumped back into action. However, something spectacular began to happen. Xiao Fang was nearly emitting the same aura as the Divine Spirit Beast. Since he was in the Profound Spirit realm, his spirit attribute raised his cultivation into the Divine Spirit realm. However, the thing that surprised the spirit beast was that Xiao Fang's battle power was still rising, and it was rising fast.

Xiao Fang also realized it, but the thing that surprised him was that he didn't feel any pain from it. He could keep releasing more of his spirit attribute without any drawbacks.

'Could it be?' he thought.

Realizing what it could mean, Xiao Fang quickly channeled more and more qi from his spirit attribute.

However, before he could finish he suddenly saw the spirit beast's fist coming his way. The punch connected to Xiao Fang's face, but it didn't move him. The spirit beast felt as if it had punched a mountain, Xiao Fang didn't even move an inch.

Looks of disbelief appeared on the faces of both the spirit beast and the elder, then the atmosphere around Xiao Fang suddenly began to change.

"Impossible... How... how could you-" The elder struggled to even make a sentence. She was just too shocked.

Similar to when Li Lian used her spirit attribute, Xiao Fang's aura and appearance began to change, his spirit body was undergoing a complete transformation.

Xiao Fang's long black hair turned white, and his hands, eyes, and feet began to glow, then his spirit body started to emit a light blue aura. Occasional streaks of lightning curved around his spirit body as his hair and robes fluttered violently, giving him an intimidating presence.

Xiao Fang looked down at his hands as he felt the power surging through his spirit veins. It was just as he expected. The lightning didn't hurt him no matter how much he used. He was able to use it's full strength without any restrictions.

It wasn't just his appearance that changed, his cultivation had changed enormously as well.

Xiao Fang flexed his arms feeling the enormous power they each contained. This was unlike anything he had ever felt before. Not even his father emitted such an oppressive presence.

"This pressure..." the elder said in surprise.

Xiao Fang had done something she thought was impossible. He was using the full power of his True Immortal Spirit Attribute!

Xiao Fang wasn't as surprised about his spirit attribute as much as he was surprised about his current cultivation. That was because his spirit attribute didn't just increase his cultivation by a single realm, it now increased it by two.

Xiao Fang looked back up at the Divine Spirit Beast in front of him, and it took a step back in hesitation. Even the Divine Spirit Beast could feel it. Xiao Fang had never personally seen any unleash the power of anything higher than the Divine Realm, but he was convinced this had to be it. This had to be the Heavenly Realm!!

A vicious grin appeared on Xiao Fang's face as he looked up at the spirit beast.

"I hope you had your fun, cause now it's my turn."

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