No One Really Thinks Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Participate in the Wanzong Conference (seeking monthly ticket)

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Chapter 182 Participate in the Wanzong Conference (seeking monthly ticket)


There is a vast plain in the east.

There are no buildings or people in this plain.

The only function of is to set up an array.

Arrange a floating formation.

Because of this, a huge island is floating in the sky above the plain.

This huge island is the place chosen by the headquarters of the Immortal Cultivator Alliance to hold the Ten Thousand Sects Competition.

On the island, there are many buildings and clear areas.

In the west of the island, there are countless peaks standing.

These mountain peaks are the residences of the major sects of Wanzong Dabi.

Each of these peaks represents a sect living within it.

In its deepest part, there are some of the highest peaks.

One of the peaks is the peak where Wudaozong lives.

At this moment, above the mountain.

In a gorgeous palace.

Chu Yuan stood alone in front of the entrance of the hall, touching the walls of the hall, and was amazed.

After entering Zhongzhou, they were taken here and lived for two days.

During these two days, countless people came to visit them.

It makes Chu Yuan feel that the Zhongzhou Xiuxian Realm is the same as the Dongzhou Xiuxian Realm, and they are both warm and hospitable.

But there was one thing that made Chu Yuan very confused.

That is why the Wanzong Grand Competition has not yet started.

He has lived for two days.

No one told him when the Wanzong Grand Competition would start.

"Forget it, just live there. The spiritual energy here is also strong, and the practice is good. If I don't start so early and practice here, maybe I can return to the Golden Core Realm?"

Chu Yuan murmured twice.

He thought, nodding to himself.

also didn't mean to want to continue standing.

Pat the dust on the clothes and plan to go back to practice.

at this time.

Outside the mountain, a figure flew up, saw Chu Yuan who was about to leave, and hurriedly said.

"Senior, please stay!"

The figure came to the front of the temple, shouting loudly.

Chu Yuan, who was about to leave, was taken aback for a moment. He felt a little uncomfortable when he heard the words please stay. But he didnt think much, turned his head and looked over.

is an old man who also wears a white robe.

But not the Gu Yi who led the way last time.


Chu Yuan turned his head and asked flatly.

"Senior, senior, today is the Ten Thousand Sects Conference, the lord sees that you have not arrived yet, send me to invite you over."

said the old deacon hurriedly.

Ming Ming Chu Yuan has no coercion.

could be stared by Chu Yuan's gaze, he was flustered for no reason, as if his brain had compensated for that kind of terrifying coercion.

Chu Yuan on the other side was taken aback when he heard the words.

Ten Thousand Sects Assembly?

He seemed to have heard the Gu Yi who led the way.

is a conference before the official start of the Wanzong Grand Competition.

Specifically, he forgot.

He didnt even bother to remember this Ten Thousand Sects Conference.

Now hearing what the deacon said, it seems that he needs to participate.

"Do I need to call all the disciples up?"

Chu Yuan asked aloud.

"Ahem, senior, this time is the Ten Thousand Sects Conference. Only people at the level of suzerain can participate."

The deacon quickly explained.

"Well then, let's go."

Chu Yuan nodded, took a step forward, ready to follow the deacon.

"Senior, wait a minute! Senior is a body of ten thousand gold, and his status is noble. How can you need to fly by yourself? Please wait a moment. Junior calls for senior to come here first."

The deacon watched Chu Yuan's actions, and thought Chu Yuan was about to fly by himself, so he hurriedly said.

Where did he know that Chu Yuan was about to go down the mountain.

I saw the deacon pick up a whistle and blow.

A shrill sound resounded through the sky.

After a while.

A huge white tiger with wings flew up.

The white tiger landed, and between the wings spread out and retracted, gusts of wind blew up.

"Senior, this is the universal mount of my Immortal Cultivator Alliance. It is a white tiger of the prison evil that has reached the Nascent Soul Realm. Please also ask Senior to come forward. This mount will take Senior to the place where the Ten Thousand Sects Conference is held."

The deacon said respectfully.


Chu Yuan was shocked to see.

He is a base-builder, riding a Nascent Infant-level mount, isn't it a bit bad?

No, you shouldnt think so.

The point seems to be that a mount is actually equal to his peak...

In general, he is not as good as a mount! !

Chu Yuan was full of grief and anger and got on the mount.

Have the experience of riding a dragon.

Chu Yuan is much more plain when it comes to riding a tiger, standing calmly on the tiger's back.

Baihu saw that the person on his back was already in place, and immediately spread his wings, rose into the sky, and departed away from the mountain.


Chu Yuan on 's back saw that the white tiger was so rude in flight. He immediately didn't dare to stand up, and didn't want to force it. He immediately sat down for fear of being thrown out.

Sit crosswise to stabilize your figure.

Chu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at the white tiger he was riding, there was still a trace of doubt in his eyes.

Even the head mounts are in the Yuan Ying state.

This Ten Thousand Sects Competition should not be of a low level, right, but why would you invite them to such a trivial sect?

Could it be that they deliberately take care of these three no small sects?

This makes no sense.

Or is it because of his disciple Ye Luo that allowed them to participate in the Ten Thousand Sects Competition?

Chu Yuan was still confused, but shook his head, still didn't think much, stared at Baihu and flew to the destination to talk about other things.

On the other side, above the mountain.

Of course, Ye Luo and others also noticed Chu Yuan's departure.

It's just that they didn't say anything.

They also heard the sentence that only the suzerain level can participate.

These disciples have no reason to go there.

As for the safety of his master?

Just kidding!

If his master is really crazy, is this island enough for his master to slap him?

No one really thinks Master is a foundation building, right?

No way, no way.

Ye Luo and others thought this idea was ridiculous.

If the master of his family builds the foundation, then they are mortals.

So these disciples didn't care about it either.

Rather, they guarded the temple where their junior sisters lived, which was regarded as a protector of the law.

After Tantai Luoxue entered the island, he said that he had made a breakthrough and was going to retreat. Ye Luo and the other three naturally helped Tantai Luoxue protect the law.

At the same time, the three are also discussing.

"Junior Sister, this breakthrough speed is really fast. It is obviously the latest one to enter the door, and it is actually about to catch up with us."

Zhang Han said elegantly.

He turned his head and looked at the hall of the younger sister behind him.

There was a trace of suspicion in his eyes.

Even he felt threatened in the breakthrough of this junior.

"Nonsense, if the talent is not strong enough, how could she be accepted as a disciple by the master? In addition, our junior sister is very unusual."

Ye Luo stared at Zhang Han, and said with a slight smile.


Zhang Han was taken aback.

I thought that what Ye Luo said was that the junior sisters methods were different, and he didnt even hear the deep meaning of Ye Luos words...

First update, ask for a monthly pass! ! !

(End of this chapter)

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