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  • One Punch Mans Weekend Sale Supermarket Owner

  • Genres : Modern Day -  superpowers -  Fan-Fiction
  • Status : Completed
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One Punch Mans Weekend Sale Supermarket Owner summary:

After being threatened by the egg monster, the owner of the weekend sale supermarket made the strongest voice in the world: “You can no longer be a supermarket owner who reads comics and plays games. Become an S-class hero who saves the world by interest!”If you want to see girls in the vest, please click “click to read”;If you want to see Lily of the Three-section Stick, please click “Add to Bookshelf”;If you want to see Mosquito Girl, please click “vote for recommendation”;If you want to see hell blowing snow, please click “update reminder”;If you want to see the tornado, please click “I want to comment”;If you want to see Sonic Sonic, please click… Faggot!- Description from Unknown

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One Punch Mans Weekend Sale Supermarket Owner Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 625: Poros27 minutes ago
Chapter 616: .virus27 minutes ago
Chapter 574: .medis27 minutes ago
Chapter 493: .curse27 minutes ago
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