One Punch Mans Weekend Sale Supermarket Owner Chapter 660

Chapter 659: .what Is This Spar? 196 193

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659. What is this spar?

"However, what I did not expect is that this gate of equivalent exchange has not given up. It uses its own power to continuously exchange various things at equal value to destroy the balance of this world..." From the standpoint of the will of the earth, this is indeed the case.

Whether it is the gate of equivalent exchange that exchanges god-level characters from another world equivalently, or the equivalent exchange of some superpowers to other people, this is a possibility to increase the risk of destruction of the earth.

However, the gate of equivalent exchange is so powerful, then, what does it mean by itself?

For example, the teacher is exchanged for the equivalent, and there is no such thing as a teacher that cannot be solved with one punch! ?

Is the existence of a higher dimension, the setting of a higher dimension?

"Look at today, the god-level powerhouse was originally limited to this mirror world, and ordinary people in the ordinary world, what kind of balance is this! Why should this balance be broken, and why should the earth be in danger of destruction! "The earth will be extremely angry, angered.

"What does the danger of destruction of the earth have to do with me?" Wei Leida said coldly.

Suddenly, the earth will be speechless.

When it is so strong, all laws, rules, and restrictions have become a little nihilistic.

It's very simple. If you can blow up a planet with one punch, will you still go to reason with ordinary people on this planet?

You can trample a colony of ants to death with one foot, and you will talk to ants about human rights...Oh, no, ant rights?

Wei Leida said unceremoniously, even some arrogant and unreasonable, but it also made the earth will be speechless for a long time.

It is impossible for these god-level powerhouses to truly blow up the earth. At most, they will destroy the humans, animals, etc. on it. At most, they will trigger a hurricane or volcanic eruption.

Therefore, from the standpoint of Wei Leida and others, this is nothing at all. Human beings no longer exist, they are creating some, and then they become the gods to be believed in!

However, for the will of the earth and the weapons of the earth, this kind of destruction is fundamentally intolerable for them.

"At this time, why do you need to say more?" Axel stepped forward. On the surface, it was indeed the will of the earth.

However, they have considered whether they use hurricanes, tsunamis, and volcanoes to destroy a large number of human beings to maintain the balance of so-called human overdevelopment. Have they considered human feelings?

To put it bluntly, fart A shares decide the head.

In their view, every inch of the earth is important, human beings? biological? What to do with me! ? It's dead, and it will come out again after a long time...

So, at this time, saying everything is no use, only a pair of iron fists is the real truth.

"In that case, let's fight!"

With a roar, the two sides slammed into each other, emitting extremely bright rays of light. Those powers can wind up huge storms at will, the mountains in the same place shake, and the river in the same place is boiling. The eruption began.

The power here is too powerful, even penetrating the mirror, directly affecting the ordinary world, and more combat power is inhaled into which Genesis.

"Ah... it's an amazing masterpiece." A man muttered to himself, standing next to Genesis. Then, he turned and looked at the huge gate of equivalent exchange, "Did you see that? Why dont you open it yet?"

The strengths of both sides are very close, both have reached the standard of **** level, very soon.

Axel is seriously injured!

Wei Leida is seriously injured!

The trembling tornado is seriously wounded!

Saiona, the girl in the vest, was seriously injured!

The same is true on the side of earth weapons and earth will, but the situation of earth will is better.

Looking at the earth again, it is simply a world-class apocalyptic disaster. I don't know what the situation is. From the sky, it gives you a powerful light from time to time, killing the humans on the ground.

"Sister, Axel!" Hell Chuuxue protected her Chuxue group, opened up a powerful Hell Lan storm, and looked up at the sky. She knew that this was probably the two of them fighting against something.

"What's wrong with this god?"


"It's not that there will be heroes and weirdos fighting again?"

"It's possible!"

The ordinary people hurried to take refuge one by one, but the strength of the refuge seemed to be unable to compete with these powerful beams, and many ordinary people were killed.

In the mirror world.

Only Axel and Earth Will are left who can still maintain a standing posture. At this time, Wei Leida and the trembling tornado are unconscious, and the girl in the vest, Saiona, has also lost the ability to fight. Watched.

"Is this what you are looking forward to? Both lose and lose?" The Earth Will roared extremely angrily.

Axel shook his head, "Originally, the plan was not like this, but someone whispered to you... I really want to know, who is it?"

The eyebrows of the earth's will moved, and a mighty power spread into Axel's ears.

"Plan?" Suddenly, a joking voice sounded, "Everyone has a plan, of course, including me."

Axel turned his head, and a man carrying a long sword walked over slowly, holding his hands on his back, his expression extremely calm.

"Sword God." Axel said in a deep voice.

"Yes, the will of the earth, don't come unharmed?"

The earth will be silent.

"You whispered the news and let us fight?" Axel asked.

"Telling the news?" Sword God sneered and did not answer the question, "I only care about one question, that is, how many deaths can be..."

The expressions of Axel and Earth Will change at the same time.

Equivalent exchange!

"What do you want to exchange for equal value? With so many lives of strong people?" Axel's deep voice was extremely terrifying.

"Hey, aren't you curious, what on earth is on the other side of this equivalent exchange gate? I, in these long years, but very curious!" Sword God suddenly laughed.

"So, do you want the corpses of so many powerful god-level experts?" Axel asked.

"Yes, but it's not enough." The Sword God glanced at the direction of the Equivalent Exchange Gate, "It doesn't mean to open yet..."

"Really." Axel sneered.

Suddenly, the Sword God flipped his hand, and a spar-like thing appeared in his hand, "Do you know what this is? If you know it, can you still laugh?"

Suddenly, Axel's face changed drastically.

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