One Punch Star Annihilation Chapter 1328

Vol 4 Chapter 1328: The battle begins

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The Duke of Arden became more and more angry, and even this emotion could be felt through the correspondence.

"Are you not afraid that I will get angry and order your home planet to be destroyed?" He said in a threatening tone.

"If you really want to attack, I can't stop it at all. Since you haven't ordered the firing, it means you still want to negotiate. Besides, your current situation is not very good." Fang Yuan was very calm.

The most important point in the negotiation is to be calm and never let the other party notice your own emotional fluctuations.

"You are so sure that I will negotiate with you, maybe I just want to appreciate your wonderful expression when you see the home planet being destroyed." Duke Arden said triumphantly.

"Some things, if you can't stop them, you can only make backup plans. Human beings have already made plans for the development of civilization. If the earth is destroyed, then just find another planet as the parent star. However, as a price , The Palestine Galaxy Far Star Empire will also run out of time." Fang Yuan's tone was very calm, as if he was stating a fact.

"Do you think you have this ability?" Duke Arden snorted coldly.

"Time will tell you if I have it." Fang Yuan's cold tone, through the communication signal, can make Duke Arton feel pressure.

Of course, this pressure is not transmitted through communication signals, but is brought about by the war situation.

The Duke of Arden is now huddled in Shield Seat 217, unable to get out at all.

The human fleet wanders back and forth in the Sagittarius and Scutum spiral arms like ghosts.

The Duke of Arden's fleet is obviously stronger in overall strength, but he just doesn't dare to leave the planetary fortress at 217 Scutum.

The pressure almost suffocated him.

Being squeezed by a fleet whose combat effectiveness did not seem to be as strong as him, it was so squeezed that it could not even get out of the door.

This feeling was something he had never felt before, even when he was at war with the carbon-based alliance.

He now believes more and more that Kaztic's view is that human civilization is unusual.

Kaztic and his teacher Zandar Ikoc have been working hard to lobby the Supreme Council of the Mother Planet, hoping to send more reinforcement fleets to the galaxy.

However, it is not easy for this kind of request to pass the Supreme Council.

After all, the war in the galaxy has always been defeated. First, the capital star of the three noble fleets was destroyed, and then the main fleet under the control of Kaz'tik was completely destroyed.

With repeated defeats, it is difficult for the Supreme Council of Palerce to have confidence in the Galactic War.

Therefore, the support fleet of the Palestine home planet has not been sent for a long time, but Zandar Ikoc has been working hard to lobby.

For Kaz'tik, as long as his teacher did not disappoint him, then there is still a chance to comeback. As long as the Supreme Council of Palerce passes the proposal of the galaxy reinforcement fleet, the battle will be reversed.

And now the truce in the galaxy has also given them a chance.


The Duke of Arden was talking with Fang Yuan, choosing his revenge for the destruction of his triple star capital.

At the same time, Kaztic was also watching the battlefield on earth, but he found that the battle hadn't started yet.

After he learned that the Duke of Arden was talking with the human super soldier, he immediately initiated a communication with the Duke of Arden: "Don't waste time, destroy the earth immediately, this is the best opportunity, don't delay any longer."

"What are you worried about? Don't you see, this is an opportunity? The earth can be used to threaten the human fleet to make concessions." Duke Arden responded.

"What are you thinking? What concession can you coerce the human fleet to make? Give you the resource star or give you the defensive zone, even if they are willing to do so, do you dare to ask?" Kaztic asked.

Although the tone of this sentence is very unfriendly, it is true.

The Duke of Arden's face was a bit ugly, because he found that even if the Human Fleet really gave him the Resource Star, he still couldn't.

Now his fleet does not even dare to emerge from the planetary fortress of 217 Scutum, and it is useless to give him the entire universe.

The Duke of Arden did not respond to Kaztic, but turned to Fang Yuan's communication channel, and said in a deep voice: "I originally wanted your fleet to withdraw from the shield arm, but this seems meaningless.

"Because, it's impossible for me to let your home star go. Finally, I will give you three minutes to say goodbye to your home star. I wish you a happy watching."

After speaking, he gave the order to attack in three minutes.

Fang Yuan heard these words without any change on his face, but slowly closed his eyes.

Because of this feeling of not being able to return to the earth, it was pressed on the heart, and even breathing became difficult, and I could only pray that the earth could survive this catastrophe.

The Shenzhou communication team got the time for the Duke of Arden's fleet to attack the earth and immediately transmitted it back to the earth.


at the same time.

The Earth Space Fleet is ready to face the battle, and the time of more than three hours is not short.

The joint meeting of the Supreme Council of Mankind, the Space Fleet Headquarters, and the Planetary Defense Council is still going on.

However, Admiral Rod had left the venue and walked into the bridge of the Earth's Space Fleet flagship Blue Star.

On the bridge of the Blue Star, there is a group of young people, students in the military scientific research class.

The military research class students here are not the ones in the expeditionary fleet.

It is the newly recruited students of the Earth Military Science Class over the past 10 years.

There is more than one military research class, and every year, outstanding Awakener fighters will be selected into the military research class.

Those young military research class students who are standing here will join the expeditionary fleet in the future, or even join the Dragon Team.

Among the young students in these military research classes, there was a girl standing in the forefront, and it was Fang Xiaozhu.

Admiral Rod swept his gaze and said, "The battle is about to begin. The seniors in the distance are watching you..."


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