No One Really Thinks Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 183

Chapter 183: No deep friendship (see monthly pass)

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Chapter 183 Can't make deep friendship (seeking monthly ticket)

In the territory of Zhongzhou, on the island.

Baihu brought Chu Yuan to a magnificent palace.

Chu Yuan saw that the white tiger stopped here, and he could also understand that this was the place where the Ten Thousand Sect Convention was held.

He jumped from the back of the white tiger.

looked up at the palace.

He nodded slightly.

I have to say that this palace is still very beautiful and full of momentum. Unlike other palaces, it just shows the luxury, but does not have that style.

Chu Yuan thought to herself, and stepped forward to walk in.

The two monks guarding the gate saw this and bowed their hands to show respect, and watched Chu Yuan enter.

Chu Yuan nodded towards the two monks, and then walked into the palace with his hands on his back.

Walking into the palace, the entrance is a red carpet that leads directly to the main hall.

Both sides of are empty, and the noise inside can be vaguely heard from the main hall.

Chu Yuan just looked at it curiously, and then walked towards the main hall.

After entering the main hall, you can see tables placed on both sides.

There is a person sitting there before every table.

The loud noises are the conversations of these people.

You say what I say, and over time, it becomes noisy.

Chu Yuan looked up again, and there were also some tables on the top steps.

Its just that those tables are obviously not something ordinary people can sit on.

At this moment, only a few people are sitting at the top table.

Where do I want to sit?

Chu Yuan was puzzled.

He remembered that the invitation letter didnt say where he was going to sit.

The deacon who called him over did not say where he was going to sit.


Just pick a seat and sit down and you're done?

Chu Yuan glanced around.

Focus on the last empty table in the penultimate row.

This is it!

Chu Yuan immediately left, walked to the end table and sat down.

He looked up at some of the aura, crystal clear fruits on the table, and he couldn't help swallowing and spitting.

This fruit seems delicious?

Chu Yuan glanced at him, and on the table next to him was an old man with white beard.

The white-bearded old man is chatting with the next table, seeing that the fruits and vegetables on their table are neat.

If he eats, it seems something is wrong, right?

Forget it, something is wrong, something is wrong.


Chu Yuan coughed twice, picked up the fruits and ate them.

After taking a bite, he was stunned.

His mana is actually increasing.

This melon, a good thing! !

Chu Yuan ate a fruit on his hand.

He wanted to eat another one, but he looked at the field and found that the fruits and vegetables at Renrens table hadnt been moved, so he moved, and he was still not very embarrassed.

I didn't eat it anymore.

silently wrote down this plate of fruits.

Wait when you have to leave, then bring it.

Chu Yuan looked at the plate of melons and fruits, with some eyesight, but didn't move anymore, sat cross-legged, and waited quietly for the time to pass.

Just when Chu Yuan was about to close his eyes.

The old man with white beard at the table next door suddenly found Chu Yuan.

"Hey, why is this fellow Daoist so face-to-face? Dare to ask fellow Daoist his honorific name?"

The old man next door stared at Chu Yuan curiously and asked.

"The surname Chu is in the lower part of the country, and it is a single word."

The Chu Yuan who was questioned obviously froze for a while before he came back to his senses and replied.

Hear this.

The old man next door frowned and thought for a while.

It seems to be thinking about which sect's sovereign is the name Chu Yuan.

He remembers the Lord of the Holy Land in several big states near Zhongzhou. No one is called Chuyuan, right? There is even no one with the surname Chu.

The old man next door carefully looked at Chu Yuan again.

this person

The temperament is very fair and extraordinary.

Its just this state...

A foundation environment?

Impossible, it is estimated that some kind of treasure was used to hide the cultivation.

It can't be true anyway.

Ha ha.

If a foundation-building realm can enter the Ten Thousand Sects Conference, he can swallow the island in one bite.

So, what is the origin of this person?

The old man next door has a trace of doubt and curiosity.

"Fellow Daoist, poor Dao is named Zhuang Shu. It is one of the three holy places in Jingzhou, and the owner of Jingshui Pavilion!"

"Dare to ask the Daoist from He Zongmen? Poor Dao has no other meaning, just want to get to know the Daoist."

The old man "Zhuang Shu" said with a smile.

"This... is the master of Wudao Sect in the next."

Chu Yuan's scalp is numb, and the surface is still lightly talking with him.

Holy...Holy place?

He just find a place to sit down, next to him is the Lord of the Holy Land?

Is it so great? !

"Friend of Chu Daoist, which sect is Wudaozong? Please forgive the poor and ignorant."

Zhuang Shu frowned and said.

"Ahem, it's normal for fellow Taoists to have never heard of it. We are just an ordinary little sect."

Chu Yuan was a little cautious, he forcibly lifted his own sect upwards, it can't be said that it was Sanwu Sect, that would be shameful.

also sounded a wake-up call for him this time.

I went back, so I must fill in all the documents.

Otherwise it would be too shameful.

"Don't be joking, fellow Daoists, how can you be a small sect if you can participate in the Ten Thousand Sect Convention."

Shu Zhuang said disapprovingly.

"Really, it's just an ordinary small sect, only four disciples."

Chu Yuan said helplessly.

"Forget it, fellow Daoist is not willing to say it. What realm are you, fellow Daoist? Your hidden realm treasure is quite powerful, so I can't see at all what realm you are."

Zhuang Shu waved his hand and said.

"Underneath is the foundation environment."

Chu Yuan didn't say anything this time, but answered truthfully.

"You are really good at joking, fellow Daoist. The sect who participated in the Ten Thousand Sect Conference is the small sect, and the lord is the foundation building. Are you kidding?

Zhuang Shu shook his head and said.

However, from the bottom of his heart, he silently marked Chu Yuan as incomprehensible.

concealed, sure sect was not strong enough.

Dont have deep friendship, dont have deep friendship.

"Really, I never lie down here."

Chu Yuan said seriously.

"Okay, okay, since fellow daoists don't want to say it, that's it."

Zhuang Shu shook his head, don't look too far, obviously didn't want to chat with Chu Yuan anymore.

The impression of Chu Yuan plummeted.

Chu Yuan can't figure it out.

In these years, dont people tell the truth yet?

My family's sect is nothing extraordinary, four disciples, three become talented, and one from a genius to be a waste material by me.

I am also building a foundation.

Nothing wrong.

Why don't people tell the truth.

Chu Yuan is too lazy to think.

Since the other party is no longer talking, he doesnt want to say anything anymore, so he just closes his eyes and prepares to spend a while to see what kind of conference this is, and when will it end.

A little bit of time passes.

Chu Yuan is not in a hurry.

Many people in the hall have lost patience.

According to what Chu Yuan heard, it seemed to be asking why the Ten Thousand Sect Meeting hadnt started yet...

Second update, ask for a monthly pass! ! !

There is still a third chapter later.

(End of this chapter)

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