New Game Chapter 325

New Game+ Volume 5: Tale of Two Cities Chapter 328 - A God of War

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The Pangean submarine moved without any problems as it was clear it was escaping the all-out war that had occurred in the underwater seas just a few kilometers from the World Governing Trade Hub.

Right in a particular submarine, the group of Unlocked people had practically escaped from their captors.

"We can't stay here anymore! This submarine is too weak! If we stay here, we die!" Lim panicked as he commanded his group to rush towards the armory.

"Our only chance is to escape and wear an Exoskeleton or a suit that allows us to swim here!"

Ivan cursed and began to shoot at the guards that were surrounding their area. 

The alarm had rung out when the group escaped and easily killed the soldiers. But Lim was shocked to find out that the alarm had created chaos.

The submarine they were at suddenly received several attacks.

They were surprised as to how the subs immediately attacked them.

"That damned Seeker! He told the aliens which submarine we were!" Epic cursed out as he started to shoot the soldiers using the guns they acquired as the battle began.

Epic, Will, and Ivan had guns and were shooting the enemy. Yet despite this advantage, the ones who had killed the most were Fish, Lim, and Suarez. Using their petite forms, they began to scream and escape, making them look like children who somehow escaped. The soldiers focused on Epic, Will, and Ivan but were killed whenever the child and the two ladies would reach their blindside.

But the easy battle turned more intense. This was because attacks were bombarding the submarine. Several chambers were already filling up with water and made the six rush towards the next rooms.

"You guys failed this first test. Lim General Seeker is disappointed." Suddenly, a strange broadcast was heard.

The six who heard it were familiar with this announcement.

"This is infrasonic!" Lim identified it.

"Lim, you didn't consider the situation you were in. You did not analyze the environment of this battle. Right now, your stupid choice of fighting your way out endangered everyone. This submarine belongs to the Underworld. And now that you escaped and created a commotion, the other submarines belonging to the same organization that owns this one fired to destroy this one. This sub was the perfect hidden spot to initiate several human experiments." The voice continued.

Later the speaker was found. He rode an Exoskeleton and began to massacre the enemies nearby.

The Exoskeleton made it look like it ignored the six and moved onwards while broadcasting some strange indistinct sounds. 

"Because of that, it caused this scenario before you. As a penalty, if you do escape from here, the aliens will now have a base of operations. They will fight for it, but they can earn it. As for this sub, expect it to be destroyed. While the people inside this sub is fighting for their life and attacking their former allies, this will fall." The Exoskeleton moved towards the next room, and the broadcast stopped.

Lim was silent when the man left. But tears of great frustration began to trickle down her face.

"Don't be fooled! This was their plan! That Seeker is just insane! Who would have thought that this place would be so full of submarines and would kill each other without hesitation!" Ivan encouraged.

"No. I was the fool. That's precisely why Seeker set the standards so high. Our future is bleak. He pushed himself, and that's why he lost his lungs, and his arm was sliced off. Unless we reach a level beyond what Seeker has, we will fail. And that means that we need to grow strong on all aspects!" Lim gritted her teeth.

"We have to retreat! That soldier allowed us to head to the armory!"

"Alright. Let's go. I know a thing or two about Exoskeletons. Let's grab one and get out of here!" Ivan ordered as the group made their escape.

The group found the exoskeletons after killing the people who were trying to wear them. Ivan gave the instructions, and the group was finally outfitted.

The vibrations happening all around the submarine grew stronger and stronger.

"Where do we go?" Epic asked.

"The escape pods. I found them!" Will said as he was able to bring out the map in his Exoskeleton.

"No. Avoid that. We don't know what's out there and how the battle is. The enemy may target all escape pods. We aim for the torpedo launcher. We ride these weapons and hijack another vessel." Lim made her plans.

"Let's do it then!" Ivan nodded and urged the group to move forward.

The underwater battle in the Pacific Ocean had grown into chaos. Some submarines suddenly received a powerful attack without even any detected sources. This created chaos, and the submarines began to attack each other.

But as the battle escalated, the Pangean submarines were virtually unharmed.

Cliff was seated on the command center of the underwater vessel that looked like a miniature Lingkaran.

The room was displaying the entire 360 vision of the sea.

Cliff sat down and watched it all as if he and the commanders were seated in an invisible ship.

The ship released a specialized sonar device.

The Sonar Realm Ping was one of Richie's inventions, and with the Realm King's help, the two were able to create this strange ping that allowed the Unlock to see and understand everything.

The submarines that had been damaged and the submarines with compromised sound dampening system allowed Cliff to hear everything going on around him clearly.

The ping of the submarine he was on was so strong that Cliff could even hear the conversations being made on some submarines.

Cliff smiled as he heard Lim's plan. With Tyler on board, it was easier for him to hear what was going on inside the submarine.

"Seeker's right again. Amazing. He really knows his team. He even accurately gauged how Lim would grow." Cliff praised.

Cliff then used his Path and began to view the possible simulation of what will happen when Lim's team escapes. He also placed into consideration the other experiments aboard the other submarines.

"Have the Drug Dealers destroy the EAA submarine. They should plant those bombs on the breached chamber to sink it. Roselyn, sink the ones from Underworld. Eh Sink all of them. I'll send you the locations of their vessels that have important techs that we need. Git Godlike will engage the Pioneers. No tech reveals. Kill them all with just bullets." Cliff gave his orders.

"To think that the amazing General Cliff used to be a punk kid who wanted to blackmail Seeker back in the day." Cribbs laughed as he looked at the battlefield.

"It's not like I wanted to do this." Cliff sighed.

"It's not like I wanted to do this Says the kid who is manipulating the entire battlefield to follow his will. You hold the fate of all soldiers and sh.i.p.s in this ocean. Your orders can assure their destruction or their protection. With you around, Seeker can finally enact his crazy plans and throw a lot of potential soldiers fight such traumatic battles but assure their to survival" Scribbs laughed.

"Well, not all sh.i.p.s. That one over there. The sounds I hear are practically zero. I'm guessing that's a Presider."

"Oh? How scary. What have you been doing then?"

"It's odd. It's as if the ship wants to sink. I've been doing everything to ensure that it doesn't. Anyway, the Covenant is on their tails. I already gave the orders. Hey, Titan. Make sure none of the men under your squad dies."

"God of destruction, is it not you who dictates who will die." Titan teased.

"But seriously, this submarine is packed with loads of attacks! I already feigned death twice and had to retreat and wear a new suit." Danny cursed. 

"Why are we making sure that this sub doesn't get in the middle of the battle?"

"If the Aragarians want one thing, it's best to do the exact opposite. It wants to draw attention to be sunk down. So it's best that we don't just that."

"Cliff, we should let it sink. But only after the important transport vessels have all been sunk and acquired by the Leviathan." Roselyn urged.

"Oh? Why?"

"It wants to sink so it can also gather and salvage the items down there. We can trace which sub it wanted to follow. So if we steal it ahead his trip is pointless and at the very least, we broke a Presider's sub."

"Oh. Sounds like a plan." Cliff called.

"Sink it now." Seeker suddenly interrupted.

"General?" Roselyn was surprised at Seeker's sudden order.

"Don't ignore his offer. He wants to get hit. So hit him. But when you do, go all out. He wants a few torpedoes to hit him, and you've been tropedo-blocking him, Cliff. Stop that and go the other way. Send him as many torpedoes that you can. If that Presider wants to go down, let's help it. Have the Drug dealers and the Warfreakz infiltrate several submarines and make them fire powerful weapons towards that submarine. Some must shoot it intentionally while others must try to aim for something. I trust Git Godlike can make some torpedoes change directions..." Seeker laughed.

"That will destroy the submarine. What if the Presider retaliates?"

"The Presider won't. He's trying to get his sub to sink in battle, and that's why he is diving right at the heat of the battle. If you stop using your Path in stopping that to happen and allow several powerful bombs to hit it at once, who's to blame?"

" He is."

"Exactly. Don't play with fire, and you won't get burned. His submarine ought to have powerful techs inside. But he won't dare reveal it. I reckoned the Presider piloting that sub has some dimensional techs or a tech that can convert whatever materials it detected on those sunken subs into another form into another. But the sub is necessary to hide whatever fluctuation it may release. So if you suddenly break his sub, what will the Presider do?"

"The Presider will retreat and give up collecting the items, especially since there are Emperors nearby."

"Yes. Roselyn had it right. But let's not just aim to scratch his sub. Lets kill as many Pioneers and Planted along the way. Assume that the submarine can disable rockets within 50 meters in a split second. You think you got this, god of war?" Seeker asked.

"I think it's possible." 

"Then execute the plan."

Cliff sighed and was about to give the orders.

"Already in position." Serge Embers of Git Godlike laughed.

"Um Boss. We are also sort of in position." One of the Drug dealers laughed. 

"Roselyn?" Cliff asked.

"Give me a few sec. I'm not like those Zone users! Stanley's near one, though."


"Erm... This sub has a Big Bang Boom. Is that alright?"

"Go for it."

"Cliff, how's my squadron?" Seeker asked.

Cliff turned his attention to the submarine where the Gryphon Squadron was.

At the chaos of the battle, Ivan and his team were finally blasting off as they clung on the torpedoes. The chaos of the battle somehow masked their presence, and they were able to attack a nearby submarine. Soon, they mixed in the battle, and it was as if they were the Exoskeletons deployed for battle.

"They're already out. The sudden explosions ought to give them a chance to surface as many would abandon ship."

"Continue to observe the battle, game master. I leave it to you." Seeker laughed.

Inside the docking bay of the World Governing Trading Hub, Seeker was walking with the Emperor.

"As you can see, we are quite capable of dealing with such trivial matters." Seeker smiled.

"Cunning and cheap plots like that won't save the world."

"I may have given the Earth in my timeline a few months because of such cheap plots. So I can't really agree with that." Seeker smiled.

The group walked into a room and saw several thrones.

Each throne had different colors and was made of different steel. Each throne had its own unique design. 

Seated on these thrones were those who had the authority to govern.

They were the Emperors of the World Governing Powers.

"Emperors and Empresses of the Everhiss family. Nice to meet you." Seeker greeted.

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