New Game Book 4 Chapter 256

Volume 4: Cities Of Refuge Chapter 256 Forced To Fight

The entire hill was burned up, and the flames were now being blown away. The other rockets exploded in mid-air as it could not withstand the tremendous attacks from the cities defense system. Yet since it exploded closer to the city and happened, the malicious flames were now starting fires on the nearby buildings. Even the Exoskeletons and soldiers were moving to avoid the drifting flames as it would affect them.

Panic began to erupt as unrest occurred. Due to the mysterious sound that challenged the Lost Primordial, many in the city were panicking. They feared being caught in between the battle between the Lost Primordial and Harker's allies.

"We are being held hostage! Don't believe the lies of the government!" One of the citizens shouted as he called out for the others to flee and leave the city.

The city defenses were already set up. Tall walls that reached up to forty meters sprung from the ground and prevented many from escaping.

Many were barging at the gates of the walls in an attempt to flee.

All hell broke loose inside the city.

Outside the city, on a nearby hill which was now burning with intense heat, a figure remained standing.

"Amazing It really is Emerald!" Seeker trembled as he watched his character leave the large truck which finalized their move to the new city.

The sounds were even playing on his head.

"How did he do this? This isn't thought processing anymore! It's programmed thought! Just how disgusting is this man?!" Seeker could almost curse. But Seeker knew that Lennox did this in hopes for Seeker to develop more skills and possibly create an additional thought process.

Seeker finally sighed and began to walk out of the flames.

Outside, Jamie, Thomas, and Mark, members of the twelve, waited.

"Is the General alright?" Mark asked.

"You asked an irrelevant question."

"It's just Git Godlike already exited the area, but General still hasn't moved out of the fire? Why would he remain in the fire? Wouldn't that consume more of his powers?"

Even Jamie couldn't answer that question.

"Look! Behold! Walking in the midst of the fire! The flames do not devour him, and his appearance is that of a son of man!" A man called Thomas joked.

The two glared at him with a strange expression.

"What? It's very rare to be able to quote from Daniel and literally use it in the exact context of the verse!" Thomas argued.

Seeker finally emerged out of the fire, totally unharmed with a complicated expression on his face.

"General, What happened?" Jamie immediately asked.

"Never mind me. Prep each force and ready the attack. You all know what to do, right? Right now, even your soldiers would be confused. We trick them into raiding the city. If you can achieve that, your mission is practically halfway complete. All you have to do is try to survive and cause more havoc."

"That's our mission? What if the forces retreat and abandon my command if they become suspicious?"

"Really, Thomas? You still don't understand the point of our other orders."

Thomas laughed like the question was irrelevant.

"That's why I have you guys to help me!"

"Once we succeed in sending the soldiers in the city to attack, they have no choice. They are forced to fight the battle! Regardless of what happens, they will be a suspicious team!"


"Remember our orders? We were to convince our respective commanders to send as many soldiers as they can spare! And the method we did it was that we were suspecting an attack from the Lost Primordial! Think! If you were a General, would you report to the higher officers that you plan to send soldiers?"

"Erm No. Lieutenant Colonel Larry kept our transfer a secret."

"Exactly! He and everyone else the Disciples deceived secretly sent a company of soldiers! The moment our soldiers appear and fight in that city, they will be monitored and will be under investigation for possibly being a traitor or someone who works for the Lost Primordial or the imaginary enemy of the Lost Primordial."

"Oh. Right. So basically, we are tricking the army into appearing in a battlefield where they are forced to fight?"

"That's the gist of it," Mark confirmed.

"I get it. But sorry, General. It's all too confusing. The way we fooled the world into thinking that there's the Lost Primordial and there's an imaginary group fighting the Lost Primordial where in reality, it's just us! Sometimes I think I am the Lost Primordial."

Seeker sighed.

"Just go and make sure you send the soldiers inside. Thomas, I think to make things easier for you, just pretend that you are the Lost Primordial once you get the soldiers inside the city. Pretend to be some evil villain who managed to trick the soldiers. By then, the fighting would be too chaotic that no one knows who is their enemy and allies. I trust that the rest of the Disciples are more aware of what to do?"

"Yes, General Erm There is Andrea. But I'm sure Matthew will sort her out." Jamie answered.

"Whatever Just do your best and try to live. I don't care if the entire company you brought here dies. You guys must survive. Once you see the signal tell the forces to attack." Seeker gave his orders.

Immediately the three Disciples gave their salutes and began to go to their corresponding forces.

"Over a thousand soldiers were trying to enter the city. Possibly three thousand trying to defend it. I hope this chaos will be enough to hide my presence." Seeker muttered softly.

"But if anything this life has taught me, is not to underestimate Overcomers. I'll have to assume that Master is at least twice as strong as my original calculation."

Around the city, twelve separate groups were gathering on secret spots. Each did not even know that the other groups existed. But each troop of soldiers watched in horror at what happened to the city.

"The Lost Primordial" A soldier could not help but mutter. The events that transpired were too ominous. A strange attack demanded the Lost Primordial to surrender. It was so loud that all of the city heard it. Naturally, the soldiers observing the city were all made aware of it.

Jamie finally arrived. Despite being so young, this small and gentle soldier quickly rose the ranks and was even trusted by the General. Their information and use in battle were so undeniable. On many occasions, she had been one of the key reasons why a battle would be won.

There were several other soldiers who weren't legally old enough to become soldiers but their worth in intelligence, strategy, and skills in battle allowed them to be Captain of their own rights.

The company of two hundred soldiers was using a stealth armored vehicle called Tremors. This was one of Australia's inland transportation that could hide with its camouflage and stealth techs. The vehicle could partially burrow itself underground and move. Yet the true size of this vehicle was so large that it could carry Armors.

"Captain Jamie!" A soldier called out as he found Jamie undoing her stealth gear.

"At ease I completed the reconnaissance and found that we are not the only company that was sent here!" Jamie called out.

"You mean the General's suspected this city to betray?"

"It seems like it. I'm not the only one here. Mark and Thomas are around the area hiding as well. I've communicated with them, and they agree to move out together with us. There are other platoons, but I don't trust them." Jamie explained.

"Captain? Why?"

"We don't know why they are here. The truth is, even I am suspicious as to why Mark and Thomas are here. While I'm happy that they'll be fighting with us, I can't be sure if they are allied with us. So don't expect them to save you and offer backup. Are they here because they were ordered to attack the Lost Primordial? Or are they under the orders of the Lost Primordial?"

"Captain! You can't be that skeptical! You, Mark, and Thomas fought and rose ranks together!"

"Haven't you seen the news? The Kraken had a lot of traitors. That's why it fell. The WGP doesn't even trust itself. How can we trust a team of soldiers? Our mission has changed. We are to assist the civilians from escaping. The military forces are keeping the civilians. Why join in on the battle where we don't know who our allies or enemies are? The best that we can do is save whoever we can save." Jamie explained.

The soldiers couldn't refute the words of Jamie.

"I would go as far as to say that we shouldn't even trust each other But that would be the end of our team." Jamie added grimly.

"Then when do we go in, Captain?" The Lieutenant asked.

"We wait. We can't be too hasty. If the soldiers guarding the city really means well and wants to protect the citizens, we might get caught in the crossfire of that battle. We would be fighting people who are on our side. We wait for the right moment and observe."

"Captain! Several Exoskeletons are dashing towards the city!"

"What? How many?"


"Six?!" Jamie explained and rushed towards the monitor that was currently locked on the zooming exoskeletons.

Six Exoskeletons were zooming towards the city gates.

"Why the gates? That would be one of the most heavily guarded parts of the city!" Jamie was confused as she saw the Exoskeletons rushing without fear.

The city defense began to attack. Mortars, rockets, energy-based attacks, and bullets rained down on the six.

The Six began to separate.

Cronus took the lead and moved faster and faster.

"Let's do this. Phase One, Tech Reveal!" Cronus laughed.

One of their team shot several large canisters that exploded on mid-air.

A sound-wall was created. It wasn't as strong as Balls of Thunder, but it could imitate a very weak version of the Walls of Jericho. This caused the rockets to explode as if it struck something hard.

By combining magnetic rail, electromagnetic technology, and Lennox's sentient lightning, the various military groups that served Seeker and the Overcomers were now able to mass-produce weaponized magnetic lightning. This lightning could create powerful magnets or create sudden polarities that would affect bullets and mortar shells.

The studies of Meryl's eye-sight finally bore fruit. The team developed a pair of contact lenses that could block and absorb light generated from a Pangean Everbright.

Three Exoskeleton's launched never before seen technologies that made the barrage miss them entirely.

A powerful flashbang that blinded many also occurred, but the team of six continued to advance as they had perfect eye-sight.

When the flashbang occurred, it created a powerful heat signature outside of the city. And so, with a wide-ranged, heat generated, one of the Exoskeletons launched a peculiar weapon as the cities defenses could not easily shoot these weapons.

The battle on at the Kraken had tremendous limitations as the WGP was expected to have the most advanced weapon detecting systems. As such, the weapons that the group all sent were among the most foundational techs, excluding the Qilin's Horn.

But now, against Australia, Git Godlike had more freedom with the techs they are equipped with. The peculiar weapon that was launched was a simple canister. It was a weapon that nearly caused Meng to wage war on New Great Britain and caused a small civil war among the Overcomers.

Codename: Fart of the Dragon. This weapon is a gaseous chemical created by combining Meng's desolation with the bioweapons that Seeker acquired after destroying one of the Pioneer's bases in Malay-Pangea.

The Aragarian Pioneer was experimenting with a contagious bioweapon that would force the enemies to use up its medical supplies. But now, it was a bioweapon that could seep into most hazmats suits and cause immediate ailments and diseases. While it could not kill, it could greatly inhibit the performances of Armors and Exoskeleton pilots.

A muffled sound was heard, and the surrounding soldiers realized that a canister releasing a strange dark green gas was already near them.

"What is this?" A soldier cried. He was still recovering from the flashbang, and he could feel a strange irritation, which was turning into a burning sensation.

And the best thing about this was that it was effortless to mass-produce.

Three more canisters landed on the different areas of the gates.

The shouts and panic were heard. The desolation was so fast that it immediately caused burns to the Exoskeletons who were near.

The soldiers who were not wearing Exoskeletons activated their protective suits, but these were also burned.

Most soldiers retreated, and the Exoskeleton Pilots were also struggling.

This allowed Git Godlike to approach the gate without facing heavy fire support.

Git Godlike scaled the unguarded wall and, upon exiting, began to use another malicious tech.

The techs of this lightning were so complex. It combined various technologies that Pangea, new Great Britain, Russia, and the Americas had. Along with it was the foundation of Lennox's living lightning.

"With this, they'll also be forced to fight each other!" Cronus could not help but sound extremely saddened as he said these words.

The six Exoskeleton released a small electrical shockwave and struck the many mechanical devices. Within the shockwave was a singular bolt of lightning that bounced from one Exoskeleton to another mechanical device.

The lightning would seep into the very circuits and produce a strange magnetic command. This command's uniqueness was that it had to first identify the specific model of the Exoskeleton or the equipment that it structurally before giving off a command.

For someone like Lennox, who could already create a programmed thought and impart it as he did to Seeker, setting a few commands such as shooting the nearest detected Exoskeleton or Armor was simple.

As the shockwave exploded, several of the Exoskeleton and even an Armor got affected by it.

And so, as Git Godlike moved forward, the surrounding soldiers were suddenly shooting at each other.

All of Git Godlike had a very sour expression.

"Are we really going to do this?" One of them asked.

"We have too. Kill a few of our own countrymen to save a lot of them. Just think of the innocent families that we could save by killing these soldiers." Cronus said stoically. But even his hands were shaking.

As Git Godlike moved, they killed any soldiers that tried to stop them.

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