New Game Chapter 324

New Game+ Volume 5: Tale of Two Cities Chapter 327 - World Governing Trade Hub

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A fleet of submarines and a large vessel that bore the same resemblance as a Pangean Lingkaran had reached the large boundaries that separated the continents of Canada and the Americas from the rest of the world.

Back during the Third World War, the two countries in the American Continent were known to have been taking part in secret deals and supporting various countries and groups. They were even able to indirectly create intrigue to weaken potential enemies of the Americas and Canada.

Even after the World War, the countries continued to do so. To stop this and inhibit the two countries from overpowering all other nations by a vast degree, the WGP erected two bases. 

The first was called World's Helm. This was the largest mobile fortress in the world. It was so huge that it could easily be spotted from space. This large fortress was erected in the Atlantic Ocean and limited trade and communication between the Americas to Africa and the European nations.

On the other side of the world, Russia had already created barriers that prevented the Canadian liberated state of Alaska from communicating with them. And since the two have always had skirmishes against each other, the possible connection and trade routes from North America and Russia were not possible.

The Pacific Ocean also had a WGP fortress. Using the islands known as Hawaii after the Third World War, another WGP fortress, the World Governing Trade Hub, was created using the wrecked remains of the islands. This island was used as the primary connection of trade between the Americas and the Asian nations.

When the WGP officially withdrew its role as the governing powers of the world, the two bases remained operational, claiming that they were to guard and limit the illegal activities across the world. Since many illegal and inhumane experiments were happening and have been confirmed, the WGP had the moral grounds to claim this.

But every country in the world knew that the WGP did this to watch over their enemies.

Seeker knew even better. The Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean holds over thirty underwater cities that only very few people in the knew of. These Underwater Cities were the gateway that allowed the Underworld to function despite the very tight constraints. And now that these cities are surfacing and chaos, the WGP even initiated trade relations with these cities.

When the world's economic and trade operations collapsed, the WGP offered to resurrect its services in exchange for trade and the acquisition of resources. They would take 2% of any trade materials being sent.

And while the world was disgusted by this form of daylight robbery, they had no choice. No one was as safe in trading with the Americas and the Canadas as the WGP. The World Trading Hub was also guarded by three powerful Emperors known throughout the world.

With these three as the ones guarding it, the world hastened to initiate trade.

And so, when the World's Helm and the World Governing Trade Hub confirmed the date when they would cater to trade, various nations immediately sent their fleets to head towards the WGP.

Several submarines journeyed together and even were moving near each other.

Some submarines that belonged to enemy countries were even within close proximity of each other.

Some belonged to the WGP; others were independent subs from organizations all over the world. Some even belonged to the Underworld that was tasked to patrol and eliminate any submarines that were the enemies of other Underworld Organizations.

The journey was quiet for these submarines. But it was very tense. Everyone knew that a battle could erupt anytime.

The only group that was very relaxed was from the Pangean fleet. Almost everyone in these sh.i.p.s were Unlocked.

One of the Commanders of the Kraken sat down and listened to the shocking meeting that her new leader had with the rulers of the Underwater cities.

She excused himself out and couldn't help but tremble at the plan that Seeker instigated.

"You alright, Commander Yatra?" Lynd asked as he waited outside.

"General Lynd!" The Commander was stunned that the powerful General of Pangea called out to her.

"It's nothing." She answered.

"Have you... read my file?" Lynd asked.

"Yes, General."

"And you should know my Path, right?"

"Ye-yes, General. I am just shocked and-"

"Disgusted, horrified, angry, and afraid. You must have been shocked at Seeker's plans. Tell me about your emotions... I am a General, and I think you will be serving under my squadron." Lynd sighed in reluctance. He closed his eyes for a few seconds as if trying to stop something in his mind.

"...Yes." Ysa admitted.

"General... How are you alright with this? After all... you are just a kid..."

"Give me a sec. I was testing my limits and tried adding these mods to the game. Ugh. It's hurting my head. I better stop with all these high-res graphic mods. Man! It's taking forever to shut down!" Lynd cursed as he frowned while closing his eyes.

Ysa recalled one of the strange quirks listed on Lynd's profile.

"Can play computer games on his head..." She muttered as she watched her future General.

Nearly a minute later, Lynd finally sighed as sweat poured down his forehead.

"Commander Yatra."

"You may call me Ysa, General."

"Commander Ysa... Please follow me to the cafeteria. I need to devour a buffet of meals." Lynd sighed as he began to walk towards the cafeteria, clearly disgruntled at his failed attempts.

"We have a lot to do in South America. The Unlocked Industries can provide a base for us, but I'll be leaving the groundwork to you. You must try to find a foundation for our bases. I'm sure the detailed reports and tutorials of what to do and what to avoid are recorded in your head." Lynd walked on ahead.

"General." You spoke once more. She was now conversing with Lynd Indigo. The best that she could do was ask her primary concerns anyway.

"Are you... really alright with this? The plans that we're making are practically destroying the world!"

"We don't have a choice. I used to be like you. Idealistic and hopeful... But when you get the same power that we have and realize that even this isn't enough, you need to change your perspective. The world is changing, Commander Ysa. Right now, you are taking orders from a 17-year-old kid who can practically conquer a country!"

"But are these deaths necessary?"

"Yes. Our efforts in creating Unlocked have already passed the planned threshold that Lennox and Arthur planned. Anything beyond this will greatly deplete our resources. We can't invest everything in creating unlocked, after all. You guys are the last batch of people we unlock via drug. But for us to survive, we need more Unlocked."

"Then the destruction of the world..."

"Is intended to make more of Unlocked soldiers. Seeker told me how they managed to secure a foothold in his future. You've read the file, right?"

"Yes. I've read about what Seeker has been through."

"Then why don't you believe it? I can discern your emotions regarding that. You have a kid before you who can produce greater radiation than a nuclear meltdown, and you disregard time travel?"

"It's easier to believe that you are all experiments and that there are no more aliens in this world."

"You're weird." Lynd shook his head.

Lisa was stunned.

"I'm weird? According to the reports, you can play an old game known as Skyrim in your head!"

"If only. It's too heavy! I'm doing it the way Lennox can. I just have on thought process, and I forcibly memorized every pattern. If it wasn't for cold-fusion, my head would have burned. It's already giving me a severe headache! Seeker's lucky he's got multiple personalities. He should be able to easily do this now..." Lynd sighed in envy.

Ysa was at a loss at what to say.

"Well, Commander Ysa. Regardless if you believe it or not, the truth is simple. We can't afford to create any more Unlocked. While our foundations now are much better than before, the truth is we haven't even created one-fourth of the Unlocked army Seeker had in his timeline. Do you know how all those Unlocked popped up?"

"The war?"

"Yup. The suffering, the pain, the mass poisons and diseases that they spread all over the world. You've seen the Malay-Pangean poison that those Pioneers were experimenting with, right?"

"Yes. Those bio-weapons were horrifying."

"Those were just Pioneer level. It hasn't even scratched what a Presider-level bio-weapon can do. And so, these deaths and sufferings are necessary. But you see, instead of making the world fight the Aragarian, the plan is to do it ahead of the Aragarian. We create enough chaos to drive people to desperation and maybe become Unlocked. But we have to do it in a way that won't push the Presiders to begin an all-out war."

"The plan is to destroy the world and not make these aliens move?"

"That's right. And so, we are having important meetings to deceive, redirect and create confusion. The current plan is to make these Aragarians think they are fighting against each other. The longer we maintain this, the better."

"Then those experiments on the nearby submarines...?"

"We are testing how these things work. Seeker's future squadron is in one of those. You have seen Seeker teleport, right? What did he lose this time? I hope it's not his heart."

"His kidney..."

"Ah. Those are relatively easy to grow. But man... our medical expenses and the energy he consumes to grow those are quite great. I bet the submarine doctor is going crazy with his antics. Not to mention teleporting makes him expend great energy. Harker must be bleeding." Lynd shrugged.

"Sir... What about us...?" Ysa asked immediately. She had read the files and seen how scary the survival room program was.

"I'm not that strict. Don't worry. You won't be facing Unlocks."

Ysa sighed in relief.

"Six of you will be tasked on to conquer an American fort and defend it for seven days. You need to kill over a thousand soldiers each. Any confirmed Pioneers, regardless of whatever rank, must be dispatched."

"A thousand soldiers?" She frowned but realized this was still possible.

"A Presider may send his forces to attack you too. Since our aim is to make it look like another Presider is interfering, you must not leave any survivors."

"What gears and techs can we bring?"

"Not sure what the tech guys can outfit you. But for sure, you guys need to bring dildos." 


"Don't look at me! That's part of Lowengren's crazy scheme. You guys have to make it look like dildos are your weapons."

You now had a very disturbed expression on her face.

Suddenly, an alert was heard, and Lynd closed his eyes for a few seconds to sense things.

"The survival rooms are starting. Don't you guys have somewhere to be?" Lynd asked the Commander, who immediately sprinted to their battle positions.

Outside the submarine, three of the previously dormant submarines and simply waited began attacking the other submarines without warning.

In the chaos, the Unlocked group emerged and began to attack the nearby submarines using the sudden attacks as an excuse.

The Unlock, however, was careful not to attack the submarines which contained the experiments and the Pioneers who were imprisoned and used as a whetting stone for others.

War erupted, and it was very clear that Pangea wasn't to be blamed.

Several submarines sank, but in the deep darkness, the Underwater Cities and the Leviathan waited to salvage the materials that these submarines brought.

Seeker's submarine deployed their forces but hightailed towards the WGP base in Hawaii.

Another underwater vessel met them as they neared the parameter.

"Seeker Carlean." The screen displayed a tall and bearded man who had a very familiar feature.

"Emperor Phoenix Everhiss." Seeker smiled.

"You're using my Leviathan to salvage all those sunken submarines." He said distastefully.

"Your daughter agrees to it. That way, it won't' seem suspicious for us. Besides, the world knows it wasn't you who attacked first. Hence we prepared some random subs to make it out of this battle." Seeker laughed.

"As per the agreement, we take twenty percent of whatever you scavenge here." He frowned, and the call disconnected.

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