One Punch Mans Weekend Sale Supermarket Owner Chapter 662

Chapter 661: .i Am Back

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661. I'm back

Axel shook his head.

Earth Will and others are also frowning, until now it is still not clear which equivalent exchange gate is what a ghost thing.

"Well, it's finally over, and I should go back to the ordinary world," said the trembling Tornado.

Earth Will frowned, because she is a god-level powerhouse at the moment, and going to the ordinary world is extremely dangerous.

"Don't worry, I will put the core in this mirror world, if I need this power to fight, I will come back and take it." The trembling tornado said.

The earth will nod.

Axel shook his head.

"Huh, what do you keep me here for? See you guys? Oh, okay, I wish you all grow old and have an early son, okay? What more, you say!" The trembling Tornado folded his arms and folded his arms. An angry chest rises and falls rapidly.

"It doesn't mean that, but, the matter is not over." Axel's brows never relaxed.

"What!?" Everyone exclaimed.

"Medis, come out, it's time for you to play..." Axel sighed, and he looked away.

G.G Medis appeared here abruptly. Once it came, suddenly, a wave of WIA made the eight strong players present all feel the pressure at the same time.


Axel was stunned, because the G.G Medis who appeared at this time was actually a bald, and also a woman, looking very awkward. At this time, she was wearing azure blue clothes, a azure blue cloak, and a azure blue glove, and even a pair of pupils were azure blue.

It turned out that those three thousand blue silks were actually in disguise...

"Is it weird? I was originally a bald head..." GG Medice appeared abruptly beside the shuddering tornado, nodded with her hand on her forehead, and suddenly, the shuddering tornado was nothing. Lie down without warning.

"You!" Wei Leida yelled. She always went straight and directly attacked the past. At the same time she attacked another earth weapon.

"Haha." GG Medis smiled faintly, and flicked his right hand finger. Suddenly, Velida and the earth weapon were knocked into the air, directly penetrating the mirror of the mirror world, hitting the earth, and suddenly causing it on the earth. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

Axel's breathing almost stopped, it was too strong, it was not a dimension at all.

"Did you see, we are not at the same level at all, I just like watching you play like this... I'm too lazy." GG Medis said with a smile, "Which mirror is also a joke, I can go in and out at will. ."

Axel was silent, it turned out that Medis would appear by his side at that time, and after a long time, the mirror world could not restrain her at all.

"What on earth do you want to do, Medis, you are so powerful that you may even penetrate the earth. But what are you going to do?" Axel asked.

"Axel." G.G Medis suddenly appeared in front of Axel, staring at him.

"What are you going to do!?" Saiona, the girl in the vest, roared, but was flicked.

"Do you know why, do I choose you?"

Shook his head.

"Axel, you are not from this world! Just like me!" G.G Medis said lightly.

Axel's eyes widened, and he understood what the other party meant. This was not a person who exchanged equivalently for the God of Fist and the God of Sword, but rather a traverser like himself!

Medis is also a traverser, but he doesn't know where he comes from?

"Do you have a memory of where you came from? Do you want to go back?" G.G Medis asked with a smile, "Do you want to take a look at the hometown you came to?"

Axel was taken aback, if he was right, the hometown of G.G Medis was probably the hometown of the teacher. Moreover, Sykes' third eye has seen it from that kind of stone more than once, and there is a place with many bald heads! Therefore, it is not surprising that there are two bald heads, the teacher and Medis in this world.

"Do you want to use the equivalent exchange to send yourself back?"

G.G Medis smiled, did not answer, and did not need to answer.

"The weight of this equivalent exchange is very heavy and requires a lot of killing!" Axel sighed, "No wonder, when I was in the temple of the four gods, I could feel such a heavy **** aura. The deaths of thousands of years of **** slaughter are used as weights!"

GG Medis seems not surprised that Axel speculates this result, "Yes, I once asked the gate of equivalent exchange, but the answer it gave me was shocked. This The asking price is too high and I need to prepare through a thousand years."

"Moreover, even after a thousand years, the price of ordinary people's death is not high." Axel sneered, "If those ordinary people are considered as sand, then, a monster of a temple. I am afraid it is a house, and we god-level powerhouses, I am afraid it is a city!"

"Hey, you are very smart. Hundreds of years have passed, and I found that on the other end of the balance of equivalent exchange, the speed of weight increase is too slow. Therefore, I must provoke a relationship between your god-level powerhouses. Fighting, this kind of death is enough."

"Death is okay, so are cores and abilities, right?" Axel's gaze passed through the mirror and landed on the ground of the ordinary world.

This time, G.G Medis was a little surprised. I didn't expect Axel to see this. "Don't worry, they won't die. I don't have to kill them."

At this moment, Axel seemed to understand. No wonder, in the original work, the shuddering tornado's forehead ability is not as strong as it is now, because her inner core has been taken back. This is also true of people like the girl in the vest. Perhaps the girl in the vest is a little more serious, just as if you don't remember the blasting period, even the memory is put on the other end of the balance.

Only those earth wills and earth weapons are still there. In a sense, they have become gods in this world, and their goal is simple: to protect this world. Anything threatening the world will be eradicated by them.

In the original work, as gods, they wanted to kill humans because they judged that humans are too threatening to the earth.


"Enough weights."

"I mean, why are you telling me all this?"

"You and I are the same person, so I want you to witness this moment!"

"Don't you think I will go back too?" Axel was stunned.

"Yes. This time, the weight is enough for two people to return. Hey, are you looking forward to your hometown? What is my hometown like? I am looking forward to it... In this world, it is too lonely and has no rivals. There is no room for ascent... You should understand, right!?"

Suddenly, as G.G Medis yelled, the door of equivalent exchange was completely opened, and two rays of light enveloped Axel and G.G Medis.


The two disappeared.

Axel seemed to have spent a thousand years, and it seemed only a moment.

He appeared on the original earth.

He blankly found that he was standing in a dead alley.

"I'm back?" Axel was taken aback. Obviously, the clothes he was wearing were the clothes he had passed through beforethe factory clothes of the factory.

"Unexpectedly, I really came back." Axel sighed, but Medis may have gone to which world of hers, and he has returned to the earth.

I hurriedly took out my trousers, took out my mobile phone, opened the contacts, and let out a sigh of relief. In this regard, I also verified my own thoughts.

Suddenly, he was a little excited, because in which world his power was a god-level standard, he was not a superman when he arrived on Earth! ?

Clenched his fist, and...

"Fuck!" The ability disappeared! "This cheating medis..."

Suddenly, the phone rang.

I took it out and saw it was a weird number, and after reading it, I knelt on the spot.

"I dont know if I can receive it. I forgot to tell you that after returning to the original world, anything that belongs to this world will be confiscated by the gate of equivalent exchange. It will help you store it in a safe, and wait until you It will be returned to you next time you shuttle. Signature: GG!"

"I bought a watch last year!" Axel scolded, "Do you think that crossing is a playhouse?"

Suddenly, feeling something in his heart, he suddenly raised his head-at the end of the sky, there seemed to be a faint door. A huge door!

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