One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1326

Vol 4 Chapter 1326: Earth crisis

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This picture has no color, only a rough outline.

Because radar-type reconnaissance equipment can only draw the shape of the object that reflects the signal based on the reflected signal.

Therefore, the pattern drawn by the Academy of Military Sciences based on the reflected signal is a shape pattern with no color or even details.

This is often the case in military meetings.

However, when they saw this shape, everyone who participated in the meeting felt that something was not good.

Because this shape is surprisingly a triangular pyramid shape.

There is nothing wrong with it, the shape of a triangular pyramid.

Because of the worship of triangles in the Palestine civilization, the spacecraft built are all triangular pyramids.

The first time mankind came into contact with the Palestine civilization spacecraft was the washer spacecraft that anchored on the surface of the sun as soon as it appeared and launched gamma star destroyers to bombard the earth.

The washer spacecraft is triangular in shape.

In the universe, naturally formed asteroids and meteorites cannot be such neat triangular pyramids.

Therefore, when they saw this shape map, everyone knew in their hearts that this was a spaceship of Palestine civilization.

"Can you determine the length and volume data?" Admiral Rod kept calm, but he felt a dignity in his heart.

"The length is 1,800 meters." The representative of the Academy of Military Sciences calculated a rough figure based on the detected data.

"1800 meters."

Admiral Rod repeated this data.

He is actually very familiar with the battleships of the Palestine civilization. After all, he watched every battle of the human expeditionary fleet repeatedly, and even closed his eyes to recall every detail.

Therefore, he has a very good understanding of the battleship data of the Palestine civilization.

"In other words, this should be a destroyer, if it is a new capital ship." Admiral Rod gave an inference in his mind.

At this moment, everyone who participated in the meeting had already acquiesced that this was a Palaise battleship.

In other words, the earth will face an attack from the Palestine civilization next.

Except for the washer spacecraft, no other Palese battleship has ever visited the solar system.

Therefore, whether the earth can survive this catastrophe, no one knows.

"Need to notify the expeditionary fleet?" A representative of the Academy of Military Sciences asked this question.

This question is very real.

This time, the detection of the warships of the Palestine civilization in the Kuiper Belt of the solar system is undoubtedly a catastrophe facing the earth.

However, the powerful human expeditionary fleet is not in the solar system, but the Sagittarius spiral arms tens of thousands of light years away.

Even if the human expeditionary fleet returns immediately, it will take at least four months to return to the solar system.

In that long time, the earth has exploded ten million times.

Therefore, it is impossible for the human expeditionary fleet to rush back to help the earth.

The earth can only rely on its own defensive power to survive this catastrophe.

In other words, telling the human expeditionary fleet of this crisis is actually meaningless from the point of view of protecting the earth.

However, after considering it, Admiral Rodr still said: "In order to receive communications from the Shenzhou, the condition of the earth needs to be known to the expeditionary fleet.

"If the earth is really over, then the expeditionary fleet must know the first thing, and then abandon the solar system and use 960 Sagittarius as the new home planet of human civilization."

This is a very heavy topic, but someone must think about it.

Any civilization born in the universe is not safe.

If you want civilization to continue, you need to consider any possibility.

The earth is not a paradise.

The earth is also likely to be destroyed, especially the hostile civilization of mankind, which is still an advanced civilization.

Therefore, as early as ten years ago, when the washer spacecraft first appeared, the Supreme Council of Mankind had already considered the relevant possibility.

If one day, the earth is destroyed.

If the humans on earth cannot escape, then the human expedition fleet will become the last kind of fire for mankind.

If this kind of fire needs to be passed on, it is necessary to abandon the earth, abandon the solar system, and take root on suitable planets.

Now, mankind has found a second home planet, at 960 Sagittarius.

However, the first interstellar migration has not officially started, and the crisis has come ahead of schedule.

If the earth cannot survive this crisis this time, then the only way is to let the expeditionary fleet outside take over the important task of inheriting the fire of civilization.


at the same time.

Sagittarius spiral arm, the flagship of the human expeditionary fleet, aboard the Shenzhou.

"Today, there has been a communication signal from Scutum 217, and I dont know what Duke Arden wants to do." The fleet communication team has been processing the communication signal from Scutum 217. This communication signal is more like a signal to some extent. bombing.

Shenzhou did not connect to the communication signal of Alpha 217 of Scutum, because it would not have any valuable information.

However, when a quantum communication signal from the earth appeared, the entire communication group became tense.

Because of this communication signal, the band used is different from the previous one, which is the emergency communication band.

The communication team immediately connected the communication signal to the flagship and notified the fleet's senior management.

Fang Yuan heard that there was emergency communication from the earth, and then heard the communication group mention that 217 Scutum suddenly initiated communication today.

There seems to be a certain connection between the two.

Fang Yuan walked into the communication conference room quickly, and then asked the communication team to connect the communication from the Duke of Arden at #217 of the Shield to his private communication channel, wanting to see what the Duke of Arden wanted to do.

In the first time the earth communication signal is connected.

Fang Yuan knew the situation of the earth, and the warships of the Palese civilization were found in the Kuiper Belt of the solar system.

At the same time, there was a communication from the Duke of Arden on the private communication channel.

"Have you received the gift I gave you?"


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