No One Really Thinks Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Am I the Sect Master of the Sejong Gate in Dongju Yin? (Seeking monthly pass)

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Chapter 184 Am I the Sovereign of Dongzhou Hidden Sejongmen? (Seeking monthly pass)

In the palace.

Sounds of discussion sounded.

"Why hasn't this ten thousand conferences started yet? It's been a long time, right?"

"I don't know this, but do you dare to have an opinion?"

"What if you have an opinion? Everyone here is the master of a holy land. If you have an opinion, you will have an opinion. Don't be afraid if you offend it!"

"There is news on the poor road. It is said that the Dongju Yin Sejong Gate has not yet been in place, so we people have been waiting. If you have any comments, please go to the Dongzhou Yin Sejong Gate."

Many suzerain-level people in the hall are talking, confused as to why the Ten Thousand Sect Conference has not yet begun.

Some suzerain-level figures knew the reason and directly spoke out.

Learn the real reason.

The hall suddenly became quiet.

did not dare to say more.

Have an opinion on the Sejong Gate of Yifang Yin?

They are too busy to have an opinion on Sejong Gate, Yifang Yin.

Especially this hidden Sejong gate in Dongju is extremely mysterious.

has never been recorded in ancient books.

Mysterious and ancient.

This is their only impression of the Sejong Gate in Dongju.

They didn't dare to have opinions on Dongju Yin Sejong Gate because of this little incident.

On the other side, Chu Yuan at the end of the table also heard these people's conversations.

The conversations of these people also made him feel confused.

Dongju Hidden Sejong Gate?

Is it possible that the secluded Sejong gate in Dongju will also participate in this Wanzong meeting?

Chu Yuan vaguely remembered that he had pulled the tiger skin of the Sejong Gate in Dongzhou two or three times.

However, this hidden Sejong gate in Dongju probably wouldn't know it either.

Chu Yuan thought for a while, but it was still not stable.

He looked at the old man Zhuang Shu next to him.

"Zhuang Daoyou."

Chu Yuan said.

"Friend Chu, what's the matter?"

Even though Zhuang Shu had a very bad impression of Chu Yuan, he still had a smile on his face.

It's one thing to feel that you can't have a deep friendship.

The necessary communication is still necessary.

After all, I dont even make a smile when I reach out.

"Do you know, Daoist Zhuang, what exactly is this Sejong Gate in Dongzhou?"

Chu Yuan asked with a smile.

Hear this.

Zhuang Shu is taken aback.

This person is estimated to be someone who has just qualified to enter the Ten Thousand Sects Conference.

Inquire about Sejong Gate of Yifang?

You want to curry favor, right?

This kind of person is really not for deep friendship!

Not only does it cover up, but also thinks about flattering all day long! !

"I don't know, but don't even think about it. The level of Sejong's Hidden Gate is far beyond what I can reach, let alone touch it, I can't even see it."

"At that level, you can only think about its magnificence. Fellow Daoists, you might understand?"

Zhuang Shu rolled his eyes, and said in a bad tone.

Chu Yuan, who was sitting in the same place, was a little confused.

Dont he just inquire about it.

Why did say a lot of things that he didn't understand?

Suddenly, a sound similar to the bell ringing resounded through the hall.

Everyone can't help but be shocked.

all subconsciously put their eyes on the steps.

On the steps, Wu Yue walked down with several people.

The people next to His Highness saw Wu Yue and several people behind him, and they stood up.

"Wu Yue, the leader of the Immortal Cultivator Alliance? This guy often sees the dragon without seeing the end. In the past, even if the Wanzong Conference was hosted by the deputy leader, this time he actually came forward to host the Wanzong Conference.

"What's so strange about Wu Yue, you should look at the few people behind Wu Yue, the representatives of the five great hidden Sejong gates in Zhongzhou have all appeared."

"Hiss... these people stomped, the whole Zhongzhou has to shake, right?"

"What are these people doing here?!"

While everyone stood up, they were also communicating with each other.

And Chu Yuan glanced at the people who stood up on the court, and subconsciously followed suit.

the other side.

Wu Yue took a few people down.

stared at everyone on both sides of the table.

scanned the past row after row.

He is also a little worried in his heart.

He has got the news over there.

Dongju Yin Sejong Sect Sect Master has arrived.

and has entered the hall.

But Wu Yue didn't see it at all.

So it is guessed that the Sect Master of the Hidden Sejong Gate of Dongju ran to the seat area of the Lord of the Ordinary Holy Land.

This hurried down to find.

Wu Yue glanced frantically at the people on both sides of the table, trying to find the Sect Master of Dongzhou Hidden Sejongmen.

He has visited someone before, of course, remember the other persons face clearly.

He searched all the way, but did not find the other party.

When you reach the end of the last row.

Wu Yue stopped and his eyes lit up.

Finally found the person he was looking for.

The last table in the nearest row at the end... Chu Yuan!

After seeing Chu Yuan clearly.

Wu Yue breathed a sigh of relief.

I also want to complain.

The seats of the Ten Thousand Sects Conference are all ranked according to the strength of the sect.

Up and down the steps is a watershed.

And from front to back, it is another ranking.

The Sect Master of the Sejong Sect in Dongju Hidden actually has such a bad taste.

ran to the last table and sat in the last row.

Doesnt this mean that Dongju Yin Sejongmen is the best dish?

But if Dongju Hidden Sejong Gate is a dish, what are all the sects on the stairs?

Wu Yue just took it, this is the evil taste of the Chu Sect Master.

"Sect Master Chu!! Why did you come here!"

Wu Yue walked to Chu Yuan and said helplessly.

"Are you? Leader Wu?"

Chu Yuan was taken aback.

Recovered immediately.

thought of the other person.

The person in front of him visited him last time, so he still remembers.

"Yes, Sect Master Chu, you shouldn't sit here, just follow me up, the Wanzong Conference will begin soon."

Wu Yue said quickly.

"Go up? Where do you go up?"

Chu Yuan asked in a circle.

"Go up the steps, you, as the Sect Master of No Dao Sect of the Sejong Sect of Dongju Hidden, should not sit here, hurry up and follow me.

Wu Yue said.

Chu Yuan: "?"

Dongju Hidden Sejongmen Sovereign?


Am I the Sovereign of Dongju Yin Sejongmen? ?

Third update, ask for a monthly pass! !

(End of this chapter)

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