One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1327

Vol 4 Chapter 1327: "Hostages" of the Earth

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"There should be more than one battleship invading the solar system."

There is not much information that can be obtained from Duke Ardens dialogue. Fang Yuan can probably guess that there should be more than one battleship sent by Duke Arden to attack the earth, but a small fleet.

Fang Yuan transfers the available information back to the earth as much as possible.

In fact, there is no need for the expeditionary fleet to transmit information, and the Earth has also discovered the size of the fleet that has invaded the solar system.

The Palisades fleet is very fast. It took only half an hour to enter the vicinity of the Earth's orbit from the Kuiper Belt and fly away from the curvature.

Thousands of detectors on the earth detected the Palese fleet.

"Six battleships, one battleship, two cruisers, three destroyers."

Divided according to the fleet standards of higher civilizations, this is a half-standard fleet, with a complete ratio.

Under normal circumstances, such a fleet of advanced civilizations is enough to destroy any stellar civilization.

As for planetary civilization, there is no need to send a fleet to attack, a washer spacecraft is enough.

Therefore, the treatment of the earth is a constant star.

Within three hours of the emergence of this Palestine fleet, chaos appeared in many parts of the earth.

Because there are too many astronomical telescopes on Earth, many of them are private.

Therefore, when the Palerce Fleet appeared near the Earth orbit, the news could not be concealed at all.

In just three hours, all mankind learned the news that the fleet of the Purger civilization had come to destroy the earth.

It is now 75 years in the crisis era, not more than 10 years have passed since the Star Beast Civilization War.

In the past 10 years, it is difficult to completely change the collective thinking of human society.

Therefore, when the news of the Purge Fleet appeared, most of the people's first reaction was still panic, but the order did not collapse.

After all, having experienced the baptism of a star beast civilization war, the tenacity of human society has increased.

Images of the Palerce Fleet captured by astronomical telescope equipment are circulating on the Internet. The six triangular-shaped battleships look like the devil sent by death to kill people on earth.

It is impossible for everyone on earth to have a tenacious will, so panic is inevitable.

And this panic and desperate mood will continue to spread and continue to ferment.

The Internet has even begun to appear surrendered.

When some people feel powerless to resist, they always hope that they can survive by surrendering.

After all, endangered species will always receive preferential treatment. If humans become endangered species, there is also the possibility of being raised in captivity by higher civilizations.

The emergence of the Palerce Fleet is extremely deterrent to the earth.

The Supreme Council of Mankind held meetings for more than three hours in a row. The Space Fleet Headquarters, the Planetary Defense Council, and various departments debated fiercely on ways to resolve the crisis.

The Earth Space Fleet has assembled in the spaceport, ready to attack at any time.

So far, no matter what kind of speech appears among human beings, the core power of the Supreme Council is still in the hands of Donghai.

Admiral Rhodes holds the supreme command of the Earth's space fleet, so once the battle strikes, he will inevitably counterattack.

The Earth Space Fleet has entered a first-level combat readiness state, and the battle is about to start.

The Supreme Council of Mankind, the Academy of Military Sciences, the Space Fleet Staff, and many other departments are analyzing and discussing the combat capabilities of both sides, looking for the possibility of victory.

Since the end of the Star Beast civilization warship, the earth has developed very rapidly in 10 years. After the expeditionary fleet left the solar system, the earth also built a new space fleet.

However, in terms of technology, weapons, materials, etc., there is still a gap with the warships of advanced civilization.

"Fortunately, this Palese fleet is not the main fleet of the Palestine civilization, but an ancient battleship that has been used for 20,000 years at the forefront." The Space Fleet Staff has analyzed the Palese fleet. After that, a relatively favorable message was given.

"Although it is not the main force of the Palestine civilization, the technological level is far beyond the warships we built." A member of the Supreme Council reminded.

"We also have advanced civilized warships, and there are as many as five ships." Admiral Rod said, calming everyone's nervousness.

The earth does have advanced warships.

When the expeditionary fleet left the earth for an expedition to Sagittarius, it did not take away all the high-level warships.

Therefore, there are still five captured advanced civilization warships remaining on the earth.

In the past 10 years, the human space army has been using these advanced civilization warships for training.

Judging from the training results, it should be combat effective.

However, it is impossible for the expeditionary fleet that has truly experienced space warfare to come back to help the Earth, now that the Sagittarius spiral arm is tens of thousands of light years away.

The space forces and space fleets on Earth have a certain amount of training, but they have very little experience in warfare.

Therefore, no one knows how effective the Earth's space fleet is.


Tens of thousands of light-years away, Fang Yuan can see in real time the Palese fleet that is approaching the earth's orbit through quantum communication.

In Fang Yuan's eyes, this Palestine fleet can be said to be a pile of broken bronze and iron, none of which are active main battleships, all of which are antiques 20,000 years ago.

With this kind of antique warship, Fang Yuan could easily be crushed into ashes.

However, after tens of thousands of light years, I couldn't go back at all.

Such broken copper and rotten iron is still a catastrophe for the current earth.

Three hours have passed, and the Palestine fleet has not yet launched an attack.

Because Fang Yuan was still confronting Duke Arden.


"Want to beg me?" The Duke of Arden showed a sense of pride in his voice.

Obviously, the earth has now become a "hostage."

Negotiations may change the fate of the planet.

The Duke of Arden continued: "Remember how you attacked the capital of the Triple Star? How similar it is now."

More than two years ago.

Fang Yuan led the human fleet and destroyed the triple star capital of the Duke of Arden.

At that time, the Duke of Arden was taking his fleet to besiege the three civilizations combined fleet of the Carbon-based Alliance. He could only watch it from a distance of thousands of light years and could not return help.

Now it is the turn of the fleet sent by the Duke of Arden to attack the earth, and the human fleet is separated by tens of thousands of light years, and it is also impossible to return aid.

"Is it similar? At that time, you should think I can't attack the triple star capital, right?" Fang Yuan chuckled lightly.

Fang Yuan is not sure whether the destiny of the earth can be changed through negotiation, but at least it can delay a little time and give the earth more time to prepare.

Duke Arden's face became a little ugly, because Fang Yuan's words reminded him of the process of the destruction of the capital of the Triple Star at that time.

"At that time, when I attacked the capital of the triple star, I really just wanted to force you to withdraw, but you refused to withdraw, so you could only bite the bullet." Fang Yuanyu gave a hint of joking.

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