One Click Practice For Millions Of Levels Chapter 667

Chapter 667: Can't Beat Withdraw

Hearing Jiang Zhou's roar, the three of Patriarch Sun sneered again and again.

"This is not enough. It is estimated that he will be solved soon." Sun Qinglong said with joy: "What I want most now is to kill him personally."

"Naughty!" Patriarch Sun stared, and said in a deep voice, "Who told you to kill him?"

Sun Qinglong was taken aback for a moment, and said blankly: "Father...Father, you just... said it yourself."

"Did I say?" Patriarch Sun frowned and asked aloud.

Sun Qinglong nodded.

"Did I?" Patriarch Sun looked at Erye Sun and asked again.

"Big Brother, you said." Second Master Sun also nodded and replied.

"Then I scared him too!" Patriarch Sun said with his hands behind his back, "I already said yesterday that you can't kill."

"Then what if he resists desperately?" Sun Erye asked.

"Hit a beat, then take it away." Patriarch Sun slowly said aloud.

"What if he is too much? What should we do..." Second Master Sun asked again.

"Then play a few more times." Patriarch Sun said aloud for a moment.

"Then you can't kill him?" Second Master Sun offered again.

"He didn't go too far, kill him, okay." Patriarch Sun frowned slightly and said aloud.

"Okay, what's wrong, and this kid is definitely not a good person. If you let him go today, he will definitely fight our Sun family in the future." Sun Qinglong nodded in agreement and said, "Why don't we just kill him today? He...with no trouble!"

"I think what my nephew said is very reasonable." Sun Erye nodded and said aloud.

As soon as he mentioned the Sun family, the Sun family master hesitated, thinking to himself that Jiang Zhou is really like that, and he will go against the Sun family in the future?

"But if you kill someone at the entrance of the academy, that old ghost Leihong will definitely come and ask for trouble." Patriarch Sun slowly said.

"Don't be afraid! There will naturally be a solution at that time." Sun Erye smiled, and then said: "It is impossible for him to turn his face with us for an ordinary little disciple."

"That old guy who protects the calf, you can't tell." Patriarch Sun shook his head slightly, and then said aloud: "Unless it is confirmed that the kid is threatening the Sun Family, no one can move him!"

"Then let's now..." Erye Sun raised his finger to the group of people who were fighting and asked.

"This is teaching him! Do you understand the lesson?" Patriarch Sun said out of anger.

"Hey, then catch him first, and educate him well." Sun Erye said with a smirk on his face.

Anyway, the Sun family was captured, and Jiang Zhou was dead or alive, and it was not he who had the final say.

Sun Qinglong also gave Sun Erye a look, and the two smirked at the same time.

"Don't think I don't know your careful thoughts." Patriarch Sun stared at Jiang Zhou and slowly said to Erye Sun: "It doesn't matter what you want to do, but if it affects the development of the Sun family, I can't spare you. Two!"

"Don't worry, father, how could it happen?" Sun Qinglong said aloud with a flattering smile.

"Yes, brother, don't worry, there must be no major problems." Sun Erye also echoed.

Patriarch Sun snorted coldly and did not continue to speak with his hands behind his back.

"Ah!" Jiang Zhou roared, fighting from side to side among the crowd. Although he himself had knocked down a lot of people, he would continue to add up.

In addition, many disciples of Tianjing Academy have been injured, making Jiang Zhou feel very guilty.

"Fire wall technique!" Jiang Zhou roared, his aura slowly condensed.

Then a wall of fire violently burned among the Sun family.

"Ah! What is going on?"


"Fire! Fire out!"

Everyone in the Sun family was in a panic, rushing to release aura, trying to destroy the wall of fire.

Jiang Zhou knocked down a few people in front of him before he took a sigh of relief, and then said, "Brothers, don't try hard. Bring the wounded back first. Let's retreat back!"

Everyone nodded, thanks to Jiang Zhou's wall of fire temporarily isolating the Sun family, so that they could get a chance to breathe.


Suddenly a burst of white gas came out, and everyone was shocked to find that Jiang Zhou's wall of fire had been destroyed.

"This... how can it be so fast?" Jiang Zhou frowned slightly, full of doubts in his head.

"Hahaha, they can't do it! Come on brothers!"

"Take them down! Patriarch must be rewarded!"

"Brothers, hurry! Give these little boys a lesson!"

Everyone in the Sun family rushed towards Jiang Zhou and the others with excitement, thinking that victory was in sight.

In order to gain a chance for the academy's disciples to breathe, Jiang Zhou continued to growl.

"Wall of Fire, Wall of Fire, Wall of Fire!"

Three successive walls of fire surrounded him and a group of college disciples.

"Brothers, seize the opportunity to retreat!" Jiang Zhou turned his head and said, while holding up the wounded next to him.

"No, we can't admit that we lost the face of the Academy!"

An academy disciple said with a disgusting expression.

"This is not an acknowledgment, this is a strategic retreat. We are small, so we will withdraw a little bit later..." Jiang Zhou said, and took the lead to withdraw to the entrance of the college.

"Don't let them go! Destroy the wall of fire for me! Catch up!" Sun Qinglong saw that Jiang Zhou was about to retreat, instantly unhappy, and shouted repeatedly: "Grab him! Hurry up!"

The guards had no choice but to perform the exercises again and again by the few people who knew the water attribute exercises, and finally they were exhausted and panting to wipe out the three walls of fire.

At this time, everyone in Jiang Zhou had already returned to the academy. Jiang Zhou stood at the gate of the academy, hooked his fingers towards them, and said aloud: "Come on... Come here if you have the ability."

"Hehe, too cheap."

An academy disciple laughed and watched Jiang Zhou spit out.

"You don't understand. I irritated them like this. They couldn't help rushing to the academy, but they were at a loss." Jiang Zhou slowly raised the corners of his mouth and said with a smirk: "How do you knead then? They, isn't it what we said?"

"Hahaha, yes! What you said makes sense!"

"Come here if you have the ability! You dare to come to Tianjing Academy to get people, it's really impatient to live."

"Bah! If it wasn't for the crowds of you, I would kill you today, Xiaoye!"

"Only relying on the waste of many people!"

A group of academy disciples followed Jiang Zhou and started a mocking mode towards everyone in the Sun family.

Everyone in the Sun family was taken aback for a while, looking at Jiang Zhou and others who had retracted into the academy, lost their way, and turned their heads to look at Patriarch Sun again.

"Brother, what should I do?" Erye Sun frowned, watching Patriarch Sun ask.

"What to do? Huh..." Patriarch Sun snorted and waved his hand.

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