One Punch Mans Weekend Sale Supermarket Owner Chapter 661

Chapter 660: .do You See That Side Of The Door?

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660. Do you see the door?

The sword **** held a spar in his hand, which was a spar that looked like a dial.

"My original inner core!" Axel bit his teeth. Unexpectedly, his inner core was in this person's hands. No wonder Bian, the **** of fist at that time...

"If I squeeze this core into an explosion, do you know the consequences?" Sword God Weiwei smiled, but the smile was like a devil's smile, which was chilling.

Axel gritted his teeth.

There is only one answer-death!

I don't know how Medis did it, connecting such an inner core with his own life. Once his inner core is destroyed, it will die.

Therefore, his inner core was acquired by Fist God Bian. He once thought that he had explained it like this. However, until Fist God Bian died twice, he did not see what was wrong with him. At this time, Aksai You have already begun to doubt.

However, the object of his suspicion was G.G Medis, because this thing was given to her, so, did Medis take this core back?

However, problems followed one after another, because Medis gave himself another pseudo kernel, and it has been used until now. If it is said that its own kernel has been found, why does Medis give itself a pseudo-kernel?

Before, I have been troubled.

By now, I finally understand.

"What do you want?" Axel said in a deep voice, the vest girl Saiona also came over, leaning against Axel, her injury was very serious. However, Wei Leida's situation may be even worse, and now she is unconscious. A god-level powerhouse, her physique is extremely powerful, which shows that her situation is very bad, but this kind of situation generally does not affect life and death, as long as this battle is over, there will be no problem.

The will of the earth was watching quietly, and Axel signaled the girl in the vest to quickly regain her stamina, and after obtaining the inner core of Fist Bian, he also achieved integration and the ability to recover has also been obtained. However, the attack of a god-level powerhouse is not easy for this kind of ordinary recovery, it can only recover little by little, drop by drop.

"Haha, what? I'm delaying time, but it's no use. I have already thought about it." Sword God slowly played with which core to put in his hands. "My request is very simple, that is, kill Siona next to you!"

what! ?

On the spot, Axel was stunned, gritted his teeth, and his deep voice was extremely terrifying, "Why kill her?"

"Because she is the weight for me to put on the equivalent exchange balance, and I must die!" Sword God gritted his teeth, "Before the equivalent exchange, I must communicate with the equivalent exchange gate, what weight I am going to put on! Unfortunately, she is one of the weights, so, I want to exchange it for equal value, she must die!"

Axel suddenly said, "Can it be replaced, for example, the will of the earth!"

He pointed to the will of the earth not far away, "If we help you kill him, can this weight be replaced by the will of the earth?"

The Sword God shook his head, "It's a pity, this can't be replaced." After a little pause, "Let me tell you, now, if you want to survive, you can only kill her. It's that simple..."

His voice hadn't fallen yet, and Axel had already hit the girl in the vest with a punch over there.

"Axel..." The vest girl Saona's eyes widened, and then her body slowly slipped down. She didn't believe it until she died. This man would kill herself with a punch so without hesitation, for, Just let him live by himself.

"I did it." Axel said.

"I can't believe it." Sword God was stunned. Based on his knowledge of Axel, didn't he say that he would rather die than hurt this woman? How could this be killed with one punch! ?

The breath of a god-level powerhouse is easy to detect. Therefore, the sword **** is very sure that Saiona, a girl in the vest, is dead. Up to now, he still couldn't believe it, for a moment, he was stunned. This was a little different from what he had imagined before, but he didn't expect it to be so smooth.

Suddenly, for a moment, Axel had already recalled his inner core.

At this time, the sword **** reacted, but it didn't matter. He just wanted to open the door and see the contents of the door at the same time. Now the weights have been placed and can start.

"The door of almighty equivalent exchange, please open it, let me see the opposite side of the door, what is it!?" Sword God shouted excitedly.

Suddenly, the gate of equivalent exchange slowly opened, bursting out a strange light, and the eyes of the sword **** became brighter with that light.

"It's been over a thousand years, and I finally have to achieve my goal. Let me see, what is on the other side of your magical equivalent exchange gate!?" The Sword God was almost mad.

"Then, we have to pass our level first!" Axel sneered.

The Sword God was taken aback, he turned his head and glanced at Axel, but his eyes widened suddenly, because Velida lying on the ground, the trembling tornado, and the earth weapon did not know when they had stood up. One by one looked at him eagerly.

"What the **** is going on?" Sword God looked dazed.

"If you don't do this, how can you come out, how can you show your intentions?" Ah Kossel sneered.

They had communicated with the will of the earth a long time ago, because they didn't know who whispered the news and contributed to the situation. Therefore, i had this battle and brought out the sword god.

"Haha..." The Sword God laughed miserably. He knew that he had been tricked. "But, isn't your lover dead? Just to draw me out, is it worth it!?"

"Do you think I will do this without any certainty?" Axel sneered. All the god-level powerhouses have already begun to attack. This kind of attack is not something that the Sword God can resist.

At the same time, Axel, who has integrated his own core, has already rushed to his eyes, and his right hand is empty, "Sword God, I tell you, on the scale of equivalent exchange, you are the resurrection weight of Saiona! "

"You!" The Sword God roared, but, to no avail, he couldn't bear the attacks of eight god-level powerhouses at all, and he could only be bombarded with no scum left in his fury.

"It's started!" Wei Leida exclaimed, the door of equivalent exchange slowly opened, and a beam of light A hit the vest girl Saiona, and she woke up immediately.

"Are you okay?" Axel helped her up and asked.

"Just now, you, me, what happened?" Saiona, the girl in the vest, said incoherently.

"Actually, it's just an equivalent exchange. I killed you first, exchanged which core, and then killed the sword **** and resurrected you with him. It was as simple as that." Axel smiled, because there is a fist **** The precedent that Bian went to resurrect Velida, he dared to do so.

"That's it... But, on the other side of the door, do you see it?" Saiona, the girl in the vest, asked.

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