Ninja God In Comics Chapter 539

Chapter 539: Lay Off

When he publicly disclosed that he was the fourth generation of Hokage, he once mentioned the existence of Konoha hidden village in front of the world.

Although many organizations and countries later tried to find this so-called Konoha hidden village.

But obviously, no one has found this legendary Konoha hidden village.

After all, even Roger himself had no plans to establish Konoha Hidden Village.

"Okay, my lord!"

The mechanically synthesized sound of No. 2 sounded immediately.

After ordering the number two, Roger left the office and returned to the room where he lived. He put on the virtual game helmet of the Kerry Empire and opened the strategy game called "Civilization 6: Total War".

Although he currently does not know who the planner behind the agreement is, he has to admit that this planner hidden in the dark has played a very beautiful hand.

Using official and private support, Konoha Intelligence Bureau was immediately turned into a "villain role."

First, Konoha lost his official support and legal status, and then he obtained the support of the people by disclosing the content of the agreement.

If it weren't for Hydra that had only been attacked and only three kittens were left, Rogge would doubt whether this agreement was drafted by Hydra.

Although the power of the Hydra is not that great, it is still very good at playing tricks.

But even if Hydra is really one of the members behind the agreement, they will only be a small and insignificant role.

The reason is simple. Hydra can't give the White House and the military any guarantee of strength.

Without sufficient guarantees of strength, this agreement simply cannot appear.

Especially on the premise that Rogge himself has threatened the senior government's criminal record.

Since the official dare to publicize the contents of the agreement openly, it shows that they are ready for the worst, ready to fight Konoha or Roger with all their strength.

Unlike the last time the Skrull incident, Konoha will no longer face the agitated ordinary people, but the official prepared for the worst.

If his guess is correct, the current officials would like him to take the initiative to provoke a war or threaten senior government officials as before.

In this way, Konoha and himself will also fully establish the status of the arranged "villain".

Although I don't know when he and Konoha were targeted, Rogge wouldn't sit still, or obediently cooperate with their plan.

Since they want to play, play a big one with them.

And even if he loses, he still has enough retreat.

Not to mention that he now has a planet of his own.

Even if the planet Tatooine is gone, he can, like the goddess of death, Hela, rebuild his own empire.

After wearing the virtual game helmet, Rogge didn't think about the agreement anymore, and concentrated on playing the strategy game he was least good at.

The news that Rogge and Konoha refused to sign the New York agreement soon spread.

It only took less than half a day for the countries on the agreement to know the news.

A storm of public opinion directed at Rogge himself and the Konoha Intelligence Bureau suddenly took shape.

Konoha received an official notification from the government, and all the rights that Konoha had had been taken back.

In addition, logistical support such as funds, equipment, and intelligence networks have also been recovered one by one.

Even Konoha's branches in various cities were closed one by one, and related personnel were either investigated or deported on the spot.

With the exception of Konoha's headquarters in Washington, DC, which is still normal, Konoha has lost all its branches.

In a meeting room of Konoha headquarters, Rogge said to the four Mr. Reid who had been included in Konohas battle sequence but did not disclose their identity to the public: "You have seen Konohas current environment. From now on, the cooperation between you and Konoha has ended."

"You can leave Konoha at any time."

Although the four of Mr. Fantastic Reid flicked into Konoha by themselves, Rogge offered to cancel the cooperation.

Unlike the Punisher and others, the four Mr. Fantastic Reid are not strictly his subordinates, but only his cooperating parties.

"Why? We don't mind going through difficulties with Konoha, we are not the kind of people who only care about ourselves!"

Johnny, who has absorbed Konoha the most, said first.

"The problem is that I mind, needless to say, the cooperation has been cancelled, you and Konoha have nothing to do."

After speaking, Roger left the meeting room and walked towards Konoha's information center.

There are more than four Reid who need to be sacked today.

Like the Reid four, all the staff of the intelligence center have been dismissed from their cooperation.

However, before leaving Konoha, each of them received a severance payment equivalent to their five-year salary in their accounts.

After dealing with the staff of the intelligence center, Roger arrived in the largest combat hall of the headquarters.

At this time, in this hall that was enough to sit hundreds of people, there were more than two hundred Konoha special forces.

These special forces are all elite fighters selected by Konoha from various armies, and each of them has undergone the transformation of the Extremis Virus.

In the past, more than two hundred special fighters were Konoha's sharpest dagger.

All the dirty work is solved by these special forces.

"I don't need to tell you about the current situation. You have all received the transformation of the Extremis Virus. To put it bluntly, your current strength is given by Konoha."

"According to common sense, I shouldn't just let you go like this. After all, you all have something belonging to Konoha."

"However, I am not a devil. I am a fair person. You have paid for Konoha before, and Konoha has not treated you badly. So now, I give you a chance to choose again."

"Those who want to leave Konoha can leave after surrendering Konoha's equipment. Based on your previous contributions, Konoha will not hold you accountable. Of course, if you want to stay, that's fine. ."

"It's just that before staying, I want to solemnly remind you that once you choose to stay, you are likely to be charged with the crime of'treason'."

"I will give you ten minutes to think about. After ten minutes, those who are still staying in the hall will be regarded as staying in Konoha."

After speaking, Roger left the combat hall and returned to his office.

In addition to the special forces, Konoha also has two battle sequences, Anbu and Wolves.

But they are not the same as special forces and intelligence personnel. They have no option to withdraw from Konoha.

If they had to leave, Rogge would let them see how Konoha treated the traitor.

Ten minutes passed in a blink of an eye, and when he returned to the battle hall again, he found that there were more people left than he thought.

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