New Game Chapter 326

New Game+ Volume 5: Tale of Two Cities Chapter 329 - A Little Birdie Told me

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Seeker glanced towards the numerous thrones gathered around him.

"This entire fortress is a Many Mansion?" Seeker was rather impressed.

Seeing several Emperors and Empresses in one place proved that the entire fortress was one that only the strongest Emperors had.

Emperors and Empresses had the ability and authority to create a mansion for themselves. This mansion was a mobile fortress that they could take anywhere. It could grow endlessly provided the Emperor wishes it to be. And while some Emperors invest in a humble abode, the Everhiss family, one of the oldest families in the WGP, created a vast fortress that had never before been seen. How this fortress travel was even a mystery to the world as it would occasionally spring up all over the world and disappear all of a sudden.

Seeker saw it and smiled.

"So that's the mystery. A rather simple way to transport one large fortress is that it isn't a fortress. This ship I sensed it with my realm. It can be anything. A submarine, a cargo ship, parts, or even random pieces of metal." Seeker was impressed.

"How smart of you to guessed it."

"The moment I saw it here, I knew that you must have used some means to bring a fortress this powerful here. The question is, how? And how is it that no one knew about it? The metal is quite interesting. Each piece is alive with your Origin science. We call it, Realm." Seeker assessed.

"Show us your Origin." One the Emperors challenged.

"Oh, I'm different. Unlike others who create it, I need something to jump-start it. Since I don't want to embarrass myself by losing an important organ, I'll just go with Richie's." Seeker revealed a small round ball and crushed it.

Seeker then gazed back.

"That was it?" The Emperor laughed.

"You can't detect it? How embarrassing."

"Detect what? There is-"

The Emperor was suddenly sent flying by an unknown force that smashed his face.

The blood flowed out of his mouth as he fell into an unconscious state.

All the Emperors stood up, and suddenly, some of the Thrones closed up, revealing a Rule.

"Forgive my idiotic son." Phoenix Everhiss sighed.

"You should ask forgiveness for your entire descendant. I simply used a sound that can be condensed into a physical form, and you couldn't even detect that? This tech is rather basic, and all Presiders have something like this. If this is the state of the Emperors, then you will all fall." Seeker laughed.

Pheonix's expression was sour, but he did nothing and decided to just keep watching Seeker.

All of a sudden, a strange power gathered around Seeker. It was like the sounds of many voices speaking together as a strange swirling power like invisible glass began to surround Seeker.

"This Origin which simply uses sound, was able to knock Empress Miranne back that even those two suns of hers didn't have anything. That's why she was forced to reveal her Invoking." Seeker smiled.

Those seated on the throne looked at the strange power that only a few of them could sense.

"So much arrogance. For someone who studies the Bible, you best learn how to apply it."

The moment Seeker heard those words, he trembled.

"Eagle!" He turned and glanced above and found a man walking on air.

"A little birdy told me you'd be here, Seeker." Eagle smiled as he began to slowly descend gracefully.

"Forgive me for barging here uninvited, Emperors and Empresses. But Seeker would have refused meeting me if I didn't." Eagle laughed as he landed next to him.

Gravity increased nearly twice the moment he landed.

Seeker looked with a horrified expression. The person that he feared more than the Tyrant Empress stood here. While the Tyrant Empress was the most dangerous Overcomer, the being known as Calvin Luther Eagle was someone Seeker didn't want to meet in this life.

Seeker had the means to resist the Tyrant Empress... But against Calvin Luther Eagle's power, Seeker could find no resistance.

Even the Overcomer Richie crumbled into a bible maniac after meeting this man. 

"You are?" Emperor Phoenix asked with a furious expression.

The pastor smiled at Phoenix.

"My fire. The one, desire..." The pastor sang.

The group of Emperors was stunned, but suddenly, some began to chuckle.

Emperor Phoenix glanced back at Eagle.

"Believe... When I say... I want it that way." Phoenix smiled.

Soon, the tension that everyone felt vanished as they laughed.

All but Seeker. He was horrified.

"No! This is part of his plan! He starts with a joke to ease tension and get everyone comfortable! And then he... why am I not speaking?!" Seeker realized he wasn't talking.

"Sorry, Kid. I know you didn't want to meet Eagle. Thankfully, he finally appeared." The a.d.u.l.t mused.

Seeker was shocked at how the a.d.u.l.t was strong enough to stop him from speaking.

"You! I did everything to stay away from him! And yet you are here forcing me to listen to him!"

"That's because I know you wouldn't want to listen to Eagle. You believe that you'd be mind-controlled. You even used our parents to talk to Eagle, and while the opportunity before was available, you fled from him. Sit down, and listen to him!" The a.d.u.l.t laughed.

While the two Seekers were fighting each other, Eagle continued.

"Forgive me. I have heard the many songs that were being played in this fortress, and I thought to myself that Emperors and Empresses of this world would come to love a rather simple and honestly cheesy song like this. And so, I came here, showing my power, but the message I deliver is different than what Seeker brings. It is... as the song you like is. A cheesy message." Eagle smiled.

Seeker was trembling. His memory of this man knew that the entire room was caught and entranced by his Path.

The Path of Attraction that was derived from Faith.

Eagle entered the place and noticed the strange songs that were being played frequently in the halls. He used it as a means to break the ice and at the same time create a form of rapport that allowed his Path of Attraction to work.

Seeker knew that this odd act of Eagle was derived from the Bible. Just as the Apostle Paul drew attention to the men of Athens by using the altar offered 'to the unknown god' and drove the masses of Athens to listen to him in Acts 17, so did Eagle used this verse as a means to create Faith and in this Faith it produced attraction.

"I am an ally of Seeker. As you can see, while he is surprised that I am here, he is rather obedient." Eagle glanced at Seeker and smiled. 

"Pastor Eagle." The a.d.u.l.t greeted.

"Damn it, Greg! Let go of me! You traitor!" The Kid Seeker cursed as his other personalities were stopping him from moving.

"It seems that your A.d.u.l.t self is more compliant." Eagle laughed.

"Anyway, to all Emperors and Empresses, I hate to point this out, but you are no longer the Emperors and Empresses of this world. The Enemy, our Adversary, has revealed themselves. They are powerful and possess powers that can easily destroy you. You have seen for yourself the terror and devastation that they have brought. The Invoking that you have prided yourself to have been made pointless."

The expressions of various Emperors grew sour as they listened to Eagle.

"This is the truth. You called your selves Emperors and Empresses and sat on thrones and even called your power Invoking. This was very powerful imagery that you have shown. Your very power could invoke the sky and sea to do your bidding. And yet, here I am. In your midst. Here is this boy in your midst who without a throne managed to dethrone not one Empress but another Emperor." Eagle raised his hands, and the body of the unconscious Emperor floated."

There were already a few soldiers who rushed to his side, but a strange force suddenly repelled them.

The Emperors and Empresses were confused. They had been using various techs to understand the scene before them.

"Telekinesis?"One of the Emperors guessed.

"I am not the Realm King. I am but a messenger, a Servant of the Most High. The power He granted me by Faith is a power that no Emperor or Empress has mastered. Through His Spirit, I can carry people in the wings of Eagle. I can draw many towards myself and show them the Way of the Cross."

As he said this, a powerful suction began to move and pulled the floating Emperor.

The thrones that each Emperor stood upon trembled. Gravity began to pull stronger, and they could feel the pressure.

"By this power, the Lord set the boundaries of the sea and ensured that it could not cross the sand. By this power, it brings down the haughty Devil, the Ancient Serpent, and it is also by this power that a third of the stars shall fall."

They could all feel it. Gravity was shifting. It moved to the right, and the Emperors and Empresses held tightly. It moved to the top, and the Emperors and Empresses clutch on their seats so that they would not fall upwards.

"He has given me the power of the North Star. And He has done so not by techs, not by science, not by hundreds and hundreds of years of studying... He designed science, and he bestowed in me its fullness. I am Calvin Luther Eagle. He who Treads the Winepress of Wrath." 

It was the only time that pride and arrogance exuded out of the Overcomers.

Seeker watched in shock.

"The Reality of Gravity bends at his will... And he's not even using an iota of energy. What a man..." Seeker glanced at the Overcomer, who he never fought. 

"With this introduction of mine, I hope that you will pay more heed to my words. Right before Seeker explains what he knows, I wanted to come here and offer a word of warning. Everyone here falls short of the standards of God. Your very existence goes against His Words. And your very form has been prophesied to fail."

"What do you mean?"

"The Progenitor never gave you the titles that you hold to yourself. All throughout Scripture, the titles of kings and queens, when not used in reference as a typology to Jesus Christ, but belong to the thrones of men, have always been an image of pride arrogance and are the very ones who will be brought down. Yet here you are, claiming to be Kings and Queens of the world." Eagle smiled.

"And yet, in a matter of months, this teenager, Seeker, took the world from your hands. And he did so because if he didn't do it, these Aragarians will. And they did. Seeker came here to convince you as a prophet of God who has seen the destruction. For it is in the character of God to show wisdom. In every event, when God executes judgment, His servants and Messengers will always appear to warn them. Noah built an arc, and everyone laughed at him. Will you do the same?" Eagle asked.

And when he did, he did not continue anymore but took his time to look at the Emperors and Empresses seated on the throne.

The power that he presented, which wielded gravity, had already scared the Emperors and Empresses. And his piercing gaze made them tremble even more.

Seeker had already accepted his fate. With his multiple personalities ganging against him, he had no choice but to listen. But Seeker knew it was beyond that. He knew that the Path of Eagle was working on him.

And a huge part of Seeker's mind wanted to see and experience firsthand the real power of the Calvin Luther Eagle. The one called the Paragon of Preachers.

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